Strontium Dog One-shot: Redeye Dead Redemption

The bounty-huntin’ stronty dogs for this one-shot

Zeppelin – floats, upper crust background, Score to Settle training
Patchwork – organs misplaced, ghetto background, Mentored
Beauregard – puffs up, ghetto background, Born to it
Redeye Vann – infravision, street runner background, Mentored

All SD agents are “rookie plus” grade and have the following exploits in common:

Pp132-3 Panicked Offload; Fear lends Wings; and of course Mutation and Radiation Resistance; and the Rookie exploits from pp37-8.

Scene 1: The Doghouse above Freedom

A news slug crawls across their vid-screens: Notorious villain Boss Goldblatt has busted out, along with some of the worst mutie desperadoes on the planet. And he or one of his fellows has left a message in blood, for Redeye – I’m comin for you!

“Hey Redeye, why’s he got it in for ya?”

“Back when I was raw, I was partnering up with a wily old dog. He kidnapped Goldblatt’s mini-me – which is a growth that turns into a miniature of him – so Goldblatt had to surrender. I guess he remembered me sniggering.”

They wait for more updates, hoping to get a steer on which way the gang are headed. The reward posted is sweet – enough to get them aboard a “fast” scow. News flash! The gang carved a bloody swathe towards the estate of one of Freedom’s most prestigious families. Zeppelin stirs:

“One of the others is Monkeytoes. Janus Monkeytoes,” offers Zeppelin. “He killed some of my estranged family. I locked him up. I guess he’s looking to even the score?”

“So you are upper crust?”

“Yep, got a whole lot of society manners tucked away, never get to use ’em.”

“Who else? Bat-Brain? I remember him,” Beauregard declares, “It was me sent enough rounds near his ears to stun him, my senior put the cuffs on him.”

“So you were panicking huh.”

“I… was a lot younger then.”

“My story is kind of the same, except without the panicking,” sniggers Patchwork. “I hit C-thru Wrongways with a floodlamp, blinding him long enough that my senior got the cuffs on. I think he holds a grudge. Wrongways I mean.”

The four devise a cunning plan, dropping word onto the nets that Zeppelin has sworn to defend his estranged family.

“That way we know where they’ll go.”

A half-day later, the feeds carry a long grainy vid-shot of the remains of Zeppelin’s family estate. A body is draped or suspended off a wall, and in blood, the words “we were here, where were you?”

“Doh! We forgot the other half of our plan – to actually be waiting!”

Scene 2: A watering hole, the wasteland near the estate

Tracks from the gang have led the dogs here. Two of them are good trackers, and now Redeye peers through the heat-haze. A watering hole, a little small to be called an oasis, and a couple humanoids moving. By their gait he guesses:

“Void zombies! I’m guessing Goldblatt has fried their brains to feed his power.”

“Let’s cut them down quick and quiet, and watch out for C-thru, he might be hard to spot.”

“Knives it is.”

Two of the dogs are highly proficient with knives and although Zeppelin takes a bite, the void zombies are cut down with a minimum of fuss. Carefully inspecting the water hole, they find no C-thru lurking.

“That haze over there – there are buildings that way. And the tracks aren’t clear, but where else is there?”

Scene 3: A ruinous adobe-walled settlement

The enemy have taken quite a forward position and the dogs are immediately under attack. Bat-brain tosses a bomb over the wall they are hiding behind, and Zeppelin takes minor heat damage. He vaults up and chases over the roof towards where Bat-Brain is running but falls through. Only to find Wrongways at bay!

Beauregard gets into melee by vaulting over the wall, and his first attempt is disastrous – his nux both short out, leaving him out of commission for two vital rounds. Redeye and Patchwork lend their knives to whittling Wrongways down.

Zeppelin follows up on Bat-Brain once more but instead, is shot by Monkeytoes Janus, who can run up walls, and run forwards or backwards with the same ease (since he faces both ways!) Zeppelin stays n the fight as long as he can but is overmatched and falls, hoping his buddies can save him. If they live!

Final scene

Once Beauregard brings his Nux back to the fight Wrongways is put down and the dogs turn their attention to Bat-Brain, who has been firing blind over the wall into the melee. They have much better success with a coordinated attack – even using Wrongways’ bomb to stun the other outlaw – and Bat-Brain is put down!

And as Monkeytoes retreats to wherever Goldblatt is, and the pair escape, the session ends.

DM Notes

I enjoyed this SD game, pushing into skills and exploits more than I have so far in my WOIN experiments. I think I’m making up a lot of rules, but it’s not like there are lots of WOIN games to join online in order to learn. And I’m finding the lack of resources is putting me off more games. I’m used to wallowing in the luxury of being able to look up exactly what Jeremy Crawford says about a particular 5e rule. And to be picky, the book resources are very hard to use at the table. That’s at my end. My players enjoyed it to the point where next session may see them following a tracer chip that Redeye shot into Monkeytoes, for a showdown with Goldblatt.


The session is a reskinned Red Dredd Redemption from Eons, the WOIN resource available via Patreon. Red Dredd Redemption is not an adventure, it is a slightly fleshed-out plot idea. I follow it here, very much as written, and by using the idea of “particular grudges” I did get good buy-in.

For the dogs, I began with the recruit template off p132 of the SD book, then tacked on backgrounds and recruitment from pp35-8. So, a lot of jumping around the book. They rolled Health about 3/4 way through the session and were pleasantly surprised, except for Zeppelin, which is why he dropped.

The terrain was three desert double-sides of a giant battle book by PWorks: plain desert, rocks/oasis, then ruin.

The tokens used were Paizo standees from their Starfinder Dark Suns Pawns collection. A really good choice for SD games.

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