SC10.06: Sahuagin Fortress Assault Part Two – Staving off Sekolah!

The level 10 Silvers for this session

Richlen, high elf paladin, wielding the longsword Alagondar;
Garth, mountain dwarf fighter, wielding the Ungart Hammer;
Vern, human wizard, wielding spells;
Dain, hill dwarf bard, wielding a Deck of Illusions and fey Spirit Guardians

Randomly assisted by Taba, half-sea-elf ranger, wielding a Lance of the Deeps

And stubbornly assisted by Lizardfolk warriors led by Ihrtos.

The Silvers begin 30xp below level 11 and end on 9


Strike down the sahuagin menace in their coastal stronghold! The Silvers survive a tough ambush and a running battle for control of the stairway foothold, the vital descent-point to the middle of the three fortress levels. All the while their lizardfolk allies have struggled to defend the stairway against unknown numbers of ferocious defenders. The water below – for the next level is below sea-level – is pink with blood, and corpses clog the battle. Now, after taking a few decent breaths and slugging potions back if needed, the Silvers are low on spells but ready to pitch in!

Surging battle

As Garth leaps into the froth right and Rich – sliding his Cloak of the Manta Ray into place – glides effortlessly left – they find themselves beset by not one but two or even three Champions each! Now they are in the chamber below, they can see more and more sahuagin swimming in to reinforce the warriors already engaged.

Dain spins a Card down to distract the reinforcements – a fierce orc appears – and swims down to help Rich, his Spirit Guardians beginning their deadly work. Meanwhile Garth is joined by Taba and a spare lizardfolk.

Vern levels Surtr’s Scathe and sends an Ice Storm as far down the steps as he can see. It clears many warriors, and the lizardfolk have time to switch out wounded and bring in more warriors. But it’s a fight that surges up and down the steps. Vern keeps out of the way as best he can [with two adequate Acrobatics checks] as he works the Ritual casting of Underwater Breathing.

The chamber is cleared

After what seems an eternity, lizardfolk reinforcements arrive. These did not have the luxury of lizardback: two huge Renders, which Ihrtos sends tromping down to replace his exhausted Scaleshields. But Renders are easy prey for the hammer-wielding Coral Smasher sahuagin which, by this time, have replaced most of the early waves of defenders! The battle surges back up perilously near Vern. Ihrtos commits himself, crippling a Champion with his spiritual Maw attack and striking viciously down to help his replacement Scaleshields get a foothold.

Garth leaves Taba to deal with the last Champion on that flank and grapples with a fin-weaving Wave Master, which deals some deadly ice attacks past even the dwarf’s adamantine armor. On the other flank Dain and Rich deal with the last Champion. And suddenly the chamber is clear save of gently sinking bodies and slowly clearing blood.

Sea-elves are at hand – but what’s that chanting?

Which way? Taba offers to scout. As he begins, Vern’s enchantment takes hold and all affected are now able to breathe. Rising to spit out the taste of blood, they discuss what they have heard – sounds of battle and a sinister chanting!

Ihrtos attempts to recall how the lair once was. Obviously the sahuagin have changed a great deal:

“The main chamber and temple both lie straight ahead. If you go straight, you should find the baroness.”

Taba returns:

“My kin are badly outnumbered to the west, but the chanting we can hear is some sort of ceremony in the center of the complex.”

“Sorry fer ye kin I am Taba, but this be a greater need: we must deal with whatever is being summoned, before it it summoned” Dain states, and the others vote aye.

Exit the shark god

Dain studies the double doors. They are massive but not gimmicked: just needing Rich and Garth’s muscle.

As the doors are heaved open initiative is re-rolled, for the first time since they began battle against the roc!

Up towards the ceiling of a vast temple, populated only by three priestesses near an altar, four sharks, and a shark-wrangler priestess, a semi-translucent Gargantuan Shark is beginning to form. The shark-god, Sekolah!

Garth heads in at full pace to deal with a shark-wrangler priestess, trusting his comrades to deal with the sharks. Rich, who holds back to see what Dain has up his sleeve, watches as the bard chants from the Book of Shanties. The effect is a little wasted by the targets having good WIS. Rich swims at top Manta speed to join Garth, followed swiftly by Dain, who still has a minute or two with his Spirit Guardians.

“I must help my kin!” – Taba, leaving Vern to do all the rear-guarding

FrrooooOMMM! Vern contributes by casting Fireball. Covering his friends as well as his enemies.

“It’s aboot time ye baptized me as a full-fledged Silver!” Dain screams as he is blistered by the boiling water, losing his Spirit Guardians.

“Ya welcome!” Vern yells back politely. The three priestesses he was most worried about are boiled alive and the shark-god begin fading away once more.

Victory! But there is no evidence of any sahuagin leadership, nor any central passage to them.

And as the Silvers decide which of the possible exits to try next, the session ends.

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