SC8.06: Thunder Cliffs, part two

The level eight Rusted Silvers for this session

Still in order of initiative

Dain Frostbeard, hill dwarf bard;
Vernon von Longsington, human wizard;
Richlen Ilineiros, high elf paladin;
Garth Ironhewn, mountain dwarf fighter

The story so far

The Rusted Silvers (“Rusted” owing to their use of border justice on captives) are following a hot trail into Thunder Cliffs, a Talos Cult stronghold. They take ship aboard the Dancing Lady, under command of Stands in Tar, out to the wild seas west of Saltmarsh. The crew are on the verge of mutiny for fear of the Ghost Ship, the huge galleon with a giant skeleton as its figurehead: but with Dain’s help the mutiny is nipped in the bud.

As their guide Taba swims away to warn his sea elf mother’s folk of events, the Rusted Silvers begin their master plan for invading Thunder Cliffs: from the sea floor! Thanks to Vern’s magic they arrive unharmed and only a little adrift of their main objective.

Penetrating a network of caverns as swift as they can, the four heroes are soon in hot battle against a force of three mages and being pincered by regular human smuggler-cultists on one flank and koalinth on the other!

Dropping the mages after a fierce battle they drive off or slay the smugglers – Dain summons up Spirit Guardians which devastate the opposition! They weaken the koalinth to such an extent that Garth hacks his way through them and calls: “Are we advancing?!” and that is where we pick up the action.

The skulls, the sea hag, and her coven

Almost immediately the answer is “no” because from the same direction the smugglers fled, four fierce skulls come a-flying, a juicy wizard for to bite! They whiz around Vern’s head, but he is saved by Rich’s Prorection style fighting. But, the skulls are very tough and Alagondar and Magic Missile are not enough to knock them down.

Flier for Frozen Soul show on Behance

Meanwhile Garth races through the treasure cave (not without a pang) to the shore and intercepts two fleeing smugglers. They cravenly drop their weapons and grovel! But it’s not in his nature to just execute them, and he lets them flee to warn “the boss” as one of them has said.

Garth races back to find Vern near death and Rich in combat against a hag! Dain backs Rich up – rather late, because those skulls are really hard to put down!

Geek Rampage: Cave of the Spiders - Ghosts of Saltmarsh, Chapter 64

Luckily for Rich the hags don’t coordinate. One stays way back summoning a giant croc, another gets up in his grill, and the legendary Hag of the Sea delays to seize up a great black staff, flanged with fiery tones, and uses it as a fire-projector against the paladin.

sea hag | Shadow creatures, Fantasy witch, Monster concept art

By the time the giant croc squeezes through the passage, Rich (and Vern and Dain) have managed to deal with the first hag.

“I’m in trouble!” – Rich

“He’s always in trouble” – Garth

The croc snaps Rich up in its jaws, preventing him from using Alagondar!

Crocodile | Kryx RPG

“Did I ever tell you about the time I saved his life with one hand, while fighting bandits with the other hand?” – Garth

“No, do tell,” Vern, taking a very feeble healing potion

Dain races towards Rich, the last skull nearly kills him with an unexpected crit!

“That’s the dwarven fighting spirit for ya, go get ’em Dain!” – Garth

Rich escapes the jaws with a titanic heave, but is near-dead as the Sea Hag sends more fiery death his way. He only escapes by ducking underwater in the pool they are fighting near.

Luckily Garth gets into action soon after, using Rich as a stepping stone (and giving him added bludgeoning damage) then withstanding an immense tail strike from the croc. Dain has been snapped up in its jaws by this time: Rich hurls Fire Bolt: it misses, to Garth’s derision: Vern puts down the last skull flier: then drops Ice Storm on the hags and croc, which kills the latter. He and Dain then clamber up the croc corpse to offer support as Garth, taking on two hags, pushes further on, using his Action Surge and Second Wind. Rich essays Fire Bolt: this time, getting a good hit on the hag. Dain keeps Rich on his feet, as Garth hammers his way forward.

“I’ve got this! For Silverbeard’s sake, check on that chest of gold!” – Garth, cutting the Sea Hag down

Rich clambers the croc as well and hurls himself forward – nose-diving into the passage sand.

“Bwahahaha!” – Garth

Much cheered by his comrade’s misfortune Garth crits with his next swing at the last sea hag! She’s in big trouble: foolishly decides to use a spell to stall Garth: he strikes her dead!

Meanwhile shouts from the same direction the smugglers fled alerts the Silvers to oncoming reinforcements. As the session ends, it’s time to think about loot’n’scoot!

Conan The Pirate Takes to the High Seas! - Modiphius

“Get that staff Vern!” – Rich

“And wasn’t that a Wand of Magic Missiles that the enemy dropped back in that other cave?” – Dain

“But the gooooolldddd!” – Garth

Loot: TBD

XP: lvl9-15

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