SC6.04: Wave Echo Cavern, part two – Dragon Cult Dig-site

The level six Silvers for this session

Dakeyras, wood elf rogue/Assassin, wielding Whisper his longbow;
Garth Ironhewn, mountain dwarf fighter/Battle Master, wielding the Ungart Hammer;
Richlen Illineiros, high elf paladin/Oath of Glory, wielding Alagondar his longsword;
Vernon von Longsington, human wizard/Conjurer, wielding spells

The Silvers begin 78 below level seven and end on 60

It has been an easy Long Rest. Sure, the weird “booming wave” sound has continued, but after a while that’s restful. And sure, distant tapping has also carried through the stone of Wave Echo Cavern, but it’s really distant.

Checking that everyone has their gear – not that they have much, since everyone’s spare/heavy gear is back out in the store-cavern the Rockseeker brothers used – Rich moves to the western door. Thus far it has not been opened. Now, he pulls it open and pauses, puzzled.

He’s looking at some metal equipment floating a few feet away from him, in mid-air. And the air around the gear seems to shimmer a little…

“Say Vern, have you seen anything like this?”

Rich is just in time to dive back and bring Vern with him as a monstrous Gelatinous Cube squeezes into the chamber!

Fortunately for all of the Silvers, the cube is sloooowwww. They retire in good order, Vern blasting a good-size hole through it, Dak punching a heavy longbow shaft through, Vern blasting it with a second Firebolt, then Garth finishing it with an Ungart Hammer smash!

Loot: wand of Magic Missiles (“aww, I already have one,” Vern complains)

XP: lvl7-77

Is that all ya got?!?

The silvers fan out widely, searching first the very clean passages west of their temporary base… then further afield. There seem to be north options and, east of the bone cavern, a moldy-smelling natural passage, and, finally, a passage south from the bone cavern.

Rich hollers for the others to rally on him and explore south. Best to be methodical. His call is answered – by stirges!

As the Silvers finish those, and Rich prizes two stirge-beaks out,…

Ghouls! And skeletons!

They come in three waves, apparently just as fast as they can run from wherever they were lurking! The Silvers deal with a bunch of dwarf-ghouls, then split into two as Rich defends against skeletons from the south with Dak supporting him, and Garth “aided” by Vern defending the east.

Vern deals a ton of damage, partly to Garth, slamming ghouls with lightning! Then he high fives Garth as he sees all the ghouls – small ones, probably gnome-ghouls – have vaporized. Garth’s hair and beard are standing out full of static and Vern takes some minor shock damage off his buddy!

“Thanks…. pal…” Garth grits.

“I think I’ll rest a bit,” Rich decide diplomatically, and they retire to the temporary base once more!

Loot: an iron chest in the other southern chamber, with 600 cp, 180 sp, 90 ep, and 60 gp.

XP: lvl7-75

Short Rest – high rolls on HD, everyone is back to full or just about. Vern recoups all three lvl 1 slots

Minor boss Valakh, and bugbears

With some caution the search around is renewed. Rich rules out going east into mold. “Yep, that would be last on my list too,” Dak affirms.

A disused store-room succumbs to Garth’s boot. Hmm… lots of barrels, split with age.

“Let’s search.”

But this time someone rudely interrupts. Rich’s senses are keen, and he crash-tackles Garth into cover as a Scorching Ray of fire blasts across where they were!

Whoever the boss mage is, they have a front line of bugbears! Eight of the great hairy brutes charge the Silvers, their massive spike clubs dealing some meaty damage. Then the fighting pair get back to their feet and the fight quickly swings the other way.

As the last bugbear defends desperately, the minor boss tries to slow a pursuit with Web. The room is too big, so he – a silver haired dark skinned elf – tosses a pyrotechnic cantrip and escapes among the roiling black smoke. The burning Web has set some of the more flammable barrels alight.

The Silvers want to loot, so they stomp out the flames, wait a few minutes, then loot. Vern announces:

“Thinking of how often Rich says, ‘interrogate them’ and Garth says ‘I can’t they’re dead,’ I have chosen a special spell!”

He casts Speak with Dead and, with some party advice, gets a fairly meager return. But they do learn that the dark elf is Valakh and the main boss is Hamun Kost!

Loot: 80 gold coin worth of coin

Pursuit and Flameskull

As the quest further north still, Rich finds a strange cavern. The dry remains of a large-scale bellows and forge occupies the central part, and withered corpses are scattered about. Above the whole floats an eerie green-flaming skull!

Fireball! Everyone makes a great SV and take only half damage.

Rich charges, sending up a Firebolt!

“Hey! That’s my thing!” Vern complains.

Dak slams an arrow into the skull.

Magic MIssile: Rich takes three Force jolts as he finishes his charge and leap, cutting deep. A Thunderous Smite announces to the entire dungeon that a paladin is here. But the Flameskull is shattered!

XP: lvl7-70

Minor and Major Boss

Valakh shows up from the west, and hurls the same Scorching Ray trick. But this time he does not have bugbears to screen him! As he flees, Garth is hard on his heels, and in desperation Valakh uses his Web wand. Bad idea! Garth ducks and keeps chasing. Valakh runs fast and leaps down into a new cavern. An underground stream runs across it, and a section has dropped away to form a deeper pit. Far the north, the near-dead Gundren Rockseeker crouches in chains.

Back where Valakh used his wand, Dak is on the wrong side of the web. “Not to worry old chum!” Vern says, Fire Bolting “to miss” Dak and setting fire to the web. Dak takes burning damage.

“Thanks, I was feeling left out until then,” Dak says sarcastically, but has no time to waste.

Valakh flees north but has not realized that Rich, having circled round counter-clockwise, has used his Divinity to become a Peerless Athlete and has leaped down, from an eastern passage, into the deep pit of the same cavern! And urging himself to superhuman efforts, is already at the near lip of the pit.

As Valakh nears the exit Rich catches him and casts Compelled Duel!

There’s a mighty CLANG from the south-west as Garth proves that he is not a natural jumper. Vern leaps down, closely followed by Dak. Spells and arrows rain on Valakh!

Then from the passage that Valakh aimed for, Hamun Kost floats! He has not bothered with his human guise, and is clearly revealed as a Duergar.

Creature Incarnations: Duergar | Dungeons and dragons characters, Fantasy  dwarf, Fantasy art

“So nice of you to drop in my friends, I was in need of a few extra pairs of hands.”

Synaptic Static! Luckily Dak is too far away, and the other three survive. Valakh falls dead. Rich hurls Guiding Bolt, and for a change, it works! Kost is badly rattled, but sinks low to cover as many Silvers as he can, and replies with Caustic Brew at a high level. Garth fails to get clear and with a hideous cry, falls dying. Vern hurls another Lightning Bolt and Kost is seriously hurt! As he rises back, Dak takes a quick shot but misses. Rich sees the chance escaping and tries Guiding Bolt again – and it strikes home!

With a cry of fear Kost attempts to use a Contingency Teleport, but instead: his Glass Staff shatters: he falls to the cavern floor: and dies. But despite Hamun Kost’s death, the caustic brew is still eating Garth!

“Quick, Vern! Kick Garth into the stream!”

“My pleasure…”

“Did they have any gold?” Garth asks, but underwater, so it sounds like “Dbldthldbhlbabldgld?”


Rod of Absorption;
Leather armor+3 (but of a distinctively Abbathor design);
Studded leather armor+2 (drow design)
– of Spell Turning
– of Free Action
– of Protection
– of Underwater Breathing;
– of Web
– of Binding
– of the War Mage;
Boots of Striding and Springing;
Potion of Vitality.

Two non-magical platinum rings that can be used for Warding Bond; 190 ep, 130 gp, 15 pp, nine small gemstones (10gp each), and a dwarven ale mug made of hammered electrum (100 gp).

Relatively detailed sketches of various parts of the northern Sword Coast, with notes on Talos Cult activities. A reasonable “Landmark” sketch of how to access the Icespire Fortress. A couple of notes about the Silvers and their Orcish allies. Notes on the sketch-maps about some lost civilizations: principally Netheril but a fey or elf realm named Sharandar, a ‘fallen kingdom’ named Phalorm, and a few outpost type survivals as well. This research seem to be the hobby of ‘Iarno Albrek,’ who writes in exactly the same hand as Hamun Kost.

XP: lvl7-60, Inspiration all round. Since Gundren not a good guy there is no bonus for rescuing him, but there can be a bonus for bringing him to justice.

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