SH3.35 Bex snatched! Surplus heroes to the rescue! (Escape phase)

Last session ended during combat as the surplus heroes invade a private villa where hostile Beyavins are thought to be holding Bex. So we pick up with Round 3. Iceman is down but can slowly move (his condition is ‘limping and dragging’) and Pip has but just now swapped her handgun for his assault rifle. Very near these two, who are at the inner courtyard’s entrance, Widow is striding forward. Ahead of all three, Ralph has scurried to the dubious cover of a raised ornamental water trough. All four are becoming aware that a mezzanine floor overhangs the courtyard. And finally off on Ralph’s left flank BJ has backed a defender off with a long burst from his M41 assault rifle and has followed up into the doorway of a largish room.


Round 3: Pip hops over Iceman [her player proudly reports that she has been using him as cover while checking his injury] and back-pedals right, to where she’s a target from only a limited arc of the mezzanine. From that corner she has a good view of the courtyard and lets BJ and Ralph know she’s covering them. Iceman for his part drags himself painfully towards the entry and fair cover. Seeing Pip’s maneuver Widow steps hard left and into the small chamber BJ first found shelter in and scans around with her locator [+6 on sensors]. The display shows some stairs on the left, a hostile way off in the corner of BJ’s room, and a vehicle beyond Pip’s flank in a parking bay or garage. And another hostile above and behind BJ. BJ shoots again at the hostile in his space, dropping him, and leaps back outside the room. Ralph stays low as he works his way along the trough, gains the top corner, and calls ‘stairs, right’.

Round 4: A splash of needler fire tinkles around Pip from the mezzanine floor opposite, but she has noticed the source [+1 Alertness], and zips back further into cover. Back at the entry, Iceman has now painfully rolled into cover. He is leaking blood steadily and the entry has a broad blood trail on it, as well as the blood and fluids of the two hostiles put down in first ingress. Widow, calling what the locator has shown, and for Ralph to hold position, runs across the courtyard corner to the larger room BJ just leaped out of and assesses the wall that must support the stairs. It looks like an interior wall that an assault rifle could just shoot through. BJ reloads and steps back into the room and along; another arch at that end will let him whip back out to the courtyard and round to the stairwell easily.

Round 5: Pip gains line of sight on the hostile above and opposite, and sends an accurate C burst at him, forcing him back hastily. [The button drops to 1 but the target makes his armor check] She bolts out of hiding and runs towards the stairs. BJ hears her call the move and whips out and around and up the stairs as well [+7 Athletics]. Meanwhile Ralph covers, while Widow steps over to the downed hostile and begins looting the SMG.


Out at the entry, Iceman hears [great Alertness check] approaching feet outside – just one pair.

Round 6: From the stair landing BJ catches sight of a trio of needle-pistol armed hostiles and fires a huge suppression burst along their line. It’s an E burst, and they roll poorly: two leap back hastily while one is clipped. Ralph and Pip rush the stairs, Ralph politely allowing the armored Pip to go first! Pip gains the same landing and sends a C burst into the clipped hostile, dropping him.

Meanwhile Widow finishes slamming a fresh clip into the captured SMG, and Iceman readies his pistol for where the hostile outside should appear.

Round 7: Iceman and the hostile trade misses, and the hostile takes cover behind the bakery van’s rear. The street is lower than the villa, so it’s pretty fair cover.

Up above, BJ swings onto the mezzanine and doorwards, hoping to get line of sight on the two that dodged the opposite way. The first room he reaches is clear. Pip and Ralph await any opportunity to fire, while below, Widow moves below BJ’s position and begins liaising.

Round 8: Using the locator to check where hostiles are, Widow alerts BJ Pip and Ralph to three warm bodies in the upper chamber nearest the door, one of which could be Bex. At the same time, three hostiles risk the zone Ralph and Pip have set up, but the volume of fire from that pair force all three back. Return fire forces Pip down. But that return fire exposes the hostile to BJ’s angle and a big D burst drops him.

Round 9: Ammo is beginning to be a concern for Iceman. Alert to the hostile switching position, he fires a couple of rounds through the van, clipping and flooring his target! Now he’ll need to inch across the hall to get a better line of fire.

Above, BJ reloads with the final clip, and Pip calls an offer to deal.

Round 10: Iceman tries a single shot, forcing the hostile to cover again. Widow gets her SMG ready for a run to the van. Upstairs the Beyavins negotiate:

Beyavin: Don’t try any tricks

Pip: Just send Bex out, then we won’t have a reason

Round 11: Bex is moved to the doorway and pushed cautiously out. She is partly bound and has her mouth taped, but can walk. No-one tries to rewrite the game plan. Bex keeps walking forward.

Below, Iceman crabs across, smearing more blood across the entry. The floored hostile tries a shot but it ricochets clear. Iceman yanks his pistol up and fires back, flooring the hostile again. Widow sprints out.

Round 12: While Bex is escorted downstairs, there’s a muffled SMG burst outside, where Widow has finished the fallen hostile. BJ now leads the way towards the exit, Pip is rearguard. Still no-one tries to rewrite the game plan.

Round 13: Below, Widow makes sure the van is still running with rear door open and runs back in, calling for BJ to help with Iceman.

Rounds 14-15: Iceman is moved into the van with some OK Athletics checks, and Pip gets into the driver’s seat.


Round 16: Pip drives off rapidly towards Widow’s free clinic [+3 Drive] while Widow calls ahead.

Wrap-up: Rogaine Fern is not delighted at the need for some secrecy and asks for 4k to cover dodgy paperwork. Pip and BJ take the van away, minimally sanitized, dumping it in an area it is bound to be re-stolen from. Ralph and Bex (now fully mobile and with sore lips where Pip ripped the tape off) return to the Bad’n’Ruin. Then BJ and Pip return to the Bad’n’Ruin with the M41s in the duffel again, and once again the minimal security plays into their hands.

Later: Iceman is judged out of danger after some emergency procedures and will recover enough to move in 12 hours.

Later: BJ is ejected from Bex’ cabin as he asks for money. The 4k is wired to the clinic.

Later: A crate with the armor and sniper rifle arrives.

Later: Iceman threatens to kill Bex if she wanders off alone again.

Bex: That’s his courting speech isn’t it

This is a good point to split the session narrative. This phase was a better effort to work as a team this week, with some lowlights and not many highlights. In Caseless rules the amount of actions you get through in a round is very much at the GM’s discretion which can be confusing and occasionally frustrating. One character may be able to run up stairs, get some cover and still have spare actions, while another character may simply swap an item. The order switched around constantly too, which is not necessarily a bad thing but (for example) depended on me recording who had done what. Overall the highlight for me was the gritty-feeling exchange of fire between Iceman and the outside goon. The realistic willingness of the hostage-takers to deal (once firmly isolated from the others on the other end of the mezzanine) felt right too.

Bex is now under instruction to not go out alone.


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