SC9.02: Shipwrecker, part two – the scheme revealed

The level nine Rusted Silvers for this session

Garth Ironhewn, battle master;
Vernon von Longsington, school of conjuration;
Dain Frostbeard, college of lore

randomly assisted by Richlen, oath of glory; Taba, hunter, and Brack, thief

XP: The Rusted Silvers begin 160 below level 10 and end on 100

The story so far

Investigating actions of the Talos cult around Leion, the Rusted Silvers have all but ended wrecking operations, and are hot on the trail of the Ghost Galleon. This fearsome ship, under the command of Fherelai Stormsworn, is terrorizing the coast north of Leilon.

The second great enterprise of the Talos cult is an alliance of aquatic races that intend an invasion of the coast once it is inundated. Inundated? Yes – for what the Rusted Silvers have learned is that a plan is afoot to completely flood the Mere of Dead Men and all low-lying areas around it.

Tasked with helping a local colony of sea elves that may then join with them against Koalinth and Sahuagin, the Rusted Silvers brave a magical storm and descend into a strange underwater stronghold built up of wrecks. They deal with powerful, magical undead, and are now tired, but ready to probe the powers here.

The map

Taba, the half-sea-elf ranger whose kinship to Miraal the sea-elf has brought about the task, indicates the tracks left by the strange undead:

“I can follow these if you will?”

The vote is for something positive rather than a general search. Taba leads the way. The trail splits. [Taba makes a good Tracking check] It appears that the enemy immediately beaten came from a breach in the side of a hull. Garth Vern and Dain search, the other three hold back on watch.

  1. Major Clue: A large map [that Garth automatically understands thanks to his map learning] depicts the coast around Leilon and shows the inundation planned. More sinister the script on it, deciphered by Vern, says that a kraken is to be sacrificed so that Talos’ power be unleashed!
  2. Trinkets and odd wondrous items:
    A plain leather mask with just eye and mouth holes(1); colored glass gewgaws for a dancing girl’s ankle; a golden ring with tiny chains that link to a wristlet; a ring set with the second lord Vernon von Longsington’s face(2); a miniature painted portrait of the second lord Vernon von Longsington’s spouse and children; a twig around which is wrapped a length of thick twine(3); a tiara fashioned from a human jawbone(4)

This has been a pleasant break but now, it’s time for Taba to lead them along the trail of the other tracks.

Taba makes a good Perception check.

Using spear and hand-sign, Taba indicates two regular-size aquatics and a large. The Rusted Silvers group up ready!

The plan: Taba kites the enemy guards towards the Rusted Silvers

Execution: Taba uses Garth’s reroll (a Roll20 gift) to score a great Performance check! The enemy sahuagin Wave Priests race after them and so does Gar Shatterkeel, sahuagin baron and BBEG!

It’s a desperate melee inside the lair and a vortex plus tentacles outside the lair! Gar Shatterkeel uses his magic trident Wave but it’s less than ideal at close quarters. The wave priests do their best as well. Garth finds that using the Dodge action, and Riposte, bears a good return. Taba gets minced but thanks to Dain’s healing word stays in the fight! Eventually Rich manages to free Vern from the maelstrom and with both of them adding to Dain and Garth’s efforts, the BBEG is Slept and the priests dealt with. It’s time for a

Short Rest: Garth recoups his fighter abilities and Vern and Dain some of their powers!

Loot: BBEG as a prisoner if desired**; the artifact-level item Wave(5); a slim book with only blank pages (6); two skeletal fingers wired together(7); a necklace of shark teeth(8); a lucky coin on a thong(9); a belt buckle with a double-face design(10); a weird spyglass(11); a velvet-lined potion-vial box; an empty dwarven drinking flask(12); a miniature abacus(13); a slate filled with dwarven oaths and curses(14); a set of five gold toe-rings for a dancing-girl; a rose stem with the thorns still on, but all the petals plucked(15); an hourglass without any sand inside(16); the stone thumb of some lost idol(17)

So what’s next? Gaahh!!

Lulled into complacency, Taba next leads the team counter-clockwise to a sandy ramp up… so a major trap! Watery tentacles seize them and slam them around a hulk’s bulwarks! Rich darts in to help and is dealt with in the same way!

Feeling very much the worse for wear Taba allows Brack to take over. The beefy half-orc, who has joined the party from the Lively Dancer out of gratitude, probes forward and finds a cathedral to Talos, defended by yet another sahuagin, and two water elementals!

Dain has an idea:

“I have this canny wee sleight: I’ll appear ahead o’ th’ crew an’ they will spend their attacks on a ghost!”

This works! Dain makes a fine Performance check thanks to another button, and the defending priest wastes his best attack. Then Garth moves in for the battle!

This is a tough fight, but with Rich joining Garth, they defend one another. Brack uses the Help action so that Garth is sure to strike with his Riposte. Taba, just on double figure hp, stays rearguard until the battle is pretty much decided. The priest’s attention is fixed by Rich’s final spell, Compelled Duel!

Loot: Bowl of commanding water elementals(18); three potions(19); an ourobouros bracer(20); a pink ribbon tied in a bow(21); a heavy metal ball that only rolls uphill(22); altar of Talos(23)

This has been an exhausting battle, and it’s time for another Short Rest! Brack suggests pulling back to the safe area of the BBEG; and so they do! And as they rest the session ends.

**I’m fully prepared to switch him to dead. Without thinking the idea of a prisoner through, an NPC slew him during the fight. Up to you players.

Magic loot notes
  1. Mask of Sight: Wondrous item, use one hour each day, recharge each dawn. The wearer is deprived of Scent but gains Darkvision and Underwater Clarity to 60′. If they already have Darkvision, they double their range to 120′ (does not stack on previous doublings). Any class.
  2. von Longsington heirlooms: Presented in Daggervale these will prove rights to a small estate there. Von Longsington family only.
  3. Entangling Twig: use 1/day, recharge at dawn: The 1st level spell Entangle activates; if used underwater, seaweed is the growth effect. Usable by druid, ranger, rogue.
  4. Ebondeath’s Tiara: Requires attunement. The bearer and creatures numbering its level within 30′ is immune to Ebondeath’s Horror and Possession effects. Any class.
  5. Wave: Artifact-level item but usable only by Talos devotees. Powerful bribe item for certain NPCs.
  6. Book of shanties: Wondrous item, usable once per page; 23 pages: Each page contains a shanty, and reading it takes two actions. Those hearing the verse chanted must make a DC20 WIS SV or stop all actions (but not reactions or bonus actions) to perform a shanty’s action: 1. rope-hauling (6 rounds); 2. splicing (5 rounds); 3. rowing (4 rounds); 4. fathom-marking (3 rounds); 5. wind-noting(2 rounds); 6. yardarm-noting(1 round). Usable by bard or rogue. “Hearing” is 30′ by default but spells, feats or traits devoted to boosting range take effect. A bard but not rogue can distinguish friend from enemy within earshot, so for a rogue, friends will also be subject to effects.
  7. Misleading twins: Wondrous item, usable 1/month. On activation the Mislead spell takes effect for d4 rounds. The fingers must be exposed to the full moon to recharge. Any class.
  8. Fangs of Sekolah: Wind the necklace around your scalp, push the fangs in and draw blood: you become a were-shark. Any class.
  9. Lucky coin: Have a reroll! Once only. If Roll20 can do it then I can do it.
  10. Waukeen’s benevolence: Wondrous item, recharge each month. Sacrifice gold coin=level squared to Waukeen at an official Waukeeen shrine. You gain advantage on a purchase, trade or sale. INCLUDES negotiations with domain ruler for building stronghold.
  11. Spyglass of penetration: Wondrous item, recharge each dawn. Truesight to 24 miles when used from a quarterdeck with the authority of a captain or master.
  12. Berserker flask of Hanseath: Wondrous item, recharges each dawn. On chanting the approved war-chant, the drinker of this strong liquor receives the dwarf Battlerager traits according to level. Requires a stand-down action to recite the chant, during which only Reaction and Bonus Action can be used. Martial-class dwarves only.
  13. Abacus of bewildering scruple: Wondrous item, recharges each dawn. The abacus re-sizes to normal size. No user can cheat their weight, measure or exchange rate. Any class.
  14. Slate of dwarven dolor: Wondrous item, limited uses. Each curse used clears the slate of one curse, and inflicts Bane on up to Three creatures within 30′ at DC15, per Bane spell. Each time a Bane is inflicted, roll a d6. On a 1, all curses are removed from the slate and no more charges remain. Dwarven-language users only, any class.
  15. Thorny problem: Wondrous item, limited uses. You create a long, vine-like whip covered in thorns that lashes out at your command toward a creature within 30′. Make a melee/spell attack against the target. If the attack hits, the creature takes 1d6 piercing damage, and if the creature is Large or smaller, you pull the creature up to 10 feet closer to you. If your roll is 1, the thorns are completely used and the item is useless. Non-martial classes.
  16. Longitude: Wondrous item, recharge each month. The hourglass fills one ninth per angle of longitude sailed. Worth a good deal to most elves and merchant syndicates.
  17. Thumbs-up: Wondrous item, recharge each year: Reverse a roll, eg 1=20, 2=19. Any class.
  18. Bowl of commanding water elementals: recharge each dawn, command word “Talos Descend”. Rather large and unwieldy, weighs 3lb, the user summons a water elemental, per Summon Elemental spell. Wizard, Cleric.
  19. Potions: Greater Healing, Healing, Healing. Any class.
  20. Ouroboros bracer: Wondrous item, recharge each new moon: You gain the benefit of Revivify. If slain you return to life after one minute, with 1hp. Roll a d20. On a 1 you become a servant to Tiamat. Any class.
  21. Pink Satin Bow of enmity: Wondrous item, one use only. Unloose the bow, speak the name of your enemy. You hear in elvish, “Swift defeat to [name].” Until your enemy is slain or until dawn seven days later, you have advantage on any attack roll against them. In addition, your target gains no benefit from cover, other than total cover, and you suffer no disadvantage due to long range. If the attack hits, your Sworn Enemy takes an extra 3d6 piercing damage. While your Sworn Enemy lives, you have disadvantage on Attack rolls with all other Weapons. Elven language only, any class.
  22. The path ascending: Wondrous item, recharges each dawn: A heavy metal ball that remains in place on a flat but rolls uphill on a slope. The charge lasts 1 minute or until the command phrase “gather moss” is spoken. Any class.
  23. Altar of Talos: Wondrous item, recharge 2/day (each tide): This curious outgrowth is x-shaped. It bears the bowl of commanding water elementals, and the spells Watery Sphere and Summon Elemental (4th level). Cleric of Talos only.

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