TI4 Appendices

Appendices to Season Four

Party honours

Here follows a somewhat-complete list of the honours the Restorers bear. I leave off the Sarnas honour(s) because the players are still debating them.

Because some allies joined them here and there, some feats were joint efforts, and some Dwarves weren’t in the front line, I list these as the general public knows them:

  1. Heroes of Tigley
  2. Saviours of Hopespyre
  3. Pranksters of Palgwyth
  4. Delvers of Destone
  5. Restorers of Ravensdown
  6. Defenders of Jake’s town
  7. Fingold furbishers, re-founders and Restorers (the latter becomes the party name in the press)
  8. Restorers (or retrievers) of Edoras (or Marda). Edoras is the Earl’s title, Marda is his daughter
  9. Redeemers of the Gann 


Why no Sarnas parade? Or, what’s with the anticlimax?

  1. The descent’s existence is a scandal, though perhaps only the powers that be fully understand that. The powers that be do not want to accept blame, and part of not accepting blame is not making a big deal of it in the first place. A parade is the last thing they want.
  2. They outmaneuver the temple by pushing the idea (onto the party) that the temple wants to cheat the party out of loot. Fairly true, and an easy ploy to use with adventurers. Say nothing, keep your cards close to your chest… it works.
  3. The temple very much wants to lay blame, but is in the awkward position of being caretakers for the full Zolman hierarchy and Cathedral administration. So they aren’t in possession of institutional knowledge about how Sarnas was built where the Abbey used to be. Ernysi, who is naive in politics, is unable to coax Fennec to reveal key details – not that he was aware of any!
  4. Tension exists between senate factions. Both major factions would be happy to promote adventurer fame if it meant more votes and the scandal could be avoided, but neither is willing to risk the other side gaining more votes. It’s safer for them to just not try to recruit party members, and not raise the prospect of a parade. 
  5. The powers that be go into the Committee with adventurers on their side, and a hand-picked elect and select membership. With money handed out the descent will be a mere nine-day-wonder and no awkward questions will persist. Or so they plan.
  6. Extraordinarily for Sarnas, the press is excluded from the Committee proceedings. The Committee warnings have worked perfectly, and after day one, the adventurers refuse to reveal the proceedings. Day two is mere technicalities and the city is safe… except for the secrets learned by the “charming couple” who spoke to Crompton. The Restorers are acknowledged as key actors in the descent, and the speaking engagements and endorsements accrue from that. But the scandal is avoided: so everyone is happy.


Future paths

From the earliest days of their road trip Sarnas was said to be a great place for information about a possible location for Ikkutas. Cauleigh followed that up and, along with the other three, successfully researched two possible routes.

  1. Just keep heading up the Vale
    It may seem too obvious but if legends of Ikkutas say it lies upriver somewhere, and remnants of records say there is a region far upriver that used to trade directly with Ikkutas, then one option is definitely, just keep heading west upriver.
    This will also fit in with the concept of a full party expedition to return the bones of the long-dead paladin to rest with the Scions of Kolbrannus.
  2. Head north to Aunor
    Definite records point to Aunor as a key link in trade to and from Ikkutas. Aunor is a great vale beyond the Elf forests and Lone Mountain to the north, but has fallen out of frequent commerce with the Vale. The northern barbarians (the Restorers have met a few, and tend to conflate them with Horsebrother barbarians to the south) hail from there, or from points north… that detail is not entirely clear!
    This concept would involve two missions, first for Cauleigh to decide how to deal with the Scions; then a full party expedition north to pass the lands of the Elves and enter Aunor.
  3. Adventure around Sarnas
    There are two major threads left around Sarnas, and more open-ended matters.
    3.1 The southern campaign
    This will be of more interest to characters that have grown some empathy, and are pretty sure rule by an orc lord will be worse for settlers and other people they like, than the loose confederated rule of the Principalities. High-risk forays against very tough individual monsters surrounded by large numbers of firearm wielding illkin.
    3.2 Sarn Athrad
    This will be of more interest to characters that relish the chance to use their high-powered gadgets in an ongoing dungeon setting, with the prospect of loot. Resource conservation, possible recruitment of minor parties to do scouting, social interplay with the surface community, and the traditional process of getting loot to get more gear.
    3.3 Nearby towns
    A number of towns lie around Sarnas, both federated with Sarnas, and across the border in the Carloman Principalities. Missions such as pirate-killing abound. These will be of interest to characters preferring quick and limited reward for lower risk.

GM Notes

Calleigh, Jotunn and Crompton all earn AP by stunting. Fennec acts as though he cannot. Therefore, his AP tend to come from spell cost, LK saves, and bonus AP. His player complains.

Season 4 in Sarnas, being a city game plus, I tried to share AP differently. It was not welcomed by the players whose characters would otherwise have been better off.

In all likelihood this is the end for Ikkutas. I don’t feel like cajoling Fennec’s player into stunting, meaning he will just keep complaining. And 99% of the time, he forgets that Fennec is looking for routes and clues to Ikkutas.

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