Hyboria! Season Five Introduction

Hyboria! Season Five

Season Four introduced some elements your characters will need to bear in mind for season five, the final season.

  • Poison really hurts and is expensive and antidotes are well worth carrying
  • The real powers of the world are powerful magicians, operating in loose alliances
  • Demons can be fought with fire or silver, but otherwise tend to resist normal weapons
  • Constructs can’t be fought with fire or silver but may have a weak spot

After re-equipping in Ophir, your characters: Bardic, Celo, Morath and Vorel, take ship for Argos. Their re-equipment is based on even shares of the loot, mostly in gold ornaments, and mostly taken off the remains of Prince Houmekri after his Living Ka possessor had been extinguished. By and large, they are handsomely equipped but no longer extravagantly so. Some trades have been necessary where money was insufficient to cover vital equipment.

Our season five tale begins in Messantia, capital and chief port of Argos, though we will begin with “cameos” of back-dates for each character, from Ianthe and on downriver. They are all in need of some ready money and some assured income stream would be welcome.

General setting information

It is still a turbulent time, at least locally. There are ugly rumors about deals made between the western powers; but whatever the truth of those rumors, the peace between Aquilonia, Ophir and Argos still holds – for now! Aquilonia is most likely finding the Picts a hard nut to chew, and is glad to avoid war on its southern border. Argos has its own worries. In the aftermath of the death, seven or so years ago, of King Bardo V of Argos, the generals of the army dominated royal councils. Now, it is said, King Bardo VI is learning to be more resolute.  A coup staged by one or other of the generals seems possible. Messantia is a simmering broth of armed factions of this or that general, somewhat in the style of Zingara.

Bardo, should he manage to retain his crown, will be mainly concerned with trade rivalry with Zingara and depredations of the Barachan and Zingaran pirates on his merchants. Those are not the only pirates on the sea – Stygian and even Black Kingdoms ships also prey on honest merchants! Some say that Barachan buccaneers may be offered a deal of some kind to raid Zingaran shipping and leave Argos alone.

Your characters’ own reputation

Your characters’ reputations have suffered. Taking a purely surface view, you double-crossed up to four employers over the past year. To sum up your most recent adventure: Princes Almuric and Houmekri raised an expedition to rescue Houmekri’s half-sister Queen Hotep. You alone appeared, in Ophir, without the Queen, and sold off Prince Houmekri’s personal belongings.

Rumors of other people of note

Keth Alkaran is said to have re-founded his monastery. Prince Almuric has quietly put aside his thoughts of revolt – at least for now. King Luchistheyrn is dead. Ioplathes of Brythunia is supposedly sponsoring a claimant, but so is Nemedia’s King Nimed: so war is quite likely. Cala Atenoel is said to have turned up in Kuthchemes, eastern Shem, in company with someone that sounds a lot like Kayan Haduk; and is said to have clashed with a rebel prince of Stygia. She is also said to have “traded” a strange sorcerer for weapons of Akbitana. Trocero (or “Rough-houser” as you knew him) has been knighted a Chevalier of Poitain now he is of age.

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