SC5.02: Fear our vengeful wrath!

The level five Silvers for this session

Richlen, high elf paladin, wielding Alagondar and taking up the Oath of Glory;
Garth, mountain dwarf fighter/Battle Master, wielding the Ungart Hammer;
Vernon, human wizard/Conjurer, wielding spells;
Dakeyras, wood elf rogue/Assassin, wielding longbow

The silvers begin 98xp from level six and end on 85

Trapped! But hang on, three possible escape routes

Cleat finishes his gloating and the other cultists above hastily pile the bunk and every stick of furniture they can shift, onto the trapdoor. Then, Cleat assures them that the Silvers will take at least a day to get out, so there’s nothing to worry about as they travel south.

For those below, since Cleat hasn’t come equipped with an evil mastermind plan to pump toxins down, it looks as though they’ll be here a while. They explore:

  • A side room’s wall has crumbled away, and though the chambers have few tools as such, the party might improvise a tunnel;
  • Above the well-side they detect and remove Garroc’s Immovable Rod. It can be used to support Rich – who wears the Gauntlets of Ogre Power – who can then heave up the trapdoor;
  • Below where the rod was, rope rungs descend the well to a side-tunnel. The well-water runs out that way. And Grannoc was making for it. So it may also lead to an exit somewhere;
  • Finally there’s a comfortable mess-room or duty-room where the orcs relaxed.

Rich clambers up the ladder to the trapdoor, suspends the Rod, and heaves. Nothing gives. He heaves again and gains a level of exhaustion.

Garth and Vern are quite keen to probe the tunnel, but Rich has another option;

“I possess the Misty Step spell, so alll I need do is augur a hole through the wood of the trapdoor, see the room above, and escape out. Then I’ll have you free in a jiffy.”

Garth tosses Rich a well-used trusty dagger and Rich sets to.

Meanwhile, Garth is thinking about the body down the well.

“Say, Vern, can you make a magic light?”

After some encouragement, Vern essays his first use of his Hat of Wizardry. LIGHT! Now Garth has a light on the Ungart Hammer. He gets out of his armor and clambers down the rungs, then plunges down. It’s not quite as plain sailing as that sounds, and he surfaces coughing and spluttering and with a level of exhaustion. Vern and Dak help: the bucket is filled with rocks, Garth takes the easy way down, snags Grannoc’s corpse and once the rocks are out, it’s just a matter of winching the two up again.

Rich finally augurs a hole large enough to see through, wisps up, and clears the trapdoor. Dak climbs to the very top of the watchtower and returns, shaking his head.

“We may as well rest, they are long gone out of the town and south – I saw their trail.”

During the rest, Rich tells the others what Alagondar knows about the dragon cultists: its late mistress lady Tanamere did battle with a deadly dracolich. Dragon cultists back then treated it as a god.

Long Rest: everyone restores health and spells, Rich takes up Alagondar’s offer of the Oath of Glory. Garth learns that the Ungart Hammer has tier 2 powers.


Ring of Necrotic Resistance
4 gold coin and 112 copper worth of smaller coin
Sketch map which once carefully dried proves to be of the town of Leilon
A couple of decent orc weapons worth loading onto Rudolph for re-sale

XP: lvl6-93

While those who really needed it are still resting, Dak visits Reidoth who is back and has enjoyed a fine scrambled egg breakfast. As he hands Dak the agreed reward – a cloak that looks like a bunch of Spring leaves – he congratulates him on ending the Tree Blight and solving the riddle of who is responsible for it and the infestation. Reidoth more than hints that he will ally with the Silvers against the cultist base.

Dak arranges that should that be the case, he send word by messenger to Linene once more. And don’t forget – Reidoth was to send word of Cryovain’s exact lair. Same thing – as soon as he learns of it, send word.

Inspiration all round for achieving the druid’s major and minor goals

Running Battle! But wait – there’s more!

It’s time to decide whether they’ll take on a lung-busting race, and if so without armor: or a more measured forced march. Garth very firmly declares he won’t take off his armor, and Rich seconds that, so it’s a forced march.

Dak leads the way confidently.

The cultists did not back-trail the Silvers: instead, they veered a little east of south, met up with perhaps five more, and the two split. Dak stays on Cleat’s trail and the Silvers catch them heading closer to the Neverwinter Woods, over clear but humping terrain.

It’s a running battle, where Cleat has a fellow cult fanatic with a decent haul of spells. They hit the Silvers with Call Lightning, Witch Bolt, and most devastating of all, Heat Metal on Garth’s armor. Rich helps Garth scramble frantically out! But all the while Dak and Vern are using long range to their advantage and the cultists don’t get away. Garth even gets a good shot off with his crossbow!

Scanning the bodies eagerly Dak confirms that, as he expected, none have the fine bow that Gobber was wielding up on the watch tower roof. It must have been taken by the other group – west to the Dragon Barrow!

Loot: 60 gold coin, 900 silver coin, cultist armbands and a Dragon Tooth carved with scrimshaw, which seems to have been Cleat’s arcane focus.
A few other nick-nacks such as a purple dyed rabbit’s foot; two gold wedding bands

XP: lvl6-90

Ritual Interrupted – The end of the cult??

Xanth, Dak’s friend, has spotted their path towards the barrow. He greets Dak and confirms there are seven cultists down in the barrow. He has also been spying for Dak, and knows where goblins are lairing and where the half-orcs are to be found.

The trapdoor and concealing turf have been only crudely pulled in place, obviously as the cultists descended. Rich hauls the obstructions clear and leads the way.

And leaps back! The cultists have rigged up the tight spiral to collapse.

“Do you here that?” Vern asks.

“No, what?”

“Chanting? From below.”

“Let’s get digging,” Garth says grimly, and prepares to use his shield as a makeshift shovel.

It takes a quarter-hour. Rich once again takes the lead, Garth second.

The chanting is loud, and Garth, who was the only member to walk around the “tail” chamber with its collection of bones, is pretty sure where it’s coming from. He gestures that way.

Peering up the passage to the “tail” chamber, Garth and Rich see that the cultists have fashioned a stone and timber barricade, offering full cover until one pops his head up.

Garth waves Ungart Hammer to get Rich’s attention as the other two file in behind them. “I’m gonna need to get close – be ready!”

Garth dashes! As they pop their heads up to loose, Dak and Vern hit the cultists with range attacks. Garth slams the hammer on the ground in front of the barricade and uses two charges to cast Tremor. One cultist falls badly, the other holds his ground. Rich charges and slams his body into the barricade which, weakened by the Tremor, falls atop the cultists!

The surprised remaining five turn to defend their ritual. All have basic acolyte abilities save for their leader, who has a range of spell attacks!

But the battle is swift. Garth shrugs off the Poison Spray and uses the full array of fighter surges to catch and crush the leader, ending with a bellowed warcry!

Appalled by the swiftness of their leader’s fate, two of the cultists panic, the other two go down fighting but ineffectual.

“These must be the bones of Embertooth,” Rich says, looking about at the huge remains arranged in a ritual circle.

Dak scratches his head as he tenderly adopts Whisper, the mighty longbow once belonging to a famed mageslayer.

“I’m not up on these things – any way to get rid of these bones in some way the cultists give up?”

“Probably something we could do in Neverwinter is drop into Rich’s temple and let a cleric know?” Garth suggests.

“Sounds good!” “Let’s take a rest in a clean chamber, then head back to pick up Rudolph” “Yes, then off for some shopping in Neverwinter!” the others respond, and the session ends.

XP: lvl6-85, Inspiration restored for Garth

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