Fingold Adventurers Guild welcomes you!

This post is to tidy up the detail of what Fingold has gained (other than clearing most of the path to the Barghest in the shatterzone) by running 64 militia and volunteers through the shatterzone.

There are 20 survivors of the four expeditions, not counting the furbishers who took place of four volunteers in the first. The 20 are broken down as follows:

Five ‘tags’ who trailed after the furbishers, without seeing any action;

Three ‘burns’ who survived a drake attack, mainly by not being hit;

Ten ‘gentry’ who fought their way into the kobold lair giving access to the Barghest’s area; and

Two ‘revenants’ who cleared a full uruk lair but fled from ghouls.

The survivors in order (no attribute mods for kindred yet): The attributes are still DCC and in order they are STR AGI STA PRS INT LK. For conversion to dT&T TAROs are asterisked. If a survivor has a particular LK effect it is listed after the occupation.

  1. 7 11 11 8 12 14; Locksmith, +1 languages known
  2. 8 11 7 16 7 9; Locksmith
  3. 13 9* 5 14 4 14; Glovemaker, +1 any skill check incl thief skills
  4. 9 10 9 16 12 10; Herdsman
  5. 18* 11 12 11 9 7; Smith, -1 spell dmg (i.e. worse by one step)
  6. 11 12 9 13 13 13; Elf navigator, +1 mtd attck
  7. 16 10 12 16 15 14; Moneylender, +1 find/dsbl traps
  8. 12 8 18* 10 9 11; Fortune-teller
  9. 10 7 10 15 11 5; Elf forester, -2 melee attck
  10. 8 8 7 8 9 7; Armorer, -1 Will SV
  11. 14 11 13 10 9 12; Mendicant
  12. 11 14 7 11 13 5; Dyer, -2 SV vs Traps
  13. 10 7 17 8 8 11; Mercenary
  14. 12 7 11 11 13 12; Baker
  15. 8 12 7 7 7 11; Forester
  16. 9 8 7 13 9 13; Minstrel, +1 Will SV
  17. 7 16 11 9 4 9; Glassblower
  18. 11 10 13 12 11 14; Hobb dyer, +1 unarmed attck
  19. 9 11 5 17 9 6; Guard, -1 SV vs Poison
  20. 15 11 15 12 11 8; Wizard’s prentice, -1 dagger dmg

The move to Level One

At this stage each member is handed a copper Guild token, and may choose their class. ‘Elf’ and ‘Hobb’ are a given, those are separate classes. For the other 17 the choice somewhat depends on LK effect, if any, and mainly on attributes.

  1. Thief (rogue), based on reasonable AGI and INT and good LK. Under dT&T conversion this locksmith can roll a known spell.
  2. Thief (rogue), but not one that is likely to see spell use until that 7 INT becomes 10.
  3. Warrior owing to terrible INT, but that equally bad STA is going to be an issue… Note in dT&T the TARO on AGI finishes at 17, still Level One.
  4. Thief (rogue) since there’s nothing much going for the warrior option
  5. Warrior. Note in dT&T the TARO on STR finishes at 25, so Level Two.
  6. Elf. In dT&T terms, Elf wizard, meaning not entitled to L1 spells as of right.
  7. Thief (rogue) to take advantage of the bonus for trap finding.
  8. Warrior. Note in dT&T the TARO on STA finishes on 34, so Level Three.
  9. Elf, see above.
  10. Warrior, refuge for the useless attributes.
  11. Warrior.
  12. Wizard so as to hide in the middle and shield that awful STA.
  13. Warrior as befits a mercenary.
  14. Warrior where lack of AGI is not such an issue.
  15. Rogue because AGI and LK are the only double figures.
  16. Warrior, really wishing DCC had a Bard class.
  17. Warrior, light gear only!
  18. Halfling, in dT&T terms a Hobb rogue.
  19. Warrior, better up that STA quickly…
  20. Wizard, it’s funny to have a strong sturdy wizard. Will know at least one L1 spell.


Groups formed

Pending other decisions, the groups now re-combine or divide as follows:

The tags stay as they are, with two front-line fighters (one of them Level 2) and three support types (one a L2 rogue);

The gentry split into two groups of five, the Elf (L2 wizard), forester (rogue), minstrel (warrior), mendicant (warrior) and mercenary (warrior) becoming a team known as wanderers, and the armorer (warrior) dyer (wizard) baker and glassblower (both warriors) and Hobb dyer (L2 rogue) becoming the city boys.

Finally the revenant pair and the burns trio unite to form the fleeburns, a superficially powerful team of Elf wizard, Human wizard, moneylender rogue, fortune-teller warrior (L3), and guard warrior.

DT&T notes

The rules as written apply to rogues and demi-humans. For warriors, the “armor use” applies, but the only two individuals that qualify for the full warrior specialization weapon bonus are the guard and mercenary. The others may only claim specialist bonus for their starting weapons.

If a TARO has been rolled it signifies a talent. If possible it will be based on the DCC LK roll.

Backgrounds apply under dT&T from the DCC occupation.


Now that each of the 20 funnel survivors have chosen a class and group, they move to equipment selection. Much of this would ordinarily be a process of exchanging hard-won coin for gear, but as they are in Fingold where food is more important than gold, they each keep the heavy dagger the city issued them with, a personal tool should they choose, the brigandine and kettle helm as issued (or lighter armor if they prefer), and any odds and ends they picked up. For a main weapon, and better footwear clothes and gloves, they are permitted to purchase at book value.


Most but not all groups have spare items or gear they might trade for more practical low-level items or gear. For example there are two vials of holy water, and a convenient-size mirror. The only unique item is a red target shield with an amber unicorn set in it, ideal for a weak warrior or combat-oriented rogue, currently in the hands of a warrior, Hapenny of the wanderers.

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