Tuesday Teaser: Death, Doom, and…

By the time the last pair of defenders, fighting backs to the wall, was hewn down, the Lotus Dust had settled and Edric and the scouts were investigating the two side doors. There also stood opposite the main gates an equally-massive pair of exit valves. Kuruk, attuned to equine sounds, suspected that horses were being readied beyond them.

At the left hand or eastern door, Yemmi ran his hand lightly over the ebon surface. A bas-relief suggested cells of a monastic order, or perhaps resting areas. Opposite, Morath strained to hear anything, but failed. As far as his own and Celo’s memory served, it was through that door that they had been guided to speak to Martin and other senior Friars.

Kayan swigged his allotted healing potion. He had enjoyed flinging himself deep into the enemy ranks, but it had not been without shedding blood. It seemed that the Mitran protection Edric had promised had failed to work – not surprising given he was a practicing Asuran!

“Stand ready!” Bardic called, “they are coming!”

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