SHC Season 5: Hitch’s Journal 23 January 2012

It took an hour down at the police station to write up the report of the hardware lot fight.  In the end we went with stray bullets of a group of street thugs in hoodies set off two propane tank explosions.  The resulting explosion severely damaging a Chevy in the car park.  Assailants died in the resulting blast.


The report had a punch to it, and didn’t rely on a gas leak from gas lines not shown on any municipal map, and the store sells propane tanks. Also, it turns out I type faster than Quentin North, detective in Unit 14, Chicago PD’s underfunded, uncanny crimes squad.


I first met Quentin when he pulled two of the Francesco brothers’ decapitated bodies out of the Lake.   He was always welcoming, not so much Lt. Green, his boss.  He hasn’t changed.  Lt. Green still looks on the campus with the same disapproval of uncontrolled, and somewhat odd civilians; tempered by the Unit’s need for allies as always.  In the end, they provided a bit of information about a Nexus flaring up near our new base.


Just to cover our current main aim: our new base which is coming along well.  We should have power in there shortly, Paul’s copy of DARMA is ready to install.  Dan, after slamming some monsters outside a Cathedral has won the support of the local Catholic monster fighters, which may well mean we’ll get some wards around our site shortly.  Pretty soon, the Campus will have a base, so long as we get a break to put it together.


So far in two days in Chicago, it is almost as if we can’t walk down the street without running into someone wanting us to sort some threat out.  On the plus side, this means we have been pulling our network together fast, we keep meeting people who need the Campus back in town, and will support its rebuild.


On the minus side.  Well, Lt. Green has just called me.  That Nexus they mentioned as being dangerous, is currently putting out enough mystical power for a volcano.  We need to investigate it now!  And Paul just confessed that the Judge that had a word with him wants us to re-establish links with the Deep Ones.  Non-human aquatic monsters who want to be left alone, and cannot tell most humans apart.


We all look alike to Deep Ones, and not that dissimilar to gorillas, chimps, baboons… so it is bound to be easy.


To Do List –

  • Get the power on in Vitae Labs basement. Wards and security.
  • Locate Jack Deverick’s research library, and borrow it.
  • Sort out the Nexus emergency
  • Chat with Deep Ones


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