DH3.10.5: Prophetic


Welcome back! We paused last session in mid-combat. While attempting to crack House Drashkon’s cogitator, Acolytes Grimm, Jahr, Mola and Zarkov have been set upon by a wandering security patrol. Low on ammo and with Jahr badly wounded, they have only two factors in their favour: there is plenty of cover in the cogitator room; and, Mola placed herself behind the patrol so as to attack from two fronts.

We rejoin the battle. Initiatives are Mola, Grimm, Zarkov, three Guards, one cannon- and flamer-armed Servitor, and Jahr.

Combat continues 

Round 5: Outside in the circumnavigatory passage, Mola drops back, keeping her huge riot shield up. Two unwounded guards swap order of march with the servitor, leaving them close to the room and the servitor clanking towards Mola. The badly wounded guard waits to take shelter behind the servitor.

Inside the cogitator room, Grimm and Zarkov move to firing positions at the doorway, and Jahr shifts to where he can cover the doorway with his heavy stubber.

Round 6: Mola falls back still further – the servitor’s flamer has a range of 30m and a shield won’t help! Grimm and Zarkov shoot: [both score RF! Zarkov uses up a reroll] the badly wounded guard falls and the servitor (still a target owing to its hulking size) is stunned. The two remaining guards return fire with combat shotguns, scoring hits but not injuring either Acolyte. Jahr has now set up ready with his stubber, in cover.

Round 7: Mola fires her plasma pistol, [RF, 25 damage and 6 pen] destroying the servitor. Grimm drops right back into the room and good cover; Zarkov retreats back out of line of sight. Their plan is coming together!

Round 8: Mola ruins the plan by sprinting forward, to within 10m of the guards.

“I’m closing in” – Mola

“That crazy one is back!” – Guard, swinging round and shooting

“Mola you’re drokking what???” – Grimm, aghast

“She got balls!” – Jahr, approving

The shot slams into Mola’s shield and through, but is stopped by her elite carapace armour. The other guard races across the doorway, takes a hit in his right arm, and drops his shotgun. Jahr moves forward, closer to the doorway.

Round 9: Mola’s next shot misses and she moves back a few metres. Grimm and Zarkov return to the doorway. Zarkov [reroll] hits the guard facing Mola. The guards both draw chainswords, and leap to attack Zarkov – but miss. Jahr charges into combat with his power blade and fells the most wounded guard.

Round 10: Mola calls on the remaining guard to surrender, [GM tests WP, fails by 3 drops] and the chainsword is reluctantly dropped.

Combat ends

Information is obtained

“The Imperium welcomes all turncoats…” – Mola

“Who recant sincerely” – Grimm

“Now, to assist us in keeping you alive [getting two raises on Deceive] you can assist us in turn. We need information” – Mola

Although this security guard has nothing much to add to Zarkov’s attempt on the cogitator, he does provide us with vital information on the Prophet.

We learn that the huge, Warp-infected creature we slew in the operating chamber was the Prophet! Moreover, the guard will help carry the enormous (and messy) remains to the elevator, which in turn has a slide-control so that we can lug the guts to the neighbour alley behind the mansion.

As Zarkov works into the cogitator [4 raises] the guard also explains that below us are a series of cells, where lie the wretches doomed to serve as test subjects for the Magos’ mad heresies. Grimm is sore tempted to shut power off and release them, but I point out a few drawbacks to the plan.

“I’m in! I’m recording the heresies of Drashkon now. Plenty to damn the house for good” – Zarkov.

“Oh, and there’s a full history of Molokor Cambyses, the Prophet. I’ll transcribe it later, but essentially he is fully to blame for the heresy here – not the false St. Drusus” – Zarkov


The Acolytes extricate and the mission winds up

Some time later [GM asks for Agi tests to judge the actual ‘get massive messy corpse into Rhino’ and the results are positive] I navigate the Rhino to the now-familiar cantina and ‘arrest’ Thebe again. By that time Zolokov is expecting us.

From there, we exit the usual city gate where once again Grimm’s Arbiter procedure works [Grimm makes another great roll].

We hand the guard over to Zolokov for further debriefing and probable re-indoctrination, but in return, are handed an urgent message from Vaarak. It seems there is to be no down-time!

As the sloop Cudgel of Drusus wefts swiftly back to Scintilla, Zarkov puts together more of the captured guard armour. Now all four of us may have the best armour.

And in the sloop’s cool-store, the corpse of the Prophet awaits the attentions of the Inquisition.


Apparently we hit all our marks on this leg of the adventure and received 700xp. It was what it was. We congratulated the GM on improvising a way of exiting the house with a massive payload – not something the writer gave any thought to.

Personally I enjoyed driving the Rhino around: Mola hasn’t used her ground vehicle driver ability since our first adventure around the Gilded Cathedral. Picking up the plasma pistol finally decided me on which career path Mola should take, as well.


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