SC10.07: Sahuagin Fortress Assault Part Three – The Final Enemy

The level 10 Silvers for this session

Richlen, high elf paladin, wielding the longsword Alagondar;
Garth, mountain dwarf fighter, wielding the Ungart Hammer;
Vern, human wizard, wielding spells;
Dain, hill dwarf bard, wielding a Deck of Illusions and fey Spirit Guardians

Randomly assisted by Taba, half-sea-elf ranger, wielding a Lance of the Deeps

And with the aid of the sea-elves of nearby colonies, led by Gena Storm

The Silvers begin 9xp below level 11 and end on 200 below level 12: they have reached LEVEL 11!

The story so far

Strike down the sahuagin menace in their coastal stronghold! The Silvers survive running battles, penetrating to an underwater temple, and there, putting paid to an attempt to bring the Shark-god, Sekolah, into this plane! And now they draw breath and wonder where the real enemy, the baroness that controls the fortress, may be waiting.

Aquatic allies!

Taba suddenly appears within sight of Vern, who floats near the temple entrance:

“Sahuagin are coming! They are mighty!”

For Taba’s attempt to help their kin has been all too successful! Massive Deep Divers wielding glaives swim after the half-sea-elf in a mass formation, supported by hammer wielding Coral Smashers and a few remaining sahuagin warriors.

Rich and Garth, with Taba floating up behind the latter, take post just behind the heavy temple doors. Vern gets back – but not out of sight! A column of sahuagin races straight past the ambushing warriors at the slender young wizard!

Melee ensues, and the water is soon saturated pink with blood again. Vern cracks off – to his own surprise – accurate Fire Bolts! Dain brings up his final Spirit Guardians, and the battle soon tilts the way of the Silvers. He pops some healing into the battered paladin… Rich and Garth manage to combine again, giving one another much-needed protection!

“We’re gonna have to hear the story later how garth took on 4 and won!” – Vern

“Only four?  I’m sure the tale will say there were 16 or more…” – Dain

Then allies begin arriving! The elves Taba helped earlier finish the rearguard sauagin easily and soon the last Deep Diver is dead.

A sea elf knight gracefully swims forward:

“We’re trying to co-ordinate with Gena, on the other side – but we think we know where the sahuagin baroness is – a baron has been seen in a long chamber north of here.”

“Wait what – a baron?!”

All there are ready – they will gain nothing by stopping now. Rich casts Aid and Garth drinks his Potion of Heroism. Which will prove a battle-winner over the next half hour!

There’s time for a final plan: the Silvers next stop is a side-chamber near the gallery in question. There are two elf knights, and some scouts. Gena is somewhere east, across the other end of the gallery. Time to attack!

Sahuagin Baron | Aversten | Obsidian Portal

Baron Kepmak has been slow to act, but once his lady, the baroness Seklaz, enters her throne room, he moves to deal with the intruders. Neither suspect that their entire lower level is on the point of being overthrown by sea elf squads. High Priestess Thadrah advances behind him, hiding at the arch leading to the old lizardfolk sacred gallery. A shell shark zips forward, heading west to slam into the enemy!

Behind this advance, a mighty Champion and a Wave Shaper prepare and move out in support of the baron. They sweep past the high priestess, perhaps wondering why the original Champion sent out to see what has become of the other guards has not returned?

The answer is not swift to come. Over in the east Gena pulls her battered force of veterans knights and scouts back and waylays the Champion and support warriors.

This leaves Kepmak and his immediate few forces, with Thadrah in support, to face the Silvers and the sea elves.

A pair of dolphins zip across the battle, one to help against the shell shark, the other noses into Taba. Who, luckily, still has Speak with Animals to cast.

Push on! Push on!

“Gena says her forces will be here in moments – push on to deal with the baroness!”

“We’ll deal with this monster – push on as Gena says!” the nearest knight yells. Taba stays behind with spear ready to help the elves – just as well! The baron wields his trident with two arms, and has two spare for more attacks!

Rich darts to the arch – to confront a very surprised high priestess! Garth, who has survived Banishment, joins the paladin. Thadrah attempts to pull back as the reserve Champion takes her place. But Gena now wraps the Champion in Arms of Hadar – and it fails to break free!

Rich and Garth sweep on after Thadrah: Rich resists Hold Person thanks to Dain’s encouragement – Thadrah is cut down… and behind her corpse the immense bulk of Seklaz rises!

Her massive Trident Swings in a circle and all not close enough to the paladin’s aura feel fear. Then Dain and Vern come swimming over the knot of struggling elves and champion: they see Rich and Garth shoving their shields up at the bulk of the baroness as she tries to push them back! Hammer and sword, a Thunderous Smite from Rich: Garth uses his Action Surge at last, and she falls dead!


Gena offers the Silvers the run of this level, her folk will take the bottom level.

Both the baron and baroness stored pretty things in coffers, and each have a nice statuette in their quarters. The baroness has a nice armband and her trident of course. Investigation rolls all round!

A few painful stab wounds from traps later…

Loot List (value in gold coin)

platinum armband (500)
statuettes (700)
gem-decorated accessories or jewelry such as buckles rings or brooches (200)
pearly-handled dagger (20)
145 platinum coin (1450)

Kraken-Tooth Trident: Unique oversize* Martial weapon, 3d8 (Heavy, reach, two-hand). Requires Attunement and Strength of 19 or better to wield.
Freedom of Movement.**
Damage Immunities: lightning; bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from nonmagical attacks.
Condition Immunities: frightened, paralyzed.
When the bearer rolls a 20 on an attack with the trident, the target receives an additional 3d8 lightning damage on top of normal critical dice damage.
Once per day. Each creature of the bearer’s choice that is within 120 feet of the bearer and aware of it must succeed on a DC 16 Wisdom saving throw or become Frightened for 1 minute. A creature can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, Ending the Effect on itself on a success. If a creature’s saving throw is successful or the Effect ends for it, the creature is immune to the bearer’s Frightful Presence for the next 24 hours.

*Oversize means one step greater in encumbered condition. A character already encumbered is heavily encumbered. A character already heavily encumbered is immobile.
**Freedom of Movement allows an extra 5′ of movement to escape, regardless of the general rule of oversize weapon, above.

Reward: Saltmarsh scrapes together the 8,000 gold coin promised.

Farewell to Saltmarsh

The Silvers have completely changed the nature of politics and power on this part of the Sword Coast. Saltmarsh hosts a combined victory celebration where townsfolk, lizardfolk, and aquatics feats, drink, and boast of their exploits in the assault.

Concept Art World » Neal Hanson | Concept art world, Anime art fantasy,  Fantasy landscape

Boasting is part of lizardfolk culture, and Ihrtos cuts a splendid figure as he describes the incredible resistance his folk had to put up to hold the stair, and the number of slain and the heroes that fell on his side.

Stands in Tar dishes up a fine yarn in her nautical cant, of how the Lively Dancer threaded the treacherous shore winds, tacking back and forth, giving close support to the heroes that held the front gate, distracting the sahuagin there.

The locals, who reinforced by sturdier ships’ crew, conducted the holding action, then speak of the fight at the gate. Anders and Eli, previously at odds in town affairs, now see the good in one another!

Sea elves are foreign to this boasting tradition and even Gena, who has adventured for years, only modestly states the taking of the lower level and the arena where the greatest warrior of the sahuagin fell.

The Silvers stand! (Possibly weaving slightly, by this time!)

Of the four only the professional, Dain Frostbeard, makes a grand account of their consecutive triumphs – from roc, to stair, to temple, and the final enemy!

Of the others’ brags the less said the better…

It’s farewells all round, but perhaps not for good. Mysteries still exist around the Mere of Dead Men, the undead that are seen to rise from it, and aught of Ebondeath’s remains.

The Silvers depart Saltmarsh on their mounts once more – “land! sweet land at last” as Garth yells – bound for Leilon. They have a d10 rep in this region, and are LEVEL ELEVEN!!

fourth entry to my landscape project.

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