SH1.04: Spin the wheel! Surplus heroes fight to refuel!

The Bad’n’Ruin crew

Aboard: Bex, half-share partner; Choi, computers; and Rhonda, maimed steward. Refugee Derns (in cold sleep) does not count and Sid the forger has finally pushed off.

In Pavanne out-station: Widow, sensors and comms; Pip, helm; BJ or Big Jim, engineer; and Giant, gunner.

Over-arching mission: link up with Obelinda Lines members, offload cargo of fuel pods, pick up cargo of ore, return to Nasemin, pay off debts.

Current mission: contact Zara Tils the Obelindas factor and Wells (general agent).


Well met

Wells! Sure enough it’s the same guy we rode into Nazmin with. He allows as how the Tukera bangers caught him pants-down so he wound up down here in Engineering along with the Obelindas.

Pip, BJ and the Tukera prisoner are next out the ‘lock, so we hand the prisoner over to the sangue bom and head over to where he says Zara Tils is at after getting a sitrep from him about the Tukeras.

Tils got a kind of station set up at what I guess is the main monitor panel for the floor. She’s 40ish, ofisuredi type. No perua, she sums up pretty square. We have a new offer from her, accept, and are now counting down on a time-sensitive mission.


Mission parameters

Time: 2 hours, with some leeway


Obelindas, partly on engineering deck but with a squad hidden aboard the cold Fassault hulk, drifting out off the station.

Tukeras, and local roughs, controlling decks above engineering. Also control the ships Syvan Pony (the Venice); Wading Bill (fat old trader); and Vioray (a Kitty like the Bad’n’Ruin)

Natty Chippers, controlling station guns.

Lifers, controlling station life support. Recognisable by their green colours, especially T-shirts.

In two hours, Tils allows, the Wading Bill jumps to Carsten, the source of the ore all this rivalry is about. Tils’ plan is that we, supposedly an independent, juice up then move out to the old hulk. Her hidden crew raise the Obelinda flag. We transfer our cargo to it. Then Tils negotiates with the guvnor.

Tils offer is 5k per person, which same I accept once Bex and Choi are included in that. We toast with out-system sourmash!


[Returning to the landing docks takes another set of Star Tech rolls, none absolutely disastrous. My own roll is poor, setting the stage for the whole evening.]


Lucky Jim

The new guard allows as how Tukeras that might deal with fuel are up on cargo deck nine, so up we go. It ain’t long before we meet a white-shirt cara and BJ steps up to negotiate some of the Bad’n’Ruin grana for fuel. [Rolls 8 (including +1 Merchant) on 13 Interaction!] He steps back to us and allows as how it might take a couple days.

Two days we ain’t got, so I’m thinking we need to update Tils. We hustle back down and over to the engineering elevator and up to the Batteries level. Pip and Giant stay below to make sure we ain’t jumped.


Two workers with green t-shirts, I pull on them and they get down on deck. No problem ‘cept BJ decides to beat them unconscious with his shotgun butt.

[GM activates ‘cosh’ rules and after a few attempts declares that indeed the two prone, protesting guys are KO. Way too many guys with ‘t-shirts’ on this station – these were Lifers not Tukeras.]

I get comms up and through to Tils, which takes a mite longer than it should. [Another bad roll from BJ and a -1 partial from Widow] She says fuel up bitch, I says how do we get through the lock bitch, finally one of the lifers BJ KOed recovers enough to explain the Tukera fuel lock is down on six, shuttle maintenance level. Once that is overridden I can send fuel through to the Bad’n’Ruin. It has maybe five ‘t-shirt’ Tukeras – local roughs hired for their guns.

No hard feelings, BJ pays out 100 creds apiece.


Guards! Guards!

We up-gun and Choi stands by the fuel feed. We take the side elevator to six, not the giant service elevator that’s big enough for a full size shuttle. As we exit, I’m looking at a mile of big bulky crap dotted round.


Including a shuttle right nearby and another midway, over by the blast-wall that protects the fuel lock. It sticks out towards the shuttle, looks like good cover for us.

I swing left into a bay that’s got comms panels and jack in with my tools. [Sensors/comms +1 success.] While I’m bringing white noise up across the floor’s comms, the others are looking about for guards. [Mediocre Alertness rolls all round. They all manage to spot one obvious guard, perched on the nose of the middle-distance shuttle, and a second guard behind him.]

Widow: OK comms are out, let’s just walk over, act like we belong, Pip you go first, show some cleavage, work it gata.

Guard1 (at about 30m): Hold up!

Pip (keeps walking): Hey, no problema, you no wanna relief we down bro.

Boss (emerging round blast-wall): That far enough, wha’ you do?

Pip (keeps walking, rifle low): No problema, we jus’ here relief you guarding bro.

Boss (snake eyes on Interaction) Whaaa???

Round 1: Pip shoots Boss, his combat armour check fails, he rolls back to cover. Pip jumps to cover on the opposite side of the blast-wall. Giant fires his carbine at Guard1, he is ‘out’ and rolls off the shuttle and lands hard on the floor, his laser-carbine bouncing beside him. His shotgun-armed backup (Guard2) drops prone. BJ runs to catch up to Widow who runs forward to the shuttle [Athletics, fail by 5] but only gets part way. Guard2 fires down at Widow and misses.

Round 2: Giant advances to get to effective range, shooting at Guard2. She is ‘out’! BJ scans for other guards [another mediocre roll] and then moves close to Boss but still around the curve of the blast-wall. Pip spots good cover over at a stack of crates near the centre of the deck and sprints [great Athletics roll] over there. Widow opens up wildly on Boss as she finishes getting to cover behind the nearest shuttle wheel. Boss returns fire and her cover absorbs it [great cover check]. He has two handgun-armed guards near the fuel locking wheel, (Guard3 and Guard4) and signals them forward: one runs to a tail wheel of the shuttle to outflank Widow and the other nervously hangs back.

Round 3: Giant switches out clips, and nervously jogs forward to BJ’s blast-wall position. BJ grits his teeth and runs around the end of the blast-wall and shoots at close range into Boss, whose armour absorbs it. He leaps up, wielding his longarm as a club, but fails to connect with BJ. Widow shoots vaguely at the nervous Guard4 who immediately surrenders. Pip can see Guard3 trying to get a bead on Widow and lets fly, driving him back into cover.

Rounds 4 and 5: further ammo is wasted but the team pincers Guard3 and Boss and they surrender.


Countdown part 1

Giant near enough jizzes his pants, he’s got a laser-carbine. He ties up our three prisoners and Pip and BJ open the fuel lock. I get busy on the tools again and move fuel payload to the Bad’n’Ruin. We need 15 minutes clear to juice her up.

We hold a Chinese parliament about our waiting options, I make a call that though we could sit better for guarding the fuel lock, we most need an exit line. We hunker down along a giant wall of crap – junked parts mostly – with the huge service elevator on our 12 partly screened by the crates in centre deck, and the shuttle on our 2. The blast-wall on our 3 is not great cover against troops off the elevator so it will only lightly screen us if we fall back.

The elevator lights start flashing and it grinds away, hoisting Tukeras up to party.

Widow: the aim is discourage more than kill, we just want them to back off. Suppression fire, I’ll be one.

BJ: I’m crap at range, I’ll be two.

Pip: I’m covering with my rifle.

Giant: I’ll use my carbine.


Round 1: BJ and Widow suppress with bursts of fire. It is good tactics! With suppression, the burst type replaces the button dice. Those on receiving end make Fort checks modified for cover – for example the elevator shaft is cover because we don’t wait for the platform to come up level. One is wounded, one flees, two fall prone, leaving two actually capable of positive action. One of those sprints to the shuttle, hit by Giant but saved by his armour.

Round 2: Giant scuttles from our cover to the shuttle, Widow draws her autopistol and blazes away (an ‘A’ burst) at the prone guards: the elevator begins descending again. Pip ‘discourages’ the guard left standing, who turns and flings himself back down onto the elevator.

Pip: Yo! Too late, all over when u get here, good story no? You say give up?

Guard5: OK, I give!

Guard6 (from way back where he fled): Yeah coming in hands up!

BJ: Whoo! SMG! Finally something I can use at range!

We collect up the armaments, move the prisoners back with the other three and secure them. BJ’s found an SMG so I drop my carbine back with my packs and ready BJ’s shotgun. Giant juggles round some carbine ammo. Pip’s still OK with her rifle. BJ still has a clip in his carbine too. Still around three minutes to go. Time to wait it out again.


Countdown part 2

[I’m getting tense waiting for the 15 minutes to tick by and start ragging the GM, who misses the chance to make Widow make Fortitude checks. Twice. So far the only excellent roll was when I took them out of the case and put them down. I pick them up, give them a stern look and a shake, and put them down again. If that had been a roll it would have been a great roll.]

New crew! Eight (including some from the last attempt) arrive on the elevator and open up as soon as their weapon muzzles can clear the shaft edge. They correctly guess that we are still using the same wall of junk as cover.

Round 1: Despite their readiness we still have edge. Pip and BJ use suppression bursts. A laser-carbine (Guard7) returns fire, missing Pip narrowly. Giant’s gun jams. Widow aims for the gap between elevator and shuttle.

Round 2: Giant un-jams his gun [personal weapon armourer roll] while Pip suppresses again. One guard (Guard9) rushes towards the shuttle, Widow missing her shot. BJ drops his empty carbine and readies his captured SMG. A second guard (Guard10) dashes across near the shuttle. A third guard, waving revolvers (Guard11) leaps nimbly up and moves to join them.

Round 3: BJ switches positions closer to the shuttle while Giant suppresses Guards 9 and 10 around the shuttle’s wheel, driving them more to cover. Pip switches out to a half-empty clip. Widow misses again. There are only two guards capable of firing and one of them with effective range, but two more are moving out and any of the other four, who have moved away to the central crates, could begin cover-firing any time. Guard7 misses BJ.

Round 4: BJ has a clear shot from his new position, suppressing with a B burst and Guard11 falls. Pip shoots at Guard8, who has not left the shallow cover of the elevator. “Pour it on!” Widow yells “we need dead not discouraged now!” She calls a formation to Giant and they sprint to the shuttle on the opposite side of the nose wheel to Guard9 and 10. Guard7 misses again, but a shot from the four at the central crates strikes Widow. Her armour saves her (degrades to 12 from 11) and she cannot take aggressive action (good Fort check). Guard8 hits the elevator button again and it begins descending.

Round 5: BJ sends a long D-burst into Guard10 and she falls, dropping her needle rifle! Giant steps round the wheel and shoots Guard9, convincing him to flee to the elevator. Pip shoots at the group in the crates and hits one: he surrenders and the other three flee back to the elevator.

 Back to the Bad’n’Ruin

Vixe, another firefight survived. The clock is counting down the last few seconds, Choi will have the old girl juiced by now. We do triage on the weapons, bring anything we can tote back. BJ kisses his SMG. Yeah, he burns his lips. But he’s keeping it. We leave the shot-up prisoner for the Tukeras to patch up.

Back up the side elevator and out on the docks, we ain’t got no problem. Choi gives us the high sign! We are ready for the big ship bluff!

Session ends, a little over time. We were all a bit tired but happy to have survived. Even with good intentions of keeping to cover, you can get caught by a crap Athletics roll trying to move around. In terms of rolls, aside from my very lame night with the dice, Giant landed two great shots in the first action, but best roll goes to Pip again, this time for a magnificent Athletics roll to sprint about 30m. Me, I made a great cover roll once and a Fort check once so no complaints, Widow lives to fight another day.

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