SH1.05.5: Double down! Surplus heroes bargain for more adventure!

The Bad’n’Ruin has just jumped, or dropped, into jump space, having survived a brush with pirates.


  • Pip, helm (AL)
  • Widow, scanners and comms (AM)
  • BJ or Big Jim, engines (DL)
  • Iceman, guns (DB)
  • Choi, computers (GM)
  • Bex, partner and banker (GM)
  • Rhonda, steward (wounded) (GM)


New crew no screw

During the hop back to Nazmin I patch my armour and see to Rhonda. Pretty soon she’s fit enough to take on cooking duties. Choi, who turns out is just 22, gets quite a thing on her. BJ keeps working on his pet drone. Iceman works on his spanking laser-carbine and tries to make time with Bex (not so much she notices, mind) and Pip plays cards with anyone with money to lose. We drop into Nazmin’s space and soon have clearance. Pip bangs us down and Bex contacts Obelinda for offload and outstanding payments.

Rhonda allows as how she will take her leave but what I’ve seen of her cooking she’s handier than Iceman so I get the rest around and ask if she can be signed on.

Choi: I vote yes!!!! hehh

Widow: shuddup kid

Bex: well her background is a bit…

Widow: she was one of those Black Daggers and…

Bex: piratic…

Widow: fits right in with us

Pip: I don’t mind, she cooks, she can work computers when Choi’s helping BJ. And I can call her BD for Black Dagger, so I vote yes

Iceman: I don’t mind, gives me a fall-back… ya know

Widow: you ain’t hittin’ that yet right?

Bex: hitting what?

Widow: OK we have agreement, I’ll tell Rhonda

Bex: ah, just for one month, we don’t want to be stuck with someone completely wrong for us

So, Rhonda signs on for the flat month. The rest of us take our 5k bonus and a month’s pay. We stand to take 91k profit before wages, so with a reminder from her that we need more business we wave Bex goodbye and head into Altara.



This seemed a good point to ask the GM about advancement: we had obviously ended a mission and were in a starport city.

Caseless appears to offer advancement based on real life learning curve. IRL, it’s relatively easy to move from ‘ignorant’ to ‘know something’ and relatively difficult to move from ‘expert’ to ‘more expert.’

Attributes don’t appear to have an advancement mechanism as such, though behind the scenes there may be a percentile chance. Bear in mind that all characters are mature. Let’s not mention the Choi boy.

As for skill, most advancement requires (a) time training and (b) money invested. Other advancement may be at GM fiat. Iceman picks up an advance for Criminal Contact, because he had dealings with Seddon. Widow picks up an advance for Persuasion, based on the amount of talking she ended up doing.

In crew order:

Pip would like to enhance her Interaction skill. As this is a skill area, not a specialty, the GM agrees but it will take a good deal of time. She is required to invest in some expensive interactive training manuals (possibly including How to Smize, by legendary ambassador TyTyBaby) and will need to study while we have down-time.

Widow would like to finish her Intrusion abilities. This is a Tech specialty, i.e. it is measured in boxes that modify the Tech skill. The GM explains that she will need to contact a trainer. Widow asks Iceman for a contact via Seddon, who acted as middleman when we needed armaments. This works, and Widow is put in touch with a specialist who takes 3k fee for the training. (The 10cred lockpick tools are thrown in free!)

BJ would like to finish his drone. This requires him keep working on Tech and purchase a few technical manuals. I believe at the end of the process, Tech will advance.

Iceman would like to be even more deadly with his shooting. The GM explains that he is already right at the top in practical terms. The only people better are snipers that spend hours each day practicing. So as a second option he too purchases some manuals and works on Tech. These manuals may or may not include: How to Sabotage your Buddy’s Drone, and: How Do I Know My Kid is Building C3PO?


The GM invites us to work through equipment and put together shopping lists, away from table. Later, I decide to purchase a needler, which requires a specialty within Combat Marksman to use safely. As long as I train with plenty of ammo well before use, this ought to work. The investment is represented by the cost of ammo and time training.


 Agents Marty and Cole… IPA!

We ain’t hardly touched down in Altara when a couple os homi in suits are waiting with badges out. Agent Marty is around 40, Cole is tall and thin – for a doggy. I reckon them to be from Fociline by their accent.

Seems like they heard we were out at Pavanne, and run a slew of mug-shots by us, asking about if those guys are alive and what doing. I click to Moes the bar-keep at the Grand Trading, Boss the Tukera, a Lifer, and Wells, which last I call them on  – I claim they must know he’s a secret agent man, they kind of speak loud with silence.


Seddon needs a favour

Altara is full of talk about a new recovery: a defence fleet for Jundi system, plenty of star craft to be built, and expertise needed, and ore. Pretty soon Bex is in talks about a double-leg trip, first out to some shithole of a feral planet called Fellan, then out further to the Tarans on Roysian.

One thing leads to another.

It’s after Iceman has paid his respects to his oyabun. He listens to me, says he can put me in touch with someone. Then he allows as how he needs some cargo moved. He must have heard as how Bex is closing a deal. I know we need cargo so I say OK aniki, and we close with 5k per crate agreed. Seems like his cargo is body-pistols and ammo but will go through customs as parts.



Bex has surely been busy. She runs the manifest by us and we can all see we need to be on best supercargo to fit it all in. We got ATVs, and three tons of luxury cargo. We even fill up the boat bay with a passenger launch since we ain’t  got one.

More important, we got passengers! Some just bound to Fellan, some for all the way to Roysian.

High passage (which we ain’t fitted out for but we unbolt beds): we got a University of Jundi tenure holder name of Jim Schmidt, and his hot young “research assistant” name of Charo Brown. The launch is theirs, and they are Roysian-bound.

Mitch, an old guy; Ben Rugman a travelling salesman; and a family name of Q4K finish our Middle passage space. By this time we can see we got to change our ownselves round: I bunk  up with Rhonda, Pip with Bex, and the guys share on some rooms I don’t pay much mind to.

Low passage is for eight, including six kids. It’s going to be fun!



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