DGA9.005: A student of the great mind

Frenetic preparations over, the routine of travel reasserts.

Party order and in-hands: Seck (Maelsauga and Leaf)/Vir (Longbow), Cat (Osuz), Jahia (Beastslayer), Phoenix (Mocair), Rearguard with mules

Climbing out of the Three Hags Lakes cols to the mountain pass is uneventful. The Pack keeps a wary distance.

They’ve camped early the previous day, and now have the entire day to push over the pass north to the High Moors… and beyond! Seck has his Leaf set to “ogre-kind.”

A horn, or hooting that sounds like a horn…

Seck sneaks up, but the hill giant emerges and starts running downhill. Unluckily for him Vir is totally on target and three deadly volleys and a Synaptic Static from Cat later Seck simply hurls Maelsauga for the final cut!

With fatty out of the way (they don’t bother climbing all the way back up to check the cave – Seck reports that the cavemouth stank) it’s time to decide how to treat the sinister carven runnels in the mountainside.

Cat refreshes his spell slot with Osuz. Seck, who has made 26 on his WIS: Survival check, advises Jahia that yes, the rearguard can be brought up. “I think the hill giant was there as a spotter…”

Looking about at those not encumbered by armor, Cat proposes that the four of them – Vir does have mail but thinks he can keep up. They trek up, spotting huge footprints here and there.

The cave is heavily obscured… so Vir is nominated. DC20 on disadvantage Stealth!

Within, he sees a very tall-headed, grey-skinned creature. It’s eagerly poised with enormous round rock in hand. Then it sees Vir as he moves cautiously forward:

“Ah… this is embarrassing. You were supposed to come through below. Um… Go away!”

Vir ducks the hurled rock, and for a moment the others fear he has been squished. But he pops back out to explain.

“Is it a Stone Giant? I speak Giant!” Cat explains.

“He seemed rather put out we weren’t down below,” Vir warns, but with blithe confidence Cat steps up and hallooos the cave.

“I am speaking to the All-Father, leave me be.”

“Oh now come on, don’t be shy,” Cat coaxes.

“Look, could you just pretend you didn’t see me? Just go back and let me roll.”

“Oh have you spent a long time on this?”

“A very long time, and I had to recruit a very stupid hill giant.”

The student in question

A compromise! The Long Roaders (and those so inclined among the rearguard – Elderberry enthusiastically doing the little black buttons) build snowmen at the runnel tails. Then they signal the Stone Giant and he rolls his next boulder.

And so away!

Debouching from the pass the Long Roaders get a great view – for the day remains relatively fair – of the High Moors, stretching out north towards – though lost in the haze of distance – the Long Road and the Aldian beyond.

A trace of watercourse large enough to be named a stream glitters off half-left. It must gather from the mountains and hurry north towards the Kennet. Or perhaps it is even the Kennet’s headwater? Who knows – but in any case that and copses of full-size trees below the treeline bid them on that way.

And as the sight of a thin wind-wisped column of smoke and the echo of axe-fell reach them, it’s time to end the session.

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