Jotunn’s L1 mission

Jotunn – off the table – took the Tags at crack of dawn – or earlier – out to escort some honest millers and maybe a gunner.

Their mission: terminate the millers that are working with the enemy, and make ready the ballista (which rides atop the mill – it’s a water-powered mill!)

Rules: DCC and card draw and dice same as the shatterzone, there’s monsters and traps!

Tags group at level 1

Balda, Rogue, human locksmith. STR7 DEX11 CON11 CHR8 INT12 LK14; Attck-1, r1 f1 w-1. Balda has thick golden hair and amber eyes, and a thin beard. He wears leather armor and wields a shortsword and crossbow. Balda suffers a traumatic fear of death. 6 gp
Gontre, Rogue, human Locksmith. STR8 DEX 11 CON 7 CHR16 INT7 LK9; Attck-1 r1 f0 w3. Gontre speaks with a strange accent, and has a tangled black beard. Short sword.  No Talent. 7gp
Larson, Warrior, Human Glovemaker. STR13 DEX9* CON5 CHR14 INT4 LK14; Attck+d3, r1 f0 w1. Talent:+1 to any skill check. Larson is precise and finicky. Crossbow. 8gp
Quest, L2 Rogue, Human Herdsman. STR9 DEX10 CON9 CHR16 INT12 LK10; Attck+0 r1 f1 w3. Talent. Easygoing with tan skin. Short sword. 12gp
Vojur L2 Warrior, Human Smith. STR18* DEX11 CON12 CHR11 INT9 LK7; Attck+d3+3 r1 f1 w0. Talent 1 worse spell dmg. Vojur has messy copper hair and blue eyes, is generous and capable. 15 gp.

Jotunn as L5 Dwarf: Attck+d7 crit d20/IV, r2 f6 w1.


Move direct. Card draw clear.

The party order is two scout type thieves up front, then Jotunn and the smith, finally two crossbow-armed men who can fan out and shoot.


Move direct. Card draw trap. Refl SV to avoid pit traps 2d6 dmg. Gontre and Quest make it.


Move right. Card draw monster. 13 rat-men. Surprise check: light armor, adventurers roll d20+d3 on LK. Gontre does make his check.


Battle layout: The rat-men are guarding the mill and crooked millers. I have them split into two: some melee rats and some archer rats. Four of the archers fit atop the mill. The others are in cover around the weir.

There is other cover because the mill-island did not used to be an island and ruins are to be found.


  • Lights
  • Ratmen archers
  • Ratmen melee
  • Heavies

Round 1

Crossbows fire, both good hits, one foe drops.

Archers volley at the party. Only one scores a hit. Another fumbles, trips over and being atop the mill, dies. Morale. 11, just ok.

Melee: both Jotunn and Vojur Smith are hit once. The short-sword armed lights vault behind the Ratmen and backstab with +1. Quest kills his target.

The two heavies swing. Jotunn has two actions and hits twice. He puts one down and wounds a second.

Round 2

Quest vaults back behind cover, Gontre stabs again. His backstab advantage overcomes his normal handicap. The ratman is blinded for a few rounds  (d10 on crit table II). The crossbows pick off an archer.

The archers have no good targets, but Quest is hit.

Melee is not great for the three Ratmen able to fight, as Jotunn’s armor is heavy. In reply both Jotunn and Vojur cut down wounded ratmen.

Morale: the ratmen will fight on!

Round 3

Quest makes a tough tumble over walls check to rejoin the fight. He misses but Gontre hits, killing the last-but-one ratman in melee. The Crossbows get one archer, leaving three.

In reply, Larson glover is hit hard (drops to negative – Fennec saves him next couple of rounds) and Jotunn takes an arrow deep.

Jotunn and Vojur cut down the remaining ratmen nearby, then Jotunn charges ahead! He makes DC20 for vaulting onto the two low-positioned ratmen.

Round 4

The lights race to climb up against the ratman on high. This is where militia led by Duchess Melissa, and the other three Dwarves, arrive.

Rounds 5-10

Fennec saves Larson. The surviving rat-men are pursued but swim clear. Millers (the crooked ones) are cleared out violently. One of the militia seems to have initiative and smarts, and the Dwarves think he would make a good adventurer.

Neither ratman facing Jotunn can hit him and the sniper misses as well. He leaps away, as do the other pair.


Loot is insignificant. Millers and gunner begin their work. Max the newbie adventurer is introduced. Owing to the bonus awarded for heroism beside Melissa he qualifies as L1 and chooses wizard class.



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