DH3.04: Fenksworld

+++++++++++++++++From the data slate of Quintilla Mola+++++++++++++++++

Aftermath to The Twilight

I can record in retrospect that we survivors of the Twilight all floated off into the void, impelled at the final moment by the shade of the accursed Psyker Ishtan Vogel. Following the bombardment, our pods drift… we are glad of the rescue from salvage operators friendly enough to not slay us out of hand.

We are debriefed by Vaarak, who is well pleased – one might even say ecstatic – that we retrieved both book and sword. Our pay has come through, with a three-month bonus from Vaarak. Obviously, we all replace the weaponry lost. And at a pretty discount!

Moreover, Vaarak allows us access to more of Ordos Malleus’ inner truths.

+++++++++++++++++data slate paused+++++++++++++++++

[Characters may gain Forbidden Lore Daemonolgy or Forbidden Lore Warp regardless of skill tree.]

All characters have passed the 6,000 xp mark and now have access to either unusual skills for their field, or the upper levels of skills of their field.

Monthly incomes are now:

  • Jahr 80
  • Grimm 112
  • Mola 160
  • Zarkov 240

+++++++++++++++++data slate resumes+++++++++++++++++

Madness swirls on Fenksworld

A crusade is declared by the false Drusus in the Calixis sector! Ships and soldiers have joined his banner! Prophets, charlatans and fortune tellers bloom like fungi in a damp cellar and mass miracles are spoken of in the same breath as mass suicides.

The Administratum, that ought to be easily coping with this, is split into factions, and it is only the stern competence of the Inquisition that shields the entire sector from collapse! Our small role will be to rendezvous on Fenksworld, with the brave marines of Canopus. They are tasked with breaching a Hive. And our personal knowledge of the heretic is deemed useful at the front.

En route I scroll through the references to Fenksworld. I have heard of the place of course. I conclude that naval supply is the main reason the Imperium does not simply obliterate the planet.


The forces at our disposal

We are issued with light carapace armour – few of us need it though I accept it – and the following:

  • 2 x melta-bombs
  • 6 x light breaching charges
  • 12 x frag grenades
  • 6 x krak grenades
  • 1 x siege auspex
  • 1 x data slate with the digest of Tactica Imperialis


We ride with the Marines

It is noisy in the Salamander Command. It rolls ahead of three heavier APCs, known as Chimeras. I am no expert but suspect that placing the command vehicle first is more an expression of Lieutenant Zolokov’s aggressive intent than field manual disposition.

As our forward gunner’s brains splash back over us, Zolokov calls the necessary formation change. We step out, covered by the Chimeras’ multi-las, and lay plans.


Fortified bunkers block the way

Or at least, flank a barricade that blocks it. The way in question is elevated, which gives the bunkers plunging fire onto the road and the deeper ground on either side. As one gains ground closer to the bunkers, the roadway will shield one.

The shell-pitted road itself and the cratered ground around it are blocked by a deep tank-trap field, and a killing ground lies beyond it. But the bunkers are within range of the multi-las, so the first task is to silence the heavy bolters firing from them.

After half an hour the bolters fall silent, and we creep up onto the roadway. We seek a crater deep enough to give the siege auspex a reading below. And our suspicions are correct: there is a void below the plasteel. It ought to allow us to approach the bases of the bunkers.


A perilous way is entered

Revealed when the light breaching charge goes off: catwalks do run beneath the roadway, but the breach has collapsed some.

After much persuasion sturdy Jahr is attached to a Chimera’s cable and lowered enough to hook onto a structural pillar. Once he attaches the cable our own descent is simple. We bring one Marine troop, ten brave marines armed with hellfire autoguns. Grimm distributes some of the grenades among them as well.

The catwalks are confused and rusted and sway dangerously. We joke that Zarkov ought to be fitted with hover attachment by now! But his normal pace is easier than before, and we make slow but steady progress. I maintain contact with Lt. Zolokov in the Salamander.


A swarm of huge insects is roused

Our presence rouses them in defence of the under-way, just as we reach a sort of branch-point. Combat is joined!

+++++++++++++++++data slate paused+++++++++++++++++

That’s all we had time for, though that took a long time. There was a lot of real-life persuasion needed on Jahr – he didn’t fancy dangling over a 1000-metre drop for some reason. And the ‘find the weak point and blast through’ idea was painfully slow to get over the table and into the GM’s head. But this was voted a better game than most by Grimm’s player, he feels we aren’t just on a railroad.

Next session will begin with the painfully slow combat against bugs, I won’t bother recording the round by round. If we only have time for one combat, I won’t bother blogging it.

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