Carbon 2185: Crossfire Judas finale

The level 3 punks for this session

Johnny Fives, synth/Daimyo, wielding minigun;
Jon Dough, ordinary joe/Investigator, wielding heavy pistol and shotgun;
Jezzail Evenwood, badlander/Enforcer, wielding heavy pistol and shotgun;
IRI-ATA, synth/Hacker, wielding botnets and shotgun

Ably assisted by NPCs Jackie Chow, Gang Captain, and Pin0, synth singularity

Jon is in trouble!

The emergency ping reaches all of Jon’s current team. IRI-ATA lets Pin0 know, and when she asks to ride alongside, lets the synth leader into her personal feed. Jezzail gets up from her seat at the Gweilo, leaves word with sweet little Giselle that she’ll be back to meet Randall. Johnny Fives starts to tell Jackie:

“Hey – you on stream with the others?”

“Uh, yes…”

“Stream this!”

The other two (Jon is kinda busy being grappled by a bot and six synths) see a gun muzzle pointed at them, and Jackie’s voice:

“Tell me what’s going on – now!”

Candye Syrup

There are a few options for IRI-ATA who, as it happens, has taken over the driving. The Six Hearts has but one entrance.

“Go in blasting!” – Jackie, checking his loads

“Uh let’s just see if we can hack security first…”

The hack is good enough to say ‘synths’ but not much else. The barkeep is putting shutters up and Jon seems to be in a full nelson geisha-hold

Jezzail loads with anti-synth rounds. Then she’s out of the vehicle as soon as IRI-ATA slows it, and stamps at the door. Her strong kick bounces off it. Johnny Fives follows up, smashes it open and steps through, dropping to a crouch. IRI-ATA has the general idea of where Jon is (far left) but can’t hack the synths, who have gone autonomous. Jezzail moves around Johnny and sends a shotgun slug at the group: then collapses under a hefty bot that stings her with venom!

Jackie sends a shot over Johnny’s shoulder, pieces fly off the bot. Johnny rises and sprays the bot! A leg breaks off. Jezzail twists under it and draws her heavy pistol, and the last bits of bot go quiet.

Cyberpunk Review » G.I.T.S. SAC - Episode 1: SECTION 9

Meanwhile geishas have moved out but, concerned to render Jon unconscious (or dead) not all at once. They are easy pickings. Jon takes a slug as collateral damage! IRI-ATA hastily puts a patch on and restores him to as good health as Jezzail enjoys. Which is not great.


It’s a 4d6 countdown as Rikko is now in the wind. Which immediately drops to 3d6.

IRI-ATA gets an info slug from Silvermute, and having scanned it, reads:

“Rikko’s address is 2501 Mariposa, and hey, there’s an air ticket booked for one, to Tokyo.”

“He’s skipping! We need to get him NOW!”

“Oh and, Silvermute says, ‘now you owe us.'”

Johnny takes over the driving, the team is sardined into the vehicle.

One excellent navigate later, they have lost no further countdown dice

2505 Mariposa Street

“It’s a decoy! There’s a bunch of wesleys…”

Forewarned by IRI-ATAs fine hacking work, the team halts. She works the local traffic and backs some footage up:

“Not far down – 2505…”

“Wow, this is much nicer, almost a different ‘hood!”

Indeed it is, a two-storey residence instead of a multilevel hab. Johnny pushes the heap around to one side, finding just privacy glass, no view of the inside.

“IRI-ATA – you break off with the wheels, keep working the feeds. We go in shooting!”

Double Decoy!

Lil Rikko has left two tough Yakuza and five goons to slow them down, as well as an unpleasant surprise – a Nerve Drainer disguised as a coffee table. Meanwhile, he takes the secret service tunnel back to 2501’s basement parking and heads away.

Unluckily for him, IRI-ATA has stayed on the local traffic feed and spots the switcharoo!

“Go after him! Ram him if you have to!”

“Pin0 – you there? Can you switch up the traffic lights?”

“Where is he headed?”

“A high chance he is headed for the international airport!”

“Then, no hurry – I have called in a bomb threat at the airport.”

“Great! I may as well head back and pick up the others…”

The double decoy is enough to lose another countdown dice, but with 2d6 left they have time for one choice…

Rikko or the lab?

By the time she gets back to 2505 the last Yakuza hood has fallen and Jackie is vengefully kicking the defunct bot (because it drained 3 DEX from him).

“We have time – should we pin Rikko down before the airport reopens?”

“Or we could check the lab under Tanaka’s place. The SFPD are probably done now.”

“Let’s stick to the priority. You guys still in one piece?”

“Yeah… just… hey Jon, you need this patch?”

“Let’s keep it Jezzail, first one down will use it, OK?”


Akio Kawazu - Paranoia Agent Characters - ShareTV
Lil Rikko

Aftermath – sky trails west!

Jon is recuperating when Bad Malone sits down to visit.

“You’re alive! Your DNA turned up at a murder scene. I recut the records, but I’m not hacker. I’m gonna retire, I guess. VillR is paying too much attention to me, because of you. Here’s why…”

Malone shows a clip from Tanaka’s basement security. A group of four and a bot attack Tanaka and torture him. Three speak generic thug Japanese, and the fourth – Lil Rikko – speaks Tokyo-normal Japanese. Rikko seems to know that Tanaka is the one responsible for Pin0 being what she is. Tanaka appears to be dead by the time they hear the VillR kill team busting in and hastily leave.

“Tanaka sensei seems to have been working behind the scenes at VillR,” Malone adds. “And VillR wants to turn your brain inside out finding out what you know. You need to get gone baby, like now.”

“Baby, I’m gone.”

Jon pings the team and they book flights for the first Japan-bound flight out!

Rossini Air Line | Ghost in the Shell Wiki | Fandom

DM Notes

After last week’s incoherence, a much more on-point effort where some extra notes I’d written really paid off. I rather thought Jon might be ‘out’ before the team got to him (so had Bad Malone as a hospital visit) but gave full credit for the good navigate check. Jon’s player took over Jackie and enjoyed chewing the scenery as the fiery gang captain! (stats straight out of the rulebook). With Johnny being played by Orien’s player we had a full spread of minigun spray, which is always fun. I haven’t done a play by play on the combat – the punks were fully armed this session and most of the fighting was one-sided.

I engineered the finish so that if we do return to Carbon 2185 (and I’m a fan, but time is limited) we stay with the synth liberation arc, but get to enjoy other cities. But for now, that is for the punks, finis.

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