SC9.01: Shipwrecker, part one – wrecker’s cavern

The level nine Rusted Silvers for this session

In order of initiative

Vernon von Longsington, human wizard, wielding Surtr’s Scathe;
Garth Ironhewn, mountain dwarf fighter, wielding the Ungart Hammer;
Dain Frostbeard, hill dwarf bard, wielding a Deck of Illusions;
Richlen Ilineiros, high elf paladin, wielding the longsword Alagondar

Randomly assisted by Taba Norley, half-sea-elf ranger, and Uncouf Brack, half-orc rogue

The Rusted Silvers begin at 200xp below level 10 and end on 160

That was quick – the Sea Elves spell out their needs

They have come to Thunder Cliffs and they have conquered! About halfway through their well-earned rest, as the sun is sinking, Dain crooks his head over to look about. The crew of the Lively Dancer are animated by something to starboard – a boarding net is flung – Taba Norley clambers up, then a female sea elf unknown to the bard. The pair head up to the quarterdeck to speak with captain Stands in Tar. Taba beckons.

Dain makes his way up, still feeling pretty rough from the many knocks and stings he has taken. The talk is of a problem the sea elves have with an undead galleon and storm-wrack, versus their willingness to help with the aquatic alliance. Stands in Tar refers the sea elf to Dain who listens and learns that this is Miraal, whom the other adventurers already know.

Dain makes a fine Insight check to follow the relationships on the quarterdeck.

“I’ve heard tell of this undead ship of which ye speak… the young bard we’re on the trail of is some kind’a fuel fer it,” Dain states, “I’ll git the others.”

Miraal explains once more, this time to the full company.

  • Good news – the galleon is at a standstill near the Tower of Storms, and Tarbin, who is being taken there in a dinghy, won’t get there for some time.
  • Bad news – a huge storm north, toward the Tower of Storms, blocks pursuit. It is growing and menacing the sea-elves undersea colony!
  • If that can be dealt with then the sea elves will be free to turn their attention south
  • The storm will also prevent the Lively Dancer bringing the witness-mage prisoner to Neverwinter

“I think we need to look into this!” – Vern

“And get me offa this boat!” – Garth

“Whatever you want to do is fine with me” – Rich

XP: lvl10-195

The portal can wait – let’s go help!

Taba has been fully apprised of the storm threat, so Miraal bids farewell and dives overboard. The Rusted Silvers discuss the portal and where it ranks in their priorities.

“It could be one-way – that would be a major problem” – Dain

“Yep, I think we can leave it for now” – Vern

“I’m itching to see what’s beyond but this storm is a bigger threat” – Rich

“I got that sketch map but I’m too seasick to study it, just get me offa this thing” – Garth

XP: lvl10-190

Uncouf Brack offers a hand

A heavy-set dark skinned sailor stands below the quarterdeck, shuffling and twisting his sea-cap in his hands. Dain heads down to see what he wants, followed by everyone else.

This is Uncouf Brack, half-orc rogue. He is grateful that the Rusted Silvers saved him from being known as a mutineer, and offers to help if they need a “throat cut or a lock jimmied” as he puts it.

“I like ‘im, my kinda people” – Garth

He’s brawny enough to be a whole new meat-shield for Vern, so the wizard votes yes too.

“We need a stealthy type, so I’m keen” – Rich

“Wait – how do we know he ain’t gonna steal from us?!” – Garth, having second thoughts

“Ha – he knows our rep, and how fatal that would be” – Vern

“And I can be very intimidating” – Rich

“Ya know I c’n hear ya, right?” – Brack

Dain chats with Brack long enough to check that he is what he appears to be, and advises the others to take him at his word.

“Welcome to the Rusted Silvers, Brack” – Rich

“Thank’ee, Sir Richlen.”

XP: lvl10-185

LONG REST – Dain recovers half max HD and everyone regains health and spell slots

Into the cavern

We rejoin our heroes, plus Taba and Brack, on the quarterdeck of a small wrecked cargo ship. Taba has been instrumental at finding the way here, into the heart of enemy territory. His spear appears to have some swimming property. Now they cautiously advance to the washed-over main deck. From behind, Vern spots tangling, writhing tentacles of seaweed reaching for him!

Vern makes DC20+ Acrobatics with a nat20!

“Brack, see if you can open the main hatch” – Garth

“Reckon this ‘ere c’n be opened” – Brack, wielding jimmy with brawny hands

Brack gets enough of the clasps on the hatch open to lever it up, and the others slide through and down into a flooded main cargo hold. Bales and crates, semi-buoyant, block much of the view.

There’s a focsle that proves empty save for a hole that leads out into the ocean, and a stern cabin from whence eerie, barnacle-crusted undead humanoids lurch.

Taba, with his keen aquatic vision, darts forward and warns Rich. Rich slots in to block the undead from getting in among the crates. Garth does likewise at the other hatch. Vern attempts a Firebolt but finds it is near-useless. Dain summons his fey Spirit Guardians and takes position betwixt.

This time Dain’s Spirit Guardian damage is so poor it becomes part of the ‘hostile territory’ narrative

This maneuver triggers the undead, which scramble over one another to get at Dain! Rusty, green-slimed swords cut into him, but he resists the disease, burning his Inspiration to do that.

“Someone mentioned that Periapt of Health? I would like that, if ye don’t mind” – Dain

The battle is stiff, but the undead are eventually unable to shrug off the massive slashes and bashes Rich and Garth dish out. They appear to have been guarding a great gap in the stern cabin, leading to a steep drop into a vast cavern!

The Silvers peer out and down. Weird opalescent growths on rocks provide negligible light. Some of the growths look suspiciously like the hulls of sunken ships.

“I’ll lead the way – follow me!” – Rich, dropping down to a sandy floor.

XP: lvl10-180

Time for some nibbles

The six-strong party splits into two. Garth leads Vern and Brack while Rich leads Dain and Taba. The bard keeps his Spirit Guardians up.

Team Garth: finds a weird chamber where something very like a Beholder slumbers! They retreat!

Team Rich: finds an even larger area of the vast cavern… and Taba’s eyes pick out things moving towards them!

All appetite and attitude, so basically a teenager

Swarms of eeler-like Sahuagin young scent Dain’s blood and swarm! Luckily for Dain, Rich is able to chop a lot of them away with great sweeps of Alagondar. So hungry are the hatchlings that they consume themselves as well as biting at the intruders!

Dain’s Spirit Guardians do even less damage and he will face a Wisdom Challenge next cast

XP: lvl10-176

The Drowned Master objects to intruders

No sooner has Garth’s team helped team Rich chop the hatchlings into chum than Brack warns them all of a line of walking foes! They approach along the bottom and their barnacle-crusted visages warn the party that these are more of the extremely tough undead.

Session 13: The Dead Don't Die Report in Forgotten Realms | World Anvil

There are four undead led by a master: it wields a greatsword; and a disgusting tentacled appendage creeps from its mouth; and poisonous ink fills the water around it. Taba and Brack fall dying! Rich’s quick actions doling out Lay on Hands puts them back up, but they are blind. Taba uses a Lesser Restoration to remove his condition and Rich uses a Lay on Hands for Brack.

The ink makes life very difficult but slowly, while Garth goes toe to toe with the Master the others chop down the four powerful undead. Taba’s tactic is to swim up behind Rich and stab down with his spear. Brack acts rearguard near Vern. (And Rich’s opinion of him drops.) Then Rich and Dain are able to move up to help Garth, and the battle is over!


XP: lvl10-160

And as the adventurers takes stock of their wounds and swig potions or throw healing spells down, the session ends.

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