SH3.36: Pitcher to the well! Surplus heroes tempted back to Lewis!

Welcome back to this half-session! The first half of the session covered our rescue of Bex. This half deals with shipping to Aramanx and the general plot to get Usher Stoll before he gets us.

Two players’ characters, Pip and BJ, are not in on the detail of the plot, so at times they had to listen politely while machinations continued around them.

If you haven’t read over our earlier exploits, Lewis is the home planet of the Klackons, an aquatic race. Usher Stoll has engaged in a long-term plot to wrest its wealth, unfortunately at our expense. Purely for self-preservation he needs to be dead.


The surplus heroes for this session:

Widow, sensors & comms on the Bad’n’Ruin and somewhat accidental ringleader of the lethal plot

Iceman, gunner on the Bad’n’Ruin and enthusiastic member of the plot

Ralph (NPC), steward on the Bad’n’Ruin and member of the plot

Choi (NPC), computers on the Bad’n’Ruin and new member of the plot

Pip, pilot on the Bad’n’Ruin, playing with her accursed occult power

BJ, engineer on the Bad’n’Ruin, playing with his new assault armor

Bex, purser on the Bad’n’Ruin, weighing the odds


Thoughts for the future

We all set to light out of Altara once we load in a few consumables, mainly ammo and that good Jundy coffee. Iceman ain’t fully right but nigh enough. All we need is payload. I call bridge meeting.

Widow: You all got a sense of what we been through

Iceman: I got a sense of that yeah


Widow: So… Heguz. Thoughts?

BJ: Just pushin it right out the wildest thing we could do is try to hit that Overbluff

Pip: Dubgee, yeah

Widow: Yep, only he got the spaceport sowed up, we ain’t got a prayer

Choi: Thanks for bringing me in, and yeah long term my idea is to split up under new IDs

Ralph: Will take a whiles before Dubgee hears his people ain’t got the job done

Widow: But then it won’t take long to track along the trade lines an’ find us again. I gotta say I like Choi’s plan. An’ on’y right to warn you-all, I plan to sell out my share anyhow

Choi: Speaking of cashing out, splitting includes selling the BnR, our papers are way good now. Remember the original plan was to run it long enough to make our papers look convincing then sell? We there now

[BJ riffs for a while on how bodged-up the Bad’n’Ruin is and how we will need to completely overhaul it]



Toting what?

A Navy QM boards and insouciantly hands over the manifest. The cargo is large crates, carrying X247 missiles, though the QM does not stay on to discuss what those are. The crate size does not help: the lading bill has no quantity so they might be many shoulder-launched missiles, or a few ship-to-ship missiles.

The Bad’n’Ruin jumps [Pip making a swell Pilot check] and a week elapses.

Training routines:

Pip is taught the dark arts by Bex. RogersSith Iceman volunteers to refit BJ’s assault armor so that he can use his blade with it. BJ studies infrastructure to extend his engineering skills. Choi continues studying for his engineer’s ticket and Widow continues working out in the gym.


Onto Aramanx

The Bad’n’Ruin drops out nicely over Aramanx. Widow runs the sensors efficiently [+2] picking up far fewer military craft than last visit, but plenty of civilian craft. She heads off the bride to take a last walk-through before customs and Navy board, and Pip switches on media feeds and pipes them round.

Aramanx news:

Within the last 48 hours brave formations board their craft, accompanied by stirring music. They are both Junidi and Imperial. Important faces tell us they are going to take a first foothold on Lewis. One of the important faces is Usher Stoll. He appears to be speaking from an Aramanx station.


Aramanx orbital hands Pip a vector for atmosphere and landfall on the Isle of Banerjee, off the continent of Lowestowe.

Pip lands the Bad’n’Ruin sweetly inside a 20km square compound on the isle, alongside plenty of other civilian vessels.

As the ship is readied, Widow uses the time to check in with Ralph and Iceman to make sure they are still OK with the plan. They are.



I leave Ralph and Iceman and head through to the rec room, late since the Navy QM port-side has already been aboard a while. Mmmm, Navy. Snuggle in between those cheeks and pucker up. Sure enough, Pip an’ BJ are just comin up for air. Bex is sitting by.

QM: So the cargo checks, we’ll unload it immediately

Widow: Ola

QM: Uh yeah, formalities complete, thanks for the coffee, I’ll be heading off

Widow: Before you go, got a brochure or something give us the rules?

QM: Sure, usual thing, this is a Navy base, so private supplier crew are to obey Imperial law, also not expected to wear combat gear around base. Or weapons. We pay our own ranks to do that

Widow: Roger that

QM: By the way did someone tell you about the bonus for Lewis? There’s a premium for cargo to Lewis, seems some of the other traders are antsy, which is silly because the victory of the glorious empire is…

Widow: What size premium?

QM: 50%

Widow: Now we got something to think about, have to run it by our purser

Bex: Wellll… it would make…ka_ching

Pip: Not right now, we’ll let you know within 24 hours


Once Navy gone I get with Choi Iceman and Ralph and explain the plan to Choi

Choi: So not so much a plan as a homicidal intent

Widow: So you OK with that

Choi: Hmm yeah I guess I am. I better move the new IDs up my schedule though

Widow: Good, now jump on your computer, find where Stoll talk next

Iceman: About how smart he is, most like

Ralph: And what rubes we are


On Base Banerjee

Pip heads out to chat to the work crews, just being her usual sunny self but trying to find out what kind of cargo would be delivered to Lewis. [Scoring a -1 on Interaction] They refer to a ‘second wave’ which will supposedly leave in about a fortnight.

Pip heads back, determined to use all this vacant real estate to experiment with her small craft skills, but BJ restrains her before she can take the Baby Ruin out.


I head out alone to see what the place got. The QM allowed as how the usual Navy set-up is here, and I find the PX no problem. After I buy me the odds and ends a girl needs, I head to the nearest other-ranks bar. Crew there allow as how they all second-wave. I guess Scout service will be letting the brass know how first wave gets on. Or else Krabbies will.

I ship over to a swankier bar, mainly Jundy types in it. I end up at a friendly table, talking about second-wave stuff. They mostly allow as how they be training for maritime duty, so I give them my best reckon on how fast a Krabbie swims. That naturally gets them askin me about my Lewis service, so I give them the outline of the first time I got my ass chased outta there. We talk about birthright, since I know how to make a Jundy sit up. I allow as how a friend of mine is Pip Rogers and might like to know more. They ask me to describe her so I describe Bex, only better. One gato hands me a chime number and asks can she call him. I stick it away.

They lappin it up and like to tell me aught, so I step away and chime the others.

Widow: Anyone? I got me a good line to some Jundy types, only I can’t think what to ask. Any ideas?

Pip: Just ask about Stoll, but not blurty

I head back to the table and my new Jundy friends, and kind of wheel the talk around to big names claiming fame and they drop what they heard, which is Stoll already gone to Lewis. With a swarm of media.

A couple more drinks and I’m ready to go but on my way out I run into Agent Wells! He stands me a shot to celebrate not being dead, and I’m getting pretty cut. My face feels like one big flush. Even Wells is getting to look fine. We talk about birthright and how much someone settling on Lewis is like to get.

Wells: So, where are you headed after this?

Widow: Saaa…. widow2manyshots

Wells: Oh ahum, well here’s my chime number

Widow: Hehhh

Widow heads out, sticking Wells’ number with the other.

That seemed a good place to leave it, a little early but ready for the Bad’n’Ruin to decide to chase Stoll into Lewis… the one place the crew planned never to return to!


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