The Broken Land: the road to Briar Keep

Chapter Five of The Broken Land continues…

A DCC/Mythic solo play (with other emulators as required)

Episode 4: the fur and the fury!

Chaos is 6

Fists of fumble

It all begins when Cy – again – raises the need for another teamster. Runban delegates:

“Yes yes… town, yes, many men for big horse. You – you – you – go with big red woman, hire man.”

And so the not-all-that surprised rogues find themselves the interview panel for a number of sturdy, or might be sturdy but need fresh air, kind of folk.

“There’s a height requirement” takes care of about 50% of the possibilities: “Cy, hold your arm out straight… now, if you can walk under that arm without bending, you’re too short.”

But after that the hiring-fair takes a surprise twist.

“Remind me how come we need to fist-fight our way to help out?” Binye wonders as he struggles back up to scratch.

“Look, just take th’ dive. He’s gonna knock ya teeth out’n ya head if’n ya keep makin’ scratch,” Borer warns.

Somehow, the rogues are challenged by grinning jokester Druck, hobgoblin adventurer.

“Sure, I c’n whup hosses inta line,” he asserts, “an’ I done some armour work too. But say, I ain’t a-gonna hire onta some rawhide outfit. Naw, if’n people see me with some no-account, they gonna mark me down cheap. So what say ya prove ya worth it? Pugilistic-wise!”

Well it was never going to be Elyn and Cy turns it down. “Top teamster don’t got nuthin’ ta prove,” she declares and watches Borer and Binye decide it.

After enough falls and stomps to feel pretty blue – and black – Binye concedes and Druck swaggers off, completely unharmed.

“Next fight is yours,” Binye croaks.

“Next let’s not fight at all,” Elyn suggests. “There’s got to be dozens of toughs in this town looking for some kind of work.”

This funny – except for Binye – scene comes from a scene shift on the ‘hire a new teamster’ thread. The focus is PC negative and the event meaning is ‘fight the physical’.

Using LOC and wizardawn I generate two possible or likely NPCs, the hobgoblin named Druck, personality gladly amusing, adventurously lonely; and a sword-wielding elf. A quick Mythic check on likelihood confirms the hobgoblin.

The fight (fists and feet only) sees a solid run of miss – fumble – fumble getting back up – fumble – fumble from Binye. Having lost most of his hp I finally roll a ‘yes’ to whether he’ll give up.

Thankfully fate has had her lols and smiles once again on our trio! The next serious candidate seems unlikely at first, but as they learn more about Zudi the uruk, they become more and more sure she’s ideal. She just meets the height requirement, being pretty short for a uruk, but is a healer and claims to be a fair cook. She’s broke, so takes the wage offered.

Chaos rises to 7 based on the serious bruising on Binye.


The cave bear

The first leg of the journey to Briar Keep is along a lake-shore road. The woods grow very near the lake through most of the route. A fog, perhaps beginning from the lake or perhaps the woods, lies across the road at first, then is reduced to a blanket a dozen feet or less above it, then finally burns away as the mild sun rises high enough.

Encounter: Cave bear. Elyn makes her LCK check. Range 50yds

Mythic: Is the bear hungry? (50-50) Yes

Can the rogues scare it off with loud noise? (Unlikely) Yes

ML check: fails, bear retreats


That night, with only one extra stringer, there’s no question but that they must camp. They’ve made about 12 miles, and the wagon is well clear of the woods proper, though copses and stands are still in easy range. The goblin guards begin their shift and the weary rogues look to their blisters (they all have new boots).

Suddenly the horses become alarmed, the goblin guards cry in fear, and a huge cave bear looms up!

Mythic: do the horses give warning? (50-50) Yes.

Initiatives: rogues, cave bear, goblin guards

Seizing their pikes the rogues ‘set’ as though receiving charging horses. The bear runs right onto the points in the uncertain light and kills itself!

[All three make their hit, Elyn burns a LCK point. Regardless of whether you think pike damage should double in this situation, the normal damage is enough to kill]

Binye skins out the huge bearskin with a successful check on background (less a d3 since it’s one step removed from hunter).

Chaos rises to 8, despite this profitable outcome


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