Shatterzone funnel #3

This is run two of the same DCC rules test, using simple solo tools (card draw, dice).

For this run another 16 citizens are assembled, rather a scrawny bunch with a couple of squires among them. These young men, too young to have been with the field army, sport swords, and supported by a tax collector and a mercenary, take the lead.

The citizens: squire1, squire2, mercenary, taxman, Hobb dyer, farmer, Dwarf farmer, glassblower, miller, minstrel, forester, baker, dyer, mendicant, armorer, Elf forester.

Rules in addition to previous runs.

These brave souls are fed into the funnel immediately after the previous groups. They are allowed to take advantage of prior success, should they choose. Therefore the d6 value of 2-5 signifies “keep to the path” and 1 means swing left off it, 6 means swing right.

If a lair-based monster has been cleared, its area stays clear, to be replaced by 2d10 scavengers. Treasure can be found there if not previously found. For example the furbishers dealt with uruks but did not do a lair search.


Move goes right. Card draw treasure.


Things are starting well! Searching takes the turn, both mercenary and taxman claim skills. Result is a healing potion.


Move goes right. The group is heading south, parallel to that loop of the river. Card draw treasure.


Searching takes the turn, but is unsuccessful.


Move returns to path, meaning reverse course. No searching so the Turn returns the group to their start-point.



Move swings left. Card draw monster. This is near uruk territory but is also broken rubble near the river. Result boar. LK to hear or INT to see signs. Ok.


Initiative checks; this is done as groups of swords; six citizens; six citizens; boar.

Initiative: note that the voulge-armed citizens roll a d16.

  • Boar
  • Swordsmen
  • Others


The boar misses with both attacks! In reply the doughty mercenary cuts deep into its flank (max dmg) and one of the citizens that can reach scores a crit.

Search area: a vial of holy water.


The group reforms and returns to the original path. This is beaten ground so no card draw.


Search left again! Card draw trap. Refl SV to avoid falling into a pit. Squire 1 falls, squire 2 makes natural 20. 2d6 dmg, Squire 1 dies.



Return to original path.


Move direct. Card draw clear.



Move direct. Card draw clear.


The squads begin scrambling across rubble to the main east-west path.



Move left. This takes the group into the fringe of brownie turf. Card draw treasure.


Search is successful, treasure is coins.


Return to path.


Move direct. Card draw clear.



Move direct. This is as far as the furbishers got. From here the original meaning of the d6 Move chance applies. Card draw clear.




Move direct. Card draw monster. 16 centipedes.


SV on LK or INT ok.


  • Centipedes
  • Voulge group 1
  • Swords
  • Voulge group 2

A d4 is used to determine how many centipedes attack each, until all 16 are accounted for.

Squire 1, mercenary 3, taxman 1, Hobb dyer 3, farmer 4, Dwarf farmer 4

Round 1

The centipedes miss the first two and the farmer as well, but the taxman Hobb and Dwarf are stung. Fort SV+2 to avoid paralysis. Taxman and Dwarf are paralyzed.

3 centipedes are killed by voulge group 1.

Only two of sworders can attack but both kill a centipede.

3 centipedes are killed by voulge group 2.

The centipedes distribution is now mercenary 2, taxman 1, Hobb 1, farmer 2, Dwarf 2.

Round 2.

Only two centipedes succeed. Both are on the farmer who is paralyzed.

Voulge group 1’s Hobb kills his remaining bug, the glassblower fumbles smashing his Voulge,  but the minstrel gains a free attack as he slices one of the farmer’s bugs off. He misses. So do the sworders.

Voulge group 2 gives a disastrous help, one smashing a voulge. Only one centipede is killed.

The centipedes distribution is now mercenary 2, taxman 1, farmer 1, Dwarf 2.

Round 3

Centipedes now kill the taxman and Dwarf.

Voulge group 1 un-paralyzed are Hobb, glassblower, miller, and minstrel. Two hit, taking care of the two centipedes on the mercenary.

The mercenary gets a good hit, killing another.

Voulge group 2 again manages only 1 hit between them!

The centipedes distribution is now Dwarf 2. Leaving his corpse seems an option…

The farmer makes a remarkably quick recovery, spare voulges are picked up.


Loot remains and search lair. Card draw since there was a lot of noise, treasure. There are a lot of coins.


Move left. This takes the 13 into or at least well towards the semi-intact donjon that the barghest lurks in. Card draw trap. Refl SV to avoid acid splash. Only the farmer is splashed, and he fumbles his SV and dies horribly.



The farmer’s remains are cautiously picked over for non-dissolved coins. A search of the area continues, and draws monster. Kobolds!

Surprise: this is a hard test since kobolds are stealthy and only the Hobb has stealth knowledge. However the mercenary makes his check and cries the alarm.



  • Voulge squads 1 and 2
  • Kobolds
  • Squire and mercenary

Round 1

Six of the nine kobolds immediately perish as even with cover they are skewered or chopped asunder by the ten-strong militia. In reply only one kobold shoots accurately, killing the squire. The mercenary slices one of the three asunder with a crit and gains a follow-through on another but misses.

Kobolds flee.


Loot squire and kobolds. Search to see where their lair might be. Card draw treasure, search is hard d10+10 as no-one has a relevant background. The mendicant makes it.


Descend to kobold lair. Card draw treasure.

The kobolds have abandoned their lair and two nifty items, a red target shield and a wand, are looted as well as coin.


Retreat back to surface.


Retreat along path. Card draw monster, no fewer than 18 scavengers!


  • Mercenary
  • Scavengers – 1/2 HD, do 1 pt dmg.
  • Voulge 1
  • Voulge 2

Round 1

The mercenary kills one, in reply 5 explorers take damage. The miller dies. His squad slay 2 scavengers, the other squad 3.

Round 2

The monsters check morale, scoring an 8 on d20+0. They flee, the mercenary gains a free hack and misses.


Loot miller, retreat further back along path. Card draw monster, this would be scavengers picking over the Dwarf, farmer and centipedes.


  • Voulge 2
  • Mercenary
  • Voulge 1
  • Scavengers

Since all they need do is kill a few, chances seem good! Four are killed and a fifth on a crit follow-through. Morale fails and all remaining scavengers flee.


Retreat, an unopposed passage of the main east-west path.



Successful exit.

All 10 survivors are into LEVEL ONE! 15 xp, and with some nice Loot.



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