Tuesday Teaser – Kuruk’s Tale/Yemmi’s Yarn

Kuruk’s Tale

Kuruk Sky-rover, Hyrkanian Ftr9: HP77, Init+3, Defense 17, BAB+9/+4, Spd30. Melee+11, d6+2. Range+14(+15@PtBlank), d6+4(d6+5)
L9 Abilities: St14 Dx17 Cn12 In10 Wi12 Ch8. SV F6 R6 W4+3(bar)
Feat Gained: ImprCritCompBw.

Lo: rushing forth from the far gate come riders, rank upon rank. I show myself in the light as the hetmen retreat, closing the side-gate. They see me! They utter many devil-cries, calling upon their devils! My pony I urge away – but not too fast! I shoot, again and again. Their horses fall: they tumble onto the stone, harming themselves. They have great anger! The call their devils to smite me! They rush into the light, after me! Buruk-khan! I shoot yet again and again! Still their horses fall. My pony knows the way back: I shoot many times, never missing. I see the last horse fall. I turn my pony. See! Some lie helpless. I kill them. Others flee, seeking their caves again. I have no more arrows. I follow.

Yemmi’s Yarn

Yemmi: Zamorian Rog6/Ftr2: HP52, Init+6, Defense 16/17, BAB+5, Spd30.
Melee(Sword pwr attck 2)+6, d8+5 Range(Throw)+7, d4+3
L8 Attributes: Str16 Dex14 Con12 Int13 Wis10 Cha11, SV F6 R7 W(0+3)(merc).
Feat Gained: UncannyDodge2.

Yer I was hiding, like. Had no clue as to where you lot was going, see. A whole pile ‘a’ riders rushes by, ‘cept a couple gets dropped by Kuruk there. Handy wiv a bow, ain’t he? Then the whole room is getting kinda full of priesty axe types. They start bangin’ on th’ door, then choppin’ it. Yikes, how long can I stay hidden I akses meself? Anyway these two robe-merchants come out an’ start prayin’ behind the axe-boys. They’s healin’ ’em or some such I guess. Then one looks up and yikes, seems like I ain’t been hidin’ that good. So I drops down an’ chops ‘im. Yikes! Seems like there’s a whole pile ‘a’ axe-packin’ god-botherers I ain’t noticed, on th’ t’other side ‘a’ th’ room! So I sez ‘scuse me, chops t’other robe-merchant an’ clears out. Only, seems like half th’ rider-boys’ve decided like, ta hold a “let’s get Yemmi” party out by the fires. Kinda reminds me ‘a’ that time… anyway I ducks sharpish inta th’ shadows, like, an’ sneaks up behind one when he’s lookin’ fer Kuruk an’ then I stabs ‘im, an’ then I ducks t’other way an’ does it agen ter another one. Pretty soon they’s only five left, wot wiv Kuruk havin’ dropped sum’a them an’ me a fair few others. A gold a head woz it guv?

Kuruk’s Tale continued

I do not understand the words of Yemmi. His accent is strange. Buruk-khan! Still there are more evil ones, holding to the light and seeking one that is hidden. I reason it must be Yemmi, as the hetmen are departed (I know not where). Many are the fallen men and horses, strewn like the stones of the river ford. I see they stand fearful: they cannot easily rush out: my pony I guide in swiftly: I rope one down and Yemmi stabs him. They rage! They call on their devils! I rope another one down. Yemmi stabs him. Ten gold! Five I will give to Yemmi.

Yemmi’s Yarn continued

Er yair an’ those two robe-merchants I chopped won’t be gettin’ up agen, so that’s seven fer me.

Other NPCs with level gains:

Hod Hewson, Bossonian Rgr/Rog/Ftr6: HP65, Init+2, Defense 22/23 (Mail hauberk, Brigandine, Steel cap, Dex/Dodge), BAB+7/+2, Spd20.
Melee+11, d8+5. Range+9(+10@PtBlank), d8+2(+1@PtBlank)
L7 Abilities: St16 Dx14 Cn14 In10 Wi12 Ch8. SV F9 R5 W3+3(merc)
Feat Gained: Blind-fight.

Kayan Haduk, Khorajan Ftr10: Hp118, Init+5, Defense 17-22 (Jerkin, Dex, Expertise), BAB+10/+5, Spd30.
Melee (with Mwrk swords, Expertise and Finesse) +10/+8/+5/+3, d8+5/d8+3. Note unorthodox fighting: ability to enforce defense rolls.
L10 Attributes: Str16 Dex20 Con16 Int13 Wis12 Cha12. SV F10 R8 W+4+3 (merc).
Feat Gained: Whirlwind Attack.

Forgrim the Silent, Hyperborean Ftr10, hp140 Init+1, Defense22+3 (Mail hauberk, Brigandine, Helm, Dex, Large shield), BAB+10/+5, Spd15.
Melee (with PwrAttck5) Battleaxe +12/+7, d8+12; Pollaxe +11/+6, 2d6+14; LgeShld +6, d8+10.
L10 Attributes: Str20 Dex12 Con16 Int12 Wis12 Cha9. SV F10 R4 W4+6 (special).
Feat Gained: GtrWpnFocusBattleaxe.


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