SH3.04.5: Altara prep

Welcome back! This is the remainder of our pre-Christmas, last-of-the-year session, and concerns our turnaround port, Altara. All characters have strong connections to it.

Current mission: Supplying the allied fleet forces, under Imperial Charter


The Surplus Heroes for this session

The Bad’n’Ruin, a double-jump Kitty-class trader with a good balance of passenger cabins, hold space, and cold sleep

BJ/Big Jim Kowalski, veteran Scout, ship’s engineer, good with tech of most types and would like to stretch that into computing

Iceman, ex-Colonial Marines, ship’s gunner, good with guns and cooking, would like to get so ripped he can handle two Gauss rifles at once

Pip Rogers, veteran Scout, ship’s pilot, good with tech and would like to learn admin

Widow, Colonial Marines reservist, ship’s doctor and signals, is messing with Iceman by working on getting buff

Bex, ship’s purser and half-share partner, and Pip’s cousin

Choi, ship’s computing technician and engineer’s mate



The Bad’n’Ruin is in jump-space heading for the Nasemin system, a double jump from the last port of call, Aramanx. The surplus heroes have managed to scavenge themselves a ship’s launch at long last and need a few finishing touches to make sure it will pass scrutiny. Other than that, their ongoing plans to release the truth about the original Lewis expedition and to outlast Usher Stoll are maturing. The starport in the Nasemin system is at Altara, capital and the place the surplus heroes cobbled the Bad’n’Ruin together and formed a company.

Spelling: For Nazmin/Nasmin read Nasemin, for Roysion read Rowsion II.


We lay plans by for Altara while we paint and Choi works on the Baby Ruin’s log. He allows as how he’ll need better rigging for it, and BJ gets excited about fixing a new beacon on it. Iceman catches the shopping bug and allows as how he’ll be able to get gunware off oyabun Seddon.

It’s something as how he’s been dwelling on I guess, since that time in the bar when he me and Ralph agree we taking Stoll out soon’s we see him. He allows as how a sniper hit will do for Stoll.

[The GM wants to know what we plan to do in port, early. As far as we know we’ll only be there a short time so it’s hard to make any definite plan but on top of those two plans above, Pip wants to contact the family network and Widow decides she’s going to visit the clinic she used to work.]

We drop into Nasmin space and I open channels. There’s plenty to catch up on! The war talk’s all about the ‘Klackon Emergency’ and seems as how there’s conscription, though with plenty of exclusions. The likes of that being, working at vital industries like munitions and boat-building. Slogans are running ‘Loyalty to the Imperium’ which kind of runs agin what BJ and Iceman are guessing about Jundy. Jundy itself is planning a memorial park in the Jundy U grounds, to remember the fallen.

Checking cargo feeds, seems as how trade is way up on last time we were through. Roysion ores, Zykocan gas, though I guess Carsten ain’t pushing through much now. And when we lay a vector into the starport I see the huge hulls trader Capn Grant bragged up back over Aramanx.


Funny Customs

Pip now makes her piloting approach check and manages 6 over. She decides this means she comes in fast, as usual, but accurately.

A Navy QM approaches and informs us he has a requisition form for us, and by the way, Customs inspection. I think we all guess who the customs officers will be!

It is indeed disgraced agents Cole and Marty of the IPA.

Cole/Marty: Do you have anything to declare?

Pip: Yeah, we have great coffee, want some?

Navy QM: Listen I don’t have time for that… [Cole, Marty and Pip leave for the galley] here’s your requisition form, you’ll be picking up supplies for Marines on ground duty, Aramanx. You been briefed on that?

Bex: Yes we have, I’ll take this…

Widow: What’s our turnaround?

Navy QM: You are on priority but that’s 48 hours at best… stand easy, I’ll see myself out


I head up to the galley, Bex hustles away to see to the paperwork. Cole and Marty are on the way to being old friends, or at least, they owe us, so I got me an idea to use their local knowledge. Iceman and BJ already beat me to the galley and Iceman’s brewing coffee. It gets right cozy, then I angle in to my idea.

Widow: You guys bein’ old friends, seems to me you might give us a steer on some extra equipment

Cole: How, ‘extra’

Widow: Off the books kind of…

Marty: Whoa! We do owe you, so let me stop you right there!

Cole: If this ‘extra’ equipment is something for the ship…

BJ: Which it is

Cole: You just need to think back on other times you hunted out this or that here

Pip: Oh sure, I remember…

Marty: I said Whoa!

Pip: Got it, enough said

Cole: And this conversation never took place

[Widow is asked to roll Persuasion and scores a double-ought. The GM rules that it is so good, Marty and Cole provide a hint as well as not allowing her to incriminate herself. Pip and BJ previously hunted out a wrecker-yard, so that’s where the hint will lead.]

BJ: But I did have something I wanted to run by you

Marty: It isn’t something about extra engineering supplies is it?

BJ: No this is on book, a different kind of book

Widow: I’m heading out

BJ has a different idea in mind, and it doesn’t feel right that all the surplus heroes are there, but the others don’t feel the same way as Widow so remain. Iceman and Pip listen in (and chip in here and there) as BJ relates our survival on Lewis and ALL of what led to it.

There are some funny moments – “You knew where Sid was all along???” – but more significantly BJ and Pip retrieve the Lewis papers and show the agents the comparison. There’s no proof since they have none of Usher Stoll’s gloating, so all BJ can end up with is pointing to Usher Stoll benefiting. This is the GM’s hint as to the evidence we ought to be planning to retrieve, but we do not pick up on it.


BJ’s scavenging

All BJ wants is a beacon and visits wrecker/engineer yards well known to him from his time working here, as well as the episode of taking out Talban. He is asked for a roll and gets an ‘even’ so the GM rules it will take eight hours to locate an adequate beacon.


Widow’s giri

I ain’t rightly sure why I aim to visit the clinic, until I get there. It’s about how I remember it, full of low-lifes that ain’t got cash for Below treatment. The charge-nurse remembers me and I ask to see Rogaine Fern. Then when I see him I realize I got me a job to do. I get back into scrubs and pitch in. The doc allows as how trained med staff are collecting a bounty volunteering for the campaign these days. Seems I’ll be here a piece.

[Giri is complicated. It’s not so much about Rogaine patching Widow up and not saying anything, it’s more about Widow’s connection to the staff and the clinic. She got a job here when she was down and out.]


Pip’s family time

Pip spends time with extended family and catches up on trade-lane family news, such as Scopie’s unexpected responsibility and success on Fellan. This is the first occasion Pip can really push the plan, and does so. She describes the whole Lewis entanglement. [Rolls +7 on Persuasion] The family agree with the plan to leak the truth, presenting it as ‘Rogers family story’ as requested.


Iceman’s shopping

Iceman makes his way to the diner he knows Seddon uses as a convenient public base. There are new goons but still one or two of the old crew that remember him. They tell him that Rooso and Seddon are out but will be back.

Iceman nurses a drink and chats with the older crew for about four hours, until he gets the word that they are back in the office. Heading upstairs he pays his respects to Seddon. Then he outlines his needs.

Iceman: I’m looking for a sniper rifle, subsonic rounds and silenced, accurate to a good long range

Seddon: I think we can meet that… Rooso?

Rooso: The M42A scoped model is reliable

Iceman: I trained on that

Rooso: Even better, and ammo as well

Iceman: Yup. And I need it fast

Seddon: This is a good place to score one, but faster means pricier

Rooso: [slides some numbers over to Seddon]

Seddon: We can meet that for 6k

Iceman: Mind if I make a call?

Seddon: Downstairs, Rooso will get you a private booth


Iceman [chimes Bex]: Bex? You there?

Bex: Yes, still working on the load schedule… someone has to

Iceman: And may I say how much we all appreciate your hard work and how amazing you look

Bex: Bleech, just spit out what ou want

Iceman: How about another advance?

Bex: Oh? How many months are you talking?

Iceman: Against next month’s pay

Bex: No problem, that’s not that far off

Iceman: That’s great, you’re just great…

Bex [cutting in quickly]: By the way a Beyavin was around the dock, asking about the Bad’n’Ruin

Iceman: Wasn’t name of Tarka was it?

Bex, No, his handle was Rameloc

Iceman: Thanks for the heads-up gorgeous, I’ll be back soon for the cash


And I still have no clue why an on-board beacon became important, it has never entered any episode before last one. My guess is, a player or players decided it must be for some random reason, and the GM went along with it. As long as we end up with the Baby Ruin’s computer believably in-synch with the Bad’n’Ruin, I’m happy. I’m taking it on trust that Choi has that covered. Stay tuned!


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