SC10.05: Sahuagin Fortress Assault Part One – Torn Every Which Way but Down

The level 10 Silvers for this mission

In order of initiative

Richlen Ilineiros, high elf paladin/Glory oath, wielding the longsword Alagondar;
Vernon von Longsington, human wizard/Conjurer, wielding Surtr’s Scathe;
Dain Frostbeard, hill dwarf Bard/Lore college, wielding (but not using) a Deck of Illusions;
Garth Ironhewn, mountain dwarf fighter, wielding the Ungart Hammer

Randomly assisted by Taba Norley, half-sea-elf ranger, wielding a longbow;

And stubbornly assisted by Lizardfolk warriors led by Ihrtos.

The Silvers begin 39xp below level 11 and end on 30

The story so far

Strike down the sahuagin menace before they ravage! A coalition of land-dwellers from Saltmarsh, Marsh-dwellers from the Mere of Dead Men, and sea-dwellers from the shallows of the Sea of Swords elect the Silvers to go in as a strike force. Ideally, a stealthy strike force.

The stealth mission lasts about as long as one might expect and the Silvers descend upon an already-alerted fortress. They survive a tough ambush where sahuagin disguise as slaves, and secure their first foothold, the vital descent-point to the middle of the three fortress levels, where the sahuagin command may be found.

But a distraction occurs – a sahuagin priestess supporting the ambushers flees for aid, and Garth races off after her!

The battle for the south-east wing

Little does Garth know, but he has just run past a tunnel leading to the slaves’ stores, where even now, eight sahuagin are butchering the remaining slaves. Realizing their priestess is in trouble they mob out and cut Garth off from the others!

But Garth has seen this, and, as the priestess tries to use her Spiritual Trident and Hold Person to delay him, he falls back so that Vern can throw up a Wall of Fire across several of the shark-kin! Rich, replenished in health by his Lay on Hands miracle, strides out, determined to sweep these evildoers away. He is closely supported by Dain and his gamboling fey Spirit Guardians. Vern’s Fire Bolt and Garth’s Hammer sweep the last sahuagin on the near side of the flaming obstacle away.

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Meanwhile, behind in the landing chamber, Six giant lizards have arrived, bearing four lizardfolk riders apiece. They leap off and begin organizing into squads.

“Good news!” Taba calls. “My mother’s kin have found an unguarded tunnel and are inside!”

“We need you heroes to drive down below,” Ihrtos the lizardfolk subchief growls. “We can hold here!” He seems confident: “we know these levels – this is our old lair after all. You will find the enemy baroness below.”

Taba adds some more of Ihrtos’ directions, gained from the two freed slaves. Stores lie nearby, and further round east, a strong gate stands. If this is shut, no sahuagin from further in this level could join the fight.

So with an oath Rich turns his back on the stair down, and leaps up and through the flame, bearing down two foes and back-cutting one dead.

“I guess we’re advancing,” Vern groans, drops the wall and hurls a sizzling electric Chromatic Orb along to aid Rich.

Garth yells along to Rich:

“Are we pushing down this hall? Or going deeper for the Baroness?”

“I wanna make sure the gate stays shut – otherwise our allies will be attacked from the rear, and we will be cut off,” reasons Rich.

“Rich has a point, lets clear the flank.”

As the other adventurers straggle closer to Rich, the reinforcements the priestess ran for arrive! Most are regular size warriors but Rich can see one of those big warhammer-wielders too. He lifts up his Javelin of Lighting and sends it crackling in!

Meanwhile the battle for the stair down goes poorly for the lizardfolk allies. Ihrtos soon has his Scaleshields swap in, so that the lighter warriors can thrust past their shields. But the enemy are supported by priestesses and the lizardfolk warriors are slain in twos and threes.

Over the next half-minute a brutal display of power sends the sahuagin reeling back: those not slain run!

Just in time! Even as Taba links back to the lizardfolk and returns (to report the battle is still going badly) a mass of sahuagin warriors race forward, screaming hate! Urging them forward, a massive Champion wields a long spear from the rear.

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This proves a really bad tactic for him! Owing to his height he’s a target for anyone except those behind Rich (who is 6’5) and by the time the heroes cut their way to him he is savaged by longbow shaft and spell alike.

“Roundears, you cover high, I’ll cover low!” – Garth

Rich and Garth chop through ruthlessly, reach the Champion, ward off most of his thrusts, and slay him. Rich casually knocks the last surviving warrior unconscious and clambers back over the mound of dead to begin slugging potions. Garth can’t easily drag the wretch up the mound of bodies, so he too retreats.

As they draw breath and take stock of the growing number of lizardfolk wounded and dead, and see that Ihrtos’ Scaleshields have pushed down into the water of the next level, the session ends.

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