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The characters for this session:

Barky, L6 southron

Sir Belmont, L6 paladin of Hieroneous

Edgar, L6 wizard

Brother Thomas, L6 cleric of Cuthbert

and Oswald, NPC L6 fighter


At the Ostler’s Greeting the five comrades relax

After the business of the morning a leisurely afternoon beckons, in which personal affairs can be followed. And so it is.

The Ostler’s Greeting has a spacious common room, deserving the name hall, and our heroes are seated around their evening dinner table, center of the hall.

Thomas relates his visit to St. Cuthbert’s shrine and hall. It lies east, near the wall. He met Father Superior Athelred, who seems pretty brisk with wrongdoers – he notes approvingly – and some brothers and one sister. It seems that they know him and his company by fame. Athelred repeats the tale already heard from Glory Be: the priest of Olidammara has had to move on. He seems jolly happy about that.

Belmont for his part relates a similar visit to Hieroneous’ chapter house, right next to the east gate. But all but one of the garrison are out of town, seeking slavers. He explains his arrival to peg-leg gatekeeper Berenger, managing to forget most of the details of his adventure. Berenger too knows the party by fame. Belmont instructs Berenger to send word back to Commandery of the piracy around this region. With only one gatekeeper, there seems no point raising the question of stabling, so he bids farewell.

Barky and Oswald had an afternoon of wandering about, sampling ale and noting good places to shop for gear. Barky has directions to the House of Many Doors, he tells Edgar privately.

Thomas frowns across the table, on principle, not because he hears this.

Edgar’s afternoon is merely the chore of washing Vert and then himself, then confirming with Hodd that no decision has been made about the wagon: so he has nothing to say aside from concern that the party has not decided on the next adventure. And – because Olidammara is a god he respects for his cultural virtues and Thomas’ smug disrespect is annoying him– he raises a toast to the god.



Barky notices an owl at one of the hall’s windows.

Then lo! An arrow embeds itself in the table, right beside Edgar’s elbow.

“So much for evicting the followers of Olidammara!” Thomas cries, whipping about just in time – a dagger misses him!

Oswald, Barky and Belmont are struck by various flung or loosed missiles!

At least four of the patrons seated about them have risen and are attacking in pairs from opposite sides. Other patrons duck or look bewildered depending on their alertness.

Barky leaps to his feet, running and and cleaving an attacker. Another arrow thunks next to Edgar, and a large badger appears in the middle of the table! Thomas raises his voice with Calm Emotions, pitched at one corner so as not to affect his fellows. [DC17] But one of the attackers resists. Oswald draws his short sword and kills the badger. Belmont leaps up, rushes after Barky, and downs the attacker Barky did not. Edgar [25 on Spellcraft] tells Thomas the caster is using the owl, ducks under the table and throws up Shield.

The two attackers Thomas is facing leave, and the owl flies away. Barky and those others on their feet chase after them, taking windows or door depending on their handiness. The caster throws up a Wall of Flame but it proves illusory.

Edgar throws up Protection from Arrows, walks to the door under Vert’s guard, raises hue and cry, and walks back to the two corpses to inspect them for clues. Vert sniffs at them with mild interest.

By the time Edgar is handing coins onto the bar-top, and telling the proprietor to use them to cover costs, the others return to report the attackers lost in the dark. The attackers have no particular cult signs, and no coin to speak of.

“These arrows look poisoned… ah, yes!” Thomas mutters, prizing one out and confirming suspicious liquid had been on the head.

Belmont heals himself and the other two, and patrons generally slip out before the watch arrives.


The Watch: Take a hint and go home!

Lieutenant Keitel of the Watch is hostile, moderating to merely curt and unwelcoming once he is sure it was self-defense and no coins were stolen. Obviously, sez he, these scum are out-of-towners, He suggests the victorious out-of-towners should move on. With no ceremony the corpses are tossed onto the night-wagon. Thomas is both underwhelmed by and suspicious of Keitel’s blasé disregard of the two poisoned arrows. He vows to follow those up as well as speaking to Athelred immediately.

The comrades agree that the morrow must include selling gear, but meanwhile they will escort Thomas to the Cuthbertites.


At St. Cuthbert’s, a hint of disagreement

It is as Athelred speaks dismissively of the out-of-towner attack, that Edgar notices the order’s sister has a speaking face. Managing to find a way of speaking to her privately he encourages her to speak. But she only commits to calling over to the Ostler’s Greeting to speak to Thomas, away from Athelred.

After some time spent variously at the weapons market and an arcane supplies store where the Wizards Guild meets, and where Edgar makes an appointment, the comrades are ready to listen to sister Molhauf, or Molly to her friends.


Molly: A hint of real information

She does not reveal anything explicit… is concerned about the lack of due ceremony around the corpses… then says enough about Athelred’s world view to suggest the comrades ought to speak to a contact of hers, Theo of the Pelorites. Making an appointment for the morning, she says good night and departs.

A dull evening is spent indoors at the Ostler’s Greeting. No going out on the town now!


Theo: more than a hint of dirty deeds

Next dawn [suspecting the GM expected at least one of us to visit Pelor’s temple] the comrades follow Molly to the temple. She makes the introductions and leaves them.

Theo is an ex-criminal who still hears talk. He explains the basic “unintended consequence” of removing the lawful Olidammara element. Much worse things than the odd minor crime are probably happening! He points specifically to a protection racket… and hints at forced prostitution at the House of Many Doors. The Garden View, a high-end gambling saloon, may also be part of the new mob.


Intermission: Thomas buys a nice light mace, Belmont orders a masterwork strong (+2) composite short bow. Oswald can’t decide on anything in particular.

Intermission: Edgar moves further into the role of manipulator, carefully lining the party up: Hodd>Gussie>(Barky+Oswald)>Goddie boys: to agree to sell the wagon and drays and pay off Hodd. It’s just something he felt needed a decision on.

Barky is on the trail of dirty deeds

Edgar has to keep his appointment with the Wizards Guild. Barky and Oswald agree to escort him, dressed down and pretending to be regular guards. Their mission will be to gather information.

This goes splendidly for Barky who [making a couple of nat 20s on the way] notices protection being paid at the pub he’s in, shadows the gangsters to a seedy part of town, marks their hideout, and steals back safely.

Those gathered at the Guild are mainly older men, and the only younger woman is Watling, Celric’s niece and unpleasantly surprised to see Edgar. He reminds her they parted on good terms.

The magical gloves are identified: Dexterity+2. 

Edgar lists a bunch of spells he is happy to trade off for a good spell he can use. 

And as the three comrades head back to report, the session ends.

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