TI4.60: Should auld acquaintance be forgot

Characters for this session: 

Fennec, Level 3 wizard 

Crompton, Level 3 rogue 

Cauleigh, level 4 warrior

The situation: When Fennec disappears the other three Restorers call in help from a high-level wizard and trace their comrade to an “undead floor” below the Cathedral. It’s obvious there is more to it than random undead – for such a floor, capable of ‘generating’ undead, takes a  great deal of mana. With Fennec fit and well the four scout down repeatedly until, in a climactic confrontation, they slay revered Bishop Pausanias and slay or capture his acolytes. 

A grand jury convenes to consider the killing, and finds the Restorers acted righteously. The matter of what lies beneath the Cathedral calls for more investigation. As the Restorers wait for the final findings to be published and mana lock to be lifted, various parties explore the sewers, tunnels and chambers more thoroughly and establish how a reward may apply. 


Here’s the session’s achievements, in alphabetical order:

Cauleigh puts a certain amount of effort into learning what he can about “the descent” and becomes aware that factions, reputations, and obligations are all involved. He enjoys a good expository chat with Sheriff von Diemar where:

  • The reward amount (30,000);
  • The way it will be shared (even shares, advances on equipment taken out personally);
  • The Restorers controlling role (it’s going to be their call who goes down with them);
  • A date for the selection; and
  • Job prospects for the winter… just a rough plan at present…

Are all provided to him.

Jotunn introduces Cauleigh to Eric Nordigar out at Mettastos’ and Cauleigh gets the run-down on possible armour (see addendum below); and gets his measurements taken for a new cuirass.

He stumbles upon Mizva (one of the Fingold Survivors group) and while not actually recalling his name, sobers him up and advances quite a lot of money to get his gear back out of hock. Mizva has explored part of Sarn Athrad, and offers to sell Cauleigh a map. The two eventually make their way to the Warriors Guild and Cauleigh, at least, joins. Mizva has his good mace and armour, but little else. He’s a possibility for the descent, but Cauleigh has a plan in mind he has yet to fully elucidate…


Crompton makes an important contact with a slender red-haired female elf of the Park roster, named Chani. He makes a strong pull for the favour of the elves in the descent. (I must remember to award the remaining AP once the “elf-help” kicks in.)

Following up on thoughts about joining the rogues guild after all, Crompton makes his way to the warehouse, and meets both Borer of Broken Lands fame, and Whitey, another of the Survivors. Unfortunately it’s been several eventful months since he last saw Whitey, and he does not recall him at all. As for Borer, well, he looks kinda familiar… Luckily Borer takes no offence, sponsors Crompton for membership (which involves a thumbprint in blood, and gains Crompton a nifty calling card inscribed “Crompton the Archer”) and offers to maybe join the descent, subject to running an eye over how prepared Crompton might be.

With the knowledge that the rogues guild is actually the “Adventurers Guild” Crompton is able to prevent Cauleigh from committing a faux pas (though he dearly wants to prank his comrade).

Borer runs a veteran’s eye over Crompton’s gear, tells him he ought to gear up properly with useful bits and pieces of adventuring gear like potions and scrolls, and that he – Borer – won’t be joining, sorry.

Whitey does follow up his meeting with Crompton, and consults with at least he and Cauleigh about the descent, seeming quite keen. He seems to have done well on his own, and has plenty of gear. He also mentions job prospects west, out of a small city named Tarshal.



Fennec receives an invitation from Ernysi to meet her at the Bishop’s Palace. At first, he makes a caveat that his comrades will be needed. Eventually (once the mana lock is lifted) he feels strong enough to risk meeting shy fragile young Ernysi on his own. She shows him a magical key that the late bishop had hidden inside one of the sticks bundled at his waist. The two research what, among all of the antiquarian bishop’s documents, may relate to the descent and the undead floor.

While not coming up with a clear answer – the bishop’s mind was warped during an illness contracted in his own descent – they do establish that something below is indeed providing the mana, and is sufficiently evil that Pausanias and all his acolytes were infected.

During the research (which covers two days) Neghed the Templar does call in. Ernysi does not let the two quarrel. Later, she explains that if the Restorers want her to accompany them on the descent, Neghed will have to come with her: but since it’s obvious that they will never get along, it’s not going to work. Perhaps they could consult Bowdyn of the River Temple?

Fennec also receives the offer, from Ernysi, of a loan of a very large magical shield, sacred to Zolman, part of the palace’s regalia or official Bishop gear. He brings the offer back to the lads.


Fennec pursues one of his Sarnas goals: learning spells. He picks up the initial “imprint” of Blasting Power. By good fortune (DAROs up 45 to Lvl11), Fire-mage Faris (teaching him) knows a good deal of undead lore and provides insight on potential success of using TTYF on things like ghouls and (especially) ghasts.



Jotunn (player absent) has his second armour fitting at Mettastos, and agrees to the price for refitting the magical blue fold-out vambrace. Having been referred by Eric Nordigar to Tred Nordigar, Eric’s brother and an important member of both the Warriors Guild and the Palace Guard, he joins the warriors guild ahead of Cauleigh.

He checks back in with von Diemar, and brings word of the mana lock lifting back; and keeps up his acquaintance with the Tribune by treating Girol to cinnamon buns.

Aside from that, Jotunn enjoys festivities, such as Cuss Day (Day of Curses) where pranks and japes are the rule; and Breakinraft (raft brothers abeyance), marking the official end of rafting along the river, in which there is much open-air singing, dancing and drinking.



The Committee for the Descent

The thought of an even share of 30,000, less advances on special gear, brings a number of representatives of the three service guilds forward. It will be up to the Restorers to pick from these, or reject them. Once they are ready, the entrance to the descent will be open.



Guido Nordigar: Short young close-cropped dwarf, proud of house Nordigar.
Gear: Hammer, climbing pitons, rope.
hand-and-a-half sword (4′), mail armor, dwarven spike shield.

“I guess we ain’t gonna get far – but a Nordigar oughta be thar.”


Rduk: Mature male Hobgoblin, unkempt and very strong-looking. He has curly, black hair with a short beard and moustache.
Gear: Poison antidote, pliers, spider venom, darts, double-bladed broad axe, ring-joined plate armor, heater shield.

“I am Rduk. I am two inches below the statistical Hobgoblin average. I am strong.”



Terful: Dandyish young Hobb. He has curly white-blond hair with a thick blond moustache.
Gear: soft leather armor, weird double dagger (bich’wa), bolas.

“It’s a Hobb, he’ll use bolas they say. So, I use bolas.” <sigh>


K-fab: Very short unwashed older man with curly brown hair and long moustache.
Gear: insect repellant, sack, pickaxe,
Short sword, soft leather armor, buckler.

“Don’t like ta brag but ah’m th’ luckiest sumbitch ya ever done see.”



Tueplio: Very short young man with below-collar red hair and trim red moustache.
Gear: acorns, strange strengthened hat, mallet and pegs, leather sack,
Heavy cloth armor, wand, sax.

“So the Magister asked, do we have a volunteer, heh heh, and my senior said wasn’t it a great chance to earn spells, heh heh, and so there I was, being tried on for this hat. I’m glad really, honestly, I’ve been wanting to prove myself since we got through from the Spire.”


Triliton: Fae-Pixie in the hat. A cone-like attachment with a mirror finish inside makes Triliton’s light shine in a cone.

“Th’ fuck do you want? I’m here in this fucking hat, on a little creep that smells of fear. Just so they can show willing. Eat shit and die, normie.”


From among the Restorers’ contacts:

Whitey: Pale optimistic half-elf rogue. Well equipped with bow, sabre, mail armour, and lots of bits and pieces from magic rings to a one-shot firebomb.

Mizva: Scruffy binge-drinking warrior. Magical mace and shield, good steel armour, virtually no other gear, save for a magic ring and a gas-protection oil.

Borer: Foul-mouthed genial Dwarf. His dark hair is shaved very short and in local fashion, his beard is close-trimmed. At this stage Borer believes the Restorers have a problem of Piss-Poor Preparation, and has opted out.



Potions Philtres and Toxins

Between alchemist Palealia, herbalist Ines, Bowdyn of the River Temple, the Rogues Guild, and the Wizards Guild, a number of unusual and powerful items are assembled for the volunteers (including the Restorers) to choose. Their cost will be an advance against the even share of 30,000 that the city has voted. Note the word “even.” Each person on the descent gets their share allotted. Then, they can choose to take gear as an advance, or not. There is no “common fund.”

The Elves (or at least the Park roster) pool some of their resources and provide the acorns that Tueplio currently has listed. They are to be planted “as appropriate.” Long-term, they will break up the mana channels that power the undead floor. Assuming something can be found to provide them with nutrients.


AP spends:

Cauleigh boosts CON up to 38


Addendum: Events of near concern to the Restorers

These events began before the inquest and continued over and after it right to the descent committee. I am largely repeating myself here.

      • Investigation of the rune-carven chamber and idols: Done. Sheriff von Diemar and Fran Limnsman make a thorough search, removing 11 skulls to be returned to various despoiled remains; and locating a secret entrance to the Underdark.
      • Making the secret entrance ready: done. While the rune-carved chamber is still hostile territory, it has been neutralised as far as Daisy’s speciality allows.
      • Removal of the worse effects of the tunnels off the crypts: Done. Chaos magic still roils around the tunnels but Lady Bree dampens it to the point where it is unlikely to affect people clearing them. Daisy Brightwater restores the Seraph and tidies the desecrated memorials.
      • Clearing the sewers of undead: Done. The Rogues Guild uses its influence to supply volunteers for this. By doing so they take over Takrina’s old HQ, and earn the city’s gratitude. Borer leads the early running, then once the HQ is secure, other rogues are able to take over. This does not give Borer any special insight into the undead presence.
      • Janorra’s return to normal: Done. Once Pausanias dies, whatever big bad he is working up also dies down. However, there are knock-on consequences. The elf clique owes senator Isildore a favour, which makes the nobles senate faction very nervous, but there’s not a lot it can do without a full breach.
      • Pricing Wizards Guild membership: Done. Fennec’s membership is discussed by those who wish him well, and the Guild agrees he can join if he wants to. He does so, this episode. It will cost 300AP and a week out of campaign, to represent the investment of scroll-writing techniques. Thereafter Fennec would be entitled to a more sympathetic ear when he asks for potions, scrolls, and spell-teaching. 
      • Finding a source for Omni-Eye of loot: Palealia is able to do this, at 25 per item, or 40 for a one-off.
      • Pricing Mettastos armour: Done. Cauleigh can purchase on the following multipliers:

Triple the book price, then use the cumulative multipliers:

    • x2: Lighter. STR-3 (but min of 1 STR);
      x3: Slicker. DEX-3 (but min of 1 DEX);
      x2: Magical soak. The face value (NOT the warrior value), and of course prevents the piece from being broken by magical BB effect;
      x(n) where n is level of spell defence. Armour can be proofed against spells of a given level, just like it can be proofed against bows of a certain power. If you only want the armour to defend against one spell, divide by three. Eg proof vs DeathSpell#9, means a factor of three.
      Finally round down to the nearest hundred.
      The time needed to make the armour is one week plus (face value in days x the sum of multipliers.) Cauleigh must be available for initial measurement then final fitting.
  • Pasting in a specific spell: here are some basic norms:
    • Curatives or other defences for the body from toxin or IQ attacks, ½ spell level * 1000;
    • Poor Baby – uses Curative pricing but if it’s enhanced to be cheaper, double cost for each power up. For example powering to 1:1 WIZ:CON doubles the cost back up to 2000.
    • Combat properties such as Zapparmor, or Super-power spells such as Double-double, 2*spell level * 1000. For example Upsidaisy (L4) costs 8000.

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