SC10.02: Leilon Point

The level 10 Silvers for this session

Richlen Ilineiros, high elf paladin/Glory oath, wielding the longsword Alagondar;
Vernon von Longsington, human wizard/Conjurer, wielding (but not using) Surtr’s Scathe;
Dain Frostbeard, hill dwarf Bard/Lore college, wielding (but not using) a Deck of Illusions

Supported randomly by Garth Ironhewn, mountain dwarf fighter, wielding the Ungart Hammer

The Silvers begin 175xp below level 11 and end on 140

Council of War

“And so to sum up, the whole of Saltmarsh Council, setting our differences aside in this great crisis, have voted to take the fight to the Sahuagin,” Eda finishes.

“Sounds good,” Vern, who is acting as party spokesperson at present, states laconically.

Also in attendance are a massive Lizardfolk warrior named Ihrtos, and Miraal the aquatic elf. Stands in Tar and Taba, here to provide ship and scout expertise respectively; and finally Rio the town’s priestess of Umberlee.

“I have my doubts,” the latter states. “The portents are not good. Umberlee should be given a sacrifice!”

“We the lizardfolk are in agreement. We will join. You will need our aid to get into the stronghold.”

“We the sea-elves are in agreement. As far as our scattered concerns allow, we will join. We can help with the water-borne assault.”

Taba steps forward and half-bows to Ihrtos: “As you know I have hunted your people, but it is not personal. I will help scout the area.” In reply the warrior, easily twice the slight half-elf’s size, nods grimly.

Stands in Tar growls, in her nautical cant: “Aye though me crew are thinned out, the Lively Dancer is shipshape again and ready for transportin’ ye.”

Eyes turn to the heroes. Vern clears his throat. “Yes, let us give some thought to what equipment and preparation – such as any intelligence on the enemy – need be made.”

“And gold for us” – Garth, out of the side of his mouth

“Ah yes, and what reward may be in it for us” – Vern

“I, ah, we, have not discussed this… perhaps, ah… 8,000 gold coin?”

<gack! kaff!> “8 thou! Agree – wait – that could be their opening bid, play for higher” – Garth, out of side of mouth

“Yes that sounds excellent, more than generous” – Vern, as Garth makes crying face emoji

As the talk becomes a little more specific, they are interrupted:

“I thought I said no interruptions…” Eda begins, but the intruder is no less a person than Marceloni from the Point, headman of the tiny satellite community on Leilon Point, just east. His clothes are torn, his skin scratched as by sharp rocks or brambles, and he has lost the pipe he habitually keeps in one corner of his mouth!

“Leilon Point has been sacked by Sahaugin! My people have been killed! I think I’m the only survivor!”

Immediate Plans

Getting the gist of distance and ease of access, the Silvers opt to take Stands in Tar’s offer of the Lively Dancer.

“I’ll be for getting the men out of the brothels and ready,” she growls, leaving promptly.

Ihrtos and Taba have little to no knowledge of the Point and head off for the long trek into the Mere.

Bree, grumbling about omens, offers to accompany the heroes aboard, so as to intercede for decent sailing. The Lively Dancer will need it, for as it stands it barely musters a prize crew. Rio’s also worried about her junior, Nava, who staffs the shrine at the Point.

“I can help drum up volunteers,” Rich decides. “I’ll speak of how their name will be recorded among the heroic souls of Saltmarsh.”

“Just a reminder before you go, that a prisoner who knows the full Sahuagin plan and muster will be a great coup,” Eda calls after he and the Silvers as they head off.

Dain hangs back to speak with Miraal.

A wee kraken

It is of the baby kraken the Silvers left in the strange undersea cathedral, guarded by the two devotees, that Dain needs to speak.

“Ye’ll be mindful then? Twill be yer future to worrit of.”

“I will send word out. I think you know that if we all combined, we would be a power, but it is not our way.

“By the way,” she continues, “is it so that you all have means of swimming under water?”

“Nay Miraal, we can breathe fine, thanks tae oor wizard, but swimmin’s an unchancy thing.”

“I shall see what I can do. But please ask Eda as well.”

Swimming Gear

Rich takes the Cloak of the Manta Ray, which will give him Taba’s swift underwater speed, and Garth and Dain accept the Rings of Swimming that are provided.

Cloak of the Manta Ray - Magic Items - D&D Beyond

Leilon Point Massacre

Marceloni disregards his own exhaustion and travels aboard with them. On his advice, the Lively Dancer drops them north-west at a good spot out of sight of the Point and with him (puffing and wheezing) the four heroes arrive north-east of Leilon Point on the small coast-side trail. Most of the coast is cliff, though not the awe-inspiring drop that the Thunder Cliffs boasts.

“There’s a little cover – <wheeze> – over the hill past – <puff> – the village – <gasp> – though when I say village – <wheeze> – it’s just few families and – <puff> – Umberlee’s shrine.”

Rich scans the track as he leads. Nothing he can make much of, at normal walking pace. They round the gentle shoulder of hill on his left, and Marceloni’s house is the first visible.

The party slows and spread out a little. They can see very dead looking bodies, and seagulls squabbling about remains.

“Seagulls probably means the Sahuagin are come and gone,” Dain grumbles.

“They could be hiding, there are sea caves just over the way,” Marceloni warns. “Entrances in the hill here and there too.”

Unable to spot any guards, the party splits into two while Marceloni begins cutting turf where a mass grave will need to be.

  • At the communal supply hut Garth muses over nets and the like while Dain checks that the messily dead corpse is dead (it is).
  • At the Huer’s hut up on the shoulder above the cove, Rich finds that the occupant has been grabbed and dragged away. The tracks lead to the foot-path down to the cove where the village’s three fishing skiffs lie. He whistles sharply to summon the others.

Salt Caves

Had they headed back to check with Marceloni, he could have perhaps given them some intelligence on the cave they find the tracks lead to! But after assembling a party order and choosing weapons with some care but in a careless volume, they head in:

Party order: Rich, Dain, Garth, Vern

A natural cave stretches east, curving further east-south-east at the point where six fresh-hacked heads are displayed on poles. Decapitated bodies lie in an untidy stack at what looks as though it could be the far end of the cavern.

As Rich advances – cautiously – he finds a sharp-branching and smaller passage left, or north. And at that point the volume of chatter alerts three hulking sahuagin blademasters beyond!

Two race to the attack, but Garth adroitly rushes the gap and plugs them there, using a Dodge action. Alagondar, wielded two-handed by the much taller Rich from behind Garth, lightly cuts one. Vern blips Magic Missile into the same, and Dain tucks himself in behind Rich and calls up his trusty fey Spirit Guardians! By that time Garth has had his teeth rattled by some slamming chops as the blademasters get past his guard, and the scent of his oozing blood reaches the shark-kin: they enter Blood Frenzy!

Garth lasts another round as Dain chips in with some healing, Vern raises the Magic Missile to Level Three, and Alagondar tries in vain to find a gap in the enemy defense:

“I’m doin’ this! Are we doin’ this? Yeah – gonna go for it!” – Garth

Taking second wind and his Action Surge Garth burns most of Ungart Hammer’s charges to topple the enemy as the ground under them Tremors (Dain and Rich keep their balance easily) then pounds the fallen enemy, including a crit, walking over the corpse as he deals the death blow:

“Vern! We’re retreatin’ forward! Yeehawww!” – Garth

The mountain dwarf charges past the other prone sahuagin and into the cavern beyond: one of the already-injured blademasters has fallen back to defend the high priestess, who glares directly at Garth from about 20′ back.

At Garth’s right, her left, a chill dark pool teems with hostile aquatic life. Up high on the right, a ledge seems to support something glowing. The blademaster runs at Garth and attempts an Irish Whip into the pool but Garth fends him off!

Meanwhile Rich Dain and Vern team on the other prone blademaster, which Disengages in bad shape. Vern bravely follows up as Rich slams a Firebolt into melee:

“That ain’t Vern, it missed me” – Garth

Vern sees a roaring tide of sahuagin surging up past the high priestess and cracks off an awesome Lightning Bolt, killing three outright and gravely injuring a priestess. But another blademaster and a sahuagin warrior race through the pool and slice and hack at Rich, who takes a deal of harm.

Meanwhile Dain, who has dropped back to double-check the east cavern, hears crunching on the cove pebbles outside, and warns the others! He cunningly casts a realistic illusion of himself and retreats! And as the High Priestess uses her Spiritual Trident again on Garth the session ends.

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