The Broken Land: the Quest is given

Chapter two of The Broken Land

A DCC/Mythic solo play

(with other emulators as required)

Our heroes – the ones that survived the funnel mission – have no choice but to re-gather in Dunn, on the lip of the fenland. It is literally the only place they can safely exit. And besides that, they all need rest and a chance to swap around loot, which includes many weapons and some armour.  

(Off-scene: en route back to the river, the clearing fog enables Tadiko to spot a part-sunken chest. It contains something useful, which I randomise as a rope and grapnel)

The survivors, in order of Luck (after all they are member of the Rogues Guild):

  • Dag
  • Binye
  • Tadiko
  • Borer
  • Elyn
  • Win
  • Riba

Episode 5: the Quest is given

On arrival in the village of Dunn, the rescued lad is returned to his father and the reward handed over.

The templars are expecting them. Indeed it is no secret that the Holy Father order has placed a mystic “lock” on the rogues so that they are denied the use of spells. Under the threat of extreme violence the rogues hand over all the weapons captured.

“It’s funny there always seems to be a slew of templars – you’d think they’d solve whatever-the-hell issue or curse they’re all so worried about, themselves!” – So grumbles Win.

“You’ve survived, so here’s your chance to serve your Prince… and earn a reward!”  – So says Master Wonnram.

“He doesn’t sound all that convincing about the reward,” Elyn mutters out of the corner of her mouth.

A Dwarf, sturdy, armoured, dark-bearded, takes over from Wonnram. He grins, and bellows:

“Me name’s brother Neghed, and me job is to brief y’all on the wonders we-all’re expect’n ya’ll ta ‘chieve! And in case ya wonderin’ y’all’s ta be granted some – some mark y’all – of y’r arcane powers back! Now lissen up, pilgrims!”

He sketches the bare bones of the mission:

  • Briar Keep lies out on the fringes of the broken lands – who’s in control, are they loyal;
  • A Uruk lord holds sway over illkin in the broken lands – where is his HQ; and
  • Is this so-called White Uruk the Uruk lord?

“Y’all prob’ly know this, but on ya way ya’ll’re gonna strike a slew o’ places bin swarmed over by illkin. Feel free ta clear them out an’ use whatsomanner ya’ll loot. But, we’ ain’t ‘specting y’all ta fight ya way across th’ broken lands. If so be y’all come back safe an’ with th’ real goods on th’ Uruk lord, an’ able to name who’s what in Briar Keep, th’ Prince will be sure ta show ya favour an’ that in-cludes a passel o’ spell-larnin from House Halchos.”

“Oh, it’s a promise on the Prince’s name now,” Binye mutters cynically.

“Halchos… rings a bell. Vizier and arch-mage out of Dolem?” recalls Riba.

“I ain’t finished!” bellows Neghed. “Lissen up! We’ll be trackin’ ya progress, so don’t be thinkin’ ya c’n just slip away! But y’all c’n seek shelter ta rest up… if y’all really need it! Could be there’s some crazy Dwarves out thar, clearin’ a path ta Perrol on th’ Mount – that’s a safe house, of a kind.”

The group is permitted to break off and seek shelter.

“Crazy Dwarves… that Dwarf as pantie-raided the matrona?” Win wants to know.

“Yeah Vern – bad cess to him – would know best, and I’m sure Adini was trailin’ them but she’s gone now.”

“There are but three… the crazy one died… but I did hear that a few other adventurers hired on with them, the day before we were raided.”

“Master Fennec leads them,” asserts Tadiko, in a rare moment of sharing.


This completes The Characters in Play of the setup phase of using Mythic GME.

Chaos Factor is 5.

Threads: Briar Keep, Uruk lord, return, possible revenge


Rogues get ready!

As Mythic is now in full use, not just helping decide questions, I make two d100 rolls to generate what the rogues immediate motivation is.

Mythic: Inspect competition

“Let’s check up on the templar crowd – maybe we can just skip, or at least find out if they will let us have our loot.”

There’s one more check: has the scene altered or switched? (d10 against Chaos factor)

No, it is as read.

I go with two-step method of doing this. The first is a character SR on either Int Lck or Prs (2d6, DARO, higher is better as in T&T rules). The highest-scoring move to the second step, which is an Event roll (d100).

Most of the rogues manage 20+ comfortably, but Dag makes 28 and Win makes 25. So in order:

Dag’s Event roll: 01/100=’Attain info’.

The day passes, uneventfully for most of the rogues.

Dag, who has been creeping around the templars’ temporary command point, reports back:

“I made a sketch map of the route. Looks like we should head south along the Golden River’s east bank to an abandoned Keep. They call it Aurelon’s Keep.”

Win’s Event roll: 15/91 ‘Gratify weapons’.

Win, who has chosen to negotiate directly with Neghed, returns with the assurance that the weapons picked up will be returned just before their departure. That news is greeted with the appropriate level of gratitude. As Binye grumbles:

“What, they’ll let us keep the weapons we picked up so we can do their fighting for them? Who died and made them god-emperor of some dark, heretical universe?”

The rogues rest, some more of their original powers and abilities return to them, and they arrange the various weapons and armour as follows:

  • Binye, who is now stronger, will use the Blood Spear, and a sabre, and wears chainmail.
  • Borer, who is the strongest, will use the 2-hand sword and gets shield and leather armour.
  • Dag gets a silver and a normal axe, and the other shield, and leather armour.
  • Elyn gets a silver axe and a short sword (her AGI is still lousy) and leather armour.
  • Riba is still fairly weak, but will manage a sabre, and leather armour.
  • Tadiko gets the Moon Bow (which has both a boon and a curse on it) and knives, and pint-size quilted armour.
  • Win also takes a sabre, and the special wooden scale armour.
  • All (except Tadiko and Elyn) also carry a spear for flinging.

Chaos drops to 4 thanks to this success.


  1. More I read of this, the crappier the Templars appear as employers. I can just imagine them sneering their permission for us to keep our own captured treasure. That Wonnram appear surprised and disappointed that any of the dragooned rogues survived to come back. The Four of Fingold dodged a bullet not hiring on with them!

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