SC7.01: First steps to Leilon

The level seven Silvers this session

In order of march

Dakeyras, wood elf rogue/Assassin, wielding Whisper his longbow and riding a nameless horse;
Richlen Ilineiros, high elf paladin/Oath of Glory, wielding Alagondar his longsword and riding a horse named Beans;
Vernon von Longsington, human wizard/Conjurer, wielding any number of wands, and riding a horse named Pants;
Garth Ironhewn, mountain dwarf fighter/Battle Master, wielding heavy crossbow and the Ungart Hammer, and riding a pony named Dornar

The Silvers begin 160xp below level 8, and end on 150

A commission to Leilon

The Silvers have been in Neverwinter about a tenday, enjoying fame and fortune. Listening to tales of their deeds has not yet gotten old!

  • Garth is waiting on a senior armorsmith to enchant his adamantine armor; he’s also making enquiries about a superior shield. (He can’t afford it)
  • Richlen has paid dues at Ilmater’s shrine, traded hardware style loot, and shopped for new clothes, cloak and boots. It’s time to break out the summer gear and look the part.
  • Vernon has traded “components” type loot at his guild, bought one spell each of levels 1 through 4, and is quietly copying them into his spellbook.
  • Dak has exchanges a heavy sack of gold for 117 25-gold-coin gems, idled about just enjoying the city, and made sure no cut-purses or second-floor workers make a dent in the party loot.

They are all lodging at the Iron Flagon inn, where they previously enjoyed Lyrana Delmont’s hospitality. But this time, each has his own room, and Garth and Dak have had a bath! Mind you, Garth has called dibs on the Sock of Trouble Free Browsing so there is definitely an odor about him most times!

While they enjoy the wine one evening, Rich recognizes Sgt Minerva approaching. The strong-built, muddy-brown-haired woman claps a hand on his shoulder and bends low:

“I hope you and your comrades can join me for a private meeting…”

Minerva pushes on, as though simply greeting Rich in passing. Rich signals the others with a side-gesture of his head and eye-brow raise, and they filter out in as natural a manner as possible, and join Minerva in the inn’s private chamber. There are three others with her already.

They recognize Sgt Osclin right away. He has escorted them and had a hand in a couple of other adventures. He nods but seems to want to remain in the background. Sister Garaele of Phandalin is there too, smiling and gesturing to seats. The fourth person is cloaked, but as they close the door he lowers his hood. It is Lord Dagult Neverember himself!

Having paid tribute to their prowess, Dagult comes to the point. He has decided to extend Neverwinter’s domain as far south as Leilon. Licenses have been granted and work undertaken, but all is not well. As Sr Garaele may have told them (she has not) the Storm cult and a dragon cult (or some such) seem to be infiltrating the area. And there may be pirates or privateers. He is commissioning them to investigate and deal with the two former, and investigate and report back on the latter. The following list of contacts are those with his authority, but of them, Grizzelda and Valdi are most trustworthy.

They will begin with mounts and harness for all, and a token by which other agents can know them. On satisfactory report, 2,500 gold coin each, and bonuses may accrue for best results.

Having traded significant looks – except for Vern, who merely pokes his nose out from behind a spellbook and gives the thumbs-up – Rich agrees on their behalf.

Their distinguished guest dons his hood, muffles up, and leaves with Minerva. Osclin advances, slaps the table, and declares:

“Looks like fame and fortune! Guess the drinks are on you all!”

Sr Garaele doesn’t drink but she too congratulates them and wishes them Fortune.

XP: lvl8-156

Summer Road South

With a few choice potions stowed to supplement their normal gear, the four join Sgt Osclin, Sr Garaele, and Osclin’s raw new troop of soldiery for the journey south.

The lands near Neverwinter and as far south as the Dragon Barrow are peaceful and green, with open rolling lands. At this time of year – later summer – the weather is settled and hot on most days. So it’s an uneventful journey as far as the gibbet that marks where the Triboar Trail joins the High Road.

“This is where we leave you,” Sr Garaele affirms. “I do hope to get back down to Leilon at some point, but perhaps not until wintertime.”

“And you’ll be done by that time as Lord N would have it,” Osclin comments, nodding. “Well, me and my lads will make sure the lady gets safe to Phandalin – we have to get the rebuild on track.”

The two parties wave farewell and are soon lost to sight of one another.

XP: lvl8-155

Wyverns Ho! Treetop Strafe!

As the Sword Mountains loom closer, the treeline advances across the High Road and the land becomes much steeper, full of possible ambush spots.

Garth scans the side-trail and sees a large flier of some sort zipping towards them just above treetop level! Vern, riding quite far back and just ahead of Garth, follows the dwarf’s reaction and squawks and warning! Duly forewarned, everyone makes some attempt to (a) get to cover and (b) save the horseflesh!

Garth: Yes, that boulder is big enough to cover Dornar! Makes a Handle Animal check with a nat20 and “parks” Dornar neatly, scrambling off and raising ol’ Donargue the crossbow.

Vern: Yes, that next crumbled wall could hide me! Pants panics, and runs off along a green grassy wash with Vern desperately clinging on!

Rich: Haha, I am a paladin! Vaults easily off Beans, while commanding it to take evasive action, and leaps into high cover thanks to his boots.

Dak: Go with Beans my pretty while I slide into cover! Slaps nameless, and watches as it decides that Pants has the right idea and it too dashes up the wash. Dak himself gracefully dismounts but is nowhere near the cover he wants.

Inits: Garth, Rich, Dak, Young Wyvern, Wyvern, Vern

Round 1: Garth uses one of his new moves, Commanders Strike: As a Reaction Dak looses and with a brutal thwack the longbow shaft slams into the wyvern! Then Garth uses his other attack to loose: the bolt glances off the wyvern’s hide. Rich unleashes Guiding Bolt, but misses. Dak now takes his regular attack, and scurries to cover: another shaft slams home into the wyvern. As Dak makes cover he can see their back-trail better, and discovers that another wyvern is flying fast and low towards Garth!

The newcomer has speed up and makes a grab at the pony, but it is too young and inexperienced to do the job. It does bite Garth though – hard! The first, wounded wyvern dips to pony height and claws down at Dornar and manages to grab it: with a snap of its powerful jaws it puts the beast out of its misery. Wings flap as it tries to carry its prize – and all of Garth’s loot and supplies – away.

Vern attempts to bring Pants under control and instead is pitched off and learns how hard the ground is at the gallop.

Round 2: “Oh no ya don’t!” Garth uses the large boulder as a launch pad: leaps from it with a grab upward: catches hold of Dornar’s harness: begins hammering away! He uses Feinting Attack this time, and the wyvern is seriously hurt! At the same time Richlen wheels, runs up a short bluff, and readies himself for the moment the wyvern is near enough. Further down the road, Dak makes an Aimed Shot and the wyvern is in big trouble as yet another heavy arrow slams home.

The young wyvern attacks Dak, since he is next along its flight path, but he dodges nimbly and merely suffers a couple of scrapes along his armor.

The heavily wounded wyvern tries to get away: Richlen makes a mighty leap off, powering Alagondar through the wyvern’s neck. It crashes to the ground, dead! With twin crashes of plate armor, Richlen and Garth make friends with the ground. Dornar falls as dead weight.

Vern shakily gets to his feet and focuses on the two or three wyverns wavering in front of his eyes. Magic Missile! A good choice since the streaking shafts have to hit a genuine target.

Round 3: Garth runs back to Donargue, racks a bolt in and lets fly at the young wyvern: a hit: and calls Commanders Strike for Dak: Whisper punches home another heavy shaft. Richlen gets to his feet and hits with Guiding Bolt. With that advantage, Dak disengages, gets to different cover, and sneak-attacks: the wyvern falls as it tries to escape!

Richlen hurries to Dornar, and Garth hurries to his fallen treasure. Vern heads up the wash to retrieve the horses.

“I’m gonna be calling yer name a lot from now on Dak, har har,” – Garth

“Hey I could use some help – someone that knows horse anatomy?” – Rich

“Yeah I know which bit of the horse the grass goes in and which bit it comes out of” – Dak

Between Dak and Rich, they settle Dornar’s innards back in the right place and Rich lays on hands. Dornar is no worse for wear!

“These rangers sure do come in handy” – Garth

XP: lvl8-150

A light evening’s devilry

The High Road continues to bend about, following the land’s contours. Woodlands that might once have been well tended straggle down on all sides, throwing shadow which is at once pleasant and threatening.

It is four hours from true sundown. Dak, still in the lead, rides into a cleared-away area, where it seems as though someone has decided to build an inn.

At first glance it seems that the inn has a few patrons taking a leisurely stroll about the grounds. But something looks wrong. Are they trying to get in? Why would an inn keep customers out?

Then the horrid screeching howl of a ghoul tells its own story: these are not customers! They are foul undead!

And the session ends.

DM Notes

We begin Storm Lord’s Wrath, using the simplest hook: but I have added the presence of Saltmarsh and ancillary locations. I have also re-sited the Wayside Inn at the juncture of the trail to Saltmarsh and the High Road itself. If anyone has ever wondered why the Wayside Inn isn’t at the crossroad of the Triboar Trail and High Road: firstly back in season one, I had not read far enough along to spot that an inn is supposed to be there; secondly it requires too much suspension of disbelief to suppose that a fantasy inn can endure far away from any help.

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