DGA14.04: Nimon Gap, part three – Crash

The level 14 heroes for this session

In initiative order

Ulric von Kessel, wielding his dragonslayer warhammer;
Seck Rustrau, wielding Maelsauga the blood-drinking throw-knife;
Phoenix Pilandaros, wielding Mocair the legendary greataxe;
Cat Weasel, wielding Osuz his Pact Keeper’s Rod

Ably assisted by Luskar of the Flaming Fist

The heroes complete this battle and arrive at level fifteen!

The battle so far

To this point the battle of Nimon Gap has gone the way of the defenders! All of the elements the wyrmlord has thrown across the river have been dealt with by either the mage/cleric/druid central command, or the vale heroes in the Liberator. Though at great cost, even the dragon Ozyrrandion has been slain! But now, the strongest units march up the steeps on the defense left. Greenspawn razorfiends, wielding shields, weapons, and their natural attacks, hurl themselves up over the rampart, where only one individual stands against them: Ulric!

Cat is 20 or 30′ behind Ulric, but well below the ridge crest. Nearby grovel others that fled in terror. Just prior to the session, I’ve checked for survivors among the militia devastated by Ozyrrandion’s attack, and the morale of the adjoining militia. There are eight possible militia around Cat who may be able to return to help, and the farthest-left militia may also be rallied with some effort. The next-right militia are ready to flee but rallying efforts by Seck Phoenix or Luskar may change that.


The heroes make their stand

Kinslayer, Ulric’s warhammer crafted from black-dragon-fang, glows ready! He smashes the first greenspawn to leap up! Then to his relief, Repelling Blasts angle up from behind him, knocking the next two back off the rampart!

Again Ulric strikes, and one greenspawn is smashed dead! But five more leap up and while two belabor him, the others spread along the rampart! And six more cluster close below!

Over to Ulric’s right, Seck takes full Aim and sends Maelsauga striking deep past one’s guard. Phoenix darts, part airborne, over in front of Seck and meets one of the lead greenspawn. He uses his Great Weapon and barbarian talents to inflict massive amounts of damage with each sweep of Mocair. Finally, and some distance back, Luskar runs to join them. As for Cat, he ignores the rabble around him, devoting his Motes and Repelling Blasts to helping save Ulric.

The heroes stand firm, with a little help

Luskar joins Phoenix with a mighty leap, laying about him. This is the moment he proposed – two might warriors side by side against unbeatable odds! Phoenix withers under three greenspawn and Luskar falls! Then from somewhere quite some distance behind them Thaardin Ironhand sends a Prayer of Healing their way! Luskar leaps back to his feet and again the blades sing! Maelsauga slices in again, with devastating effect. Cat chips in where he can see one in his line of sight.

The heroes flee like whipped dogs

Two greenspawn lope down the slope on Ulric’s left, immediately slaying the Flaming Fist leader seeking to rally her militia. And they are about to cut Cat’s retreat off! Cat races to the Liberator! Ulric falls back, down the steep slope, pouring healing power into himself. A greenspawn catches him up, but Cat flings another Mote back and Ulric finishes it, then he too runs for safety.

Seck bounds off the rampart, clearing the immediate danger of three greenspawn, then glides at top speed past three more! He hurls himself aboard the Liberator just as Lothair begins lifting off.

“Canopy up or down?”

“Down, I have this evil vampire dust I’ve been dying to use!”

The three greenspawn fling themselves at the gunwale, Cat sends two back and Ulric uses his shield in the Shove action to topple the third.

Sayonara Saigon!


The end of hope?

Under the path of the Liberator, the meadow is littered with dead or fleeing militia. As the greenspawn trio turn north in chase, nothing stands between them and the central command save for tents of wounded, civilian nurses, and bother Derny.

A cheer goes up from five massive hobgoblin formations below. Three of them are now scaling the slope. The hill giants swing onto the roadway behind the last hob unit.

Luskar and Phoenix have still not been joined by the dwarf elite guard. But Soranna arrives! She finds the greenspawn defenses difficult to get past, so changes stance to defend Phoenix and Luskar. Now they have slain four. Two remain. As the Liberator looms overhead a Mote slams into a wounded one and it falls. Without further farewell the Liberator turns west and departs.


“This may be the end of me… but I mean to use every means at my disposal to defend my vale, and that include the Liberator. Those that don’t like the idea, leave now… except you Lothair, I need you at the controls.”

So says Ulric, moments earlier. Cat and Seck consider their comrade – for by blood and battle, their comrade he now is!

“I’m in.”

“Yep sure, still haven’t thrown my powder.”

The tight turn Lothair has taken the air raft through leave it over the nearest hob formation. Earlier in the battle Cat noted the command – including a mage, and priests – guarded by brutes like ogres and berserkers. He raises his Staff of the Seas and command Maelstrom on that point!

As the enemy are pulled off their feet and tumbled downhill, Ulric gives the word to Lothair. Who operates the six-faced orb and drops out of the planes…


From the jaws of defeat

Any enemy still on their feet are dealt massive damage. The Liberator abruptly fills with water. Cat is stunned by the impact, losing concentration.

Seck throws the canister – uphill, to catch any hobgoblins thinking to get the jump on them! The sound of sneezing and choking is music to his ears! But many enemies remain!

The entire hobgoblin formation wavers: some scramble over the dead to avenge their dead leaders, others are driven downhill by the wall of water. The next two formations halt. On the ramparts Thaardin’s dwarf elite guard finally arrive to support Phoenix and Luskar, who draw breath and grab potions as the sole remaining greenspawn near them flees. Soranna hurls herself after it – but ignores it, racing downhill toward the Liberator! She needs to get to Ulric before he bleeds out.

Behind the lines, the three greenspawn remaining find themselves isolated. And twinkling steel can be seen issuing down from the pass: reinforcements! Instead of racing on, they wheel and flee up and over the ramparts, and the battle is over!

XP: level 15!

Next session the heroes take a campaign setback, dropping to d6 reputation from their present d8. Everyone as needs rezzing is rezzed. The One True Faith holds the IOUs for this little service. We move to the Blackfens as they begin the Quest for the Ghostlord’s Phylactery! Stay tuned!


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