Tuesday Teaser: A final word in parting

The Baroness

She elaborated in rushed, nervous tones. Yes, Avron Nistarin outwardly appeared a merchant of high rank, but had united both the Flame Knife cult and the Pillagers here in Shadizar into one Guild. There are 18 Peers, among them the Locksmith, the Baker and the Taverner of Cutthroat’s Alley, but others are more dangerous – such as Shanklin the Necromancer. It is by his demon-lent power that the Pillagers can so easily track you down. But the Prince of Darkness has many powers himself, some of which can only be guessed at. If you hide, she added, hide well where no scrying can reach you. And ready for a fight! His servants are faithful to death – and beyond.

It was clear that for all the goodwill she bore Morath, the Baroness would be of no further direct aid. She had hinted at the reasons the Prince of Darkness had let her live, but had not gone into detail. But it was clear that she held her life on a knife-point, and any overt sign of disloyalty would be fatal.


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