DM3.03 (Reboot): Secrets in Silver

The level 3 nerfherders for this session

The tank/gunner: Namen Kincade, variant human Matokai space marine, str20 dex10 con16 int4 wis13 chr7, Heavy armor master, Soldier and Acolyte

The face/pilot: “The Breeze” Aethelair, star elf space cowboy, str10 dex19 con15 int12 wis16 cha15, Criminal and Exile

The techie: Dantas, variant human shadow jumper rogue, str11 dex16 con14 int12 wis16 cha12, Observant, Criminal and Technologist

House Rules and world-build comments

We are sticking with crew position plus 2 backgrounds, and no specific skills, to decide proficiencies.

We are no longer using trait-calling to provide inspiration; instead borrowing Pew Pew! A complicated profession’s “You Owe Me One” allocation, two per PC, to permit rerolls.

Matokai in this game universe are followers of The Way of the Mandalorian universe, supposedly sharing either Mandalorian heritage or adopted into the religion.

As plot convenience the crew are all members of the Infinity Order, which in this game universe is a sub-faction of The Coalition, a military-aligned faction.

The new adventures

The adventure is set on the orbital space city Bastion, a dome of everlit commerce. The crew have been placed with a cyber-rock act, Sunfire, specifically as bodyguards to Selexi Sunfire, the group’s lead. Their brief is that some threat is suspected and to protect innocent civilians as far as possible, while protecting Selexi.

We pick up the action as the team prepares to escort Selexi as usual.

A threat triplet

Paparazzi crowd the hotel exit. The trio of nerfherders manage to mildly threaten [success from The Breeze with a criminal-based threat] but not otherwise discourage them. Selexi is rattled by the encounter. They retreat and seek alternative exits.

This is easy enough, two possibilities leading to a sneak exit by way of the secure carpark.

It’s time for Selexi to cheer up with a shopping expedition! She drags her manager Calet and the five backing members to a clothing district. Most folk recognize Selexi, a striking augmented red-head, but give her space. But The Breeze and Dantas pick up on a flame-haired stalker. Dantas drops back and chats to her. She seems harmless. Dantas deceives her with a fake memento and the situation is defused without Selexi knowing anything of it.

After shopping, the next destination is an upscale restaurant. Whether they wanted to or not the other members are dragged along, though some begin slipping away on one pretext or another.

The five backing members are:

  • Jairo, male human, the band’s keyboardist has a thing for fast air-cars. He’s been going on and on about the newest Lexonis model.
  • Neryx, a female Twilek, is the band’s kolizo (a koto-like instrument) player. Neryx loves knowledge, she’s often found poring through streams or when she can find them, actual books.
  • Kuaa, a female human, percussionist. In her off time Kuaa often spends time with the Infinity Order.
  • Queleri, a male (elf?), guitar player. He’s quiet, but a good bandmate.
  • Sartori, a non-gendered augmented, bassist. Sartori is a veteran of many wars. They don’t socialize with the rest of the band much.

A performer named Cyfus confronts Selexi, blaming her for something about selling out and RevoSys. Dantas uses Sleight of Hand to snatch whatever-it-is from the assailant’s hand before he can throw it. It’s just a bright green paint-bomb. As Kincade frogmarches him away Cyfus screeches something about the Wotamo victims.

Neryx squeezes past Kincade as he is returning from ejecting Cyfus out the food-crew door. Dantas sneaks after her and exercises his lip-reading abilities: she listens to what Cyfus had to say, by the look of it.

Abraxas x Metal Siren

The final destination for the day is the Novaplex, a monster auditorium, convention and gallery complex where Sunfire will play tonight. Executives of RevoSys will be among the special booth guests.

But by this time Jairo Neryx and Kuaa have made themselves scarce and rehearsal and final soundcheck will be delayed.

While they wait, there’s a chance to get on Selexi’s wavelength a little more. The Breeze chats to her. She is a little distracted by her feeds (though she does establish a mini-rapport with him and he learns that she has a tattoo of a winged elf on her ankle) and Dantas begins hacking her.

He’s unsuccessful at cloning her device but does get a couple of vital pieces of data.

  1. Selexi is in contact with a stream entity named Abraxas, while she uses her own stream handle Metal Siren. She seems to have bought into the entity’s line a few days ago and it sent her a data stream which she seems to have internalized.
  2. Dantas manages to extract a copy of that stream, still decrypted, from her internal brain. It seems to be an important and secret piece of code.


Time drifts on, and Calet asks the team to help round up the missing three. They will tackle the one the team don’t want to. The Breeze elects to stay with Selexi (even though Novalplex has a full security contingent, he feels duty-bound) so Dantas and Kincade split up. Dantas tries to back-trail Neryx and Kincade heads off to the air-car track to find Jairo.

  • Jairo is exactly where he seemed most likely to be. He has already lost one race against local ace Riasha. Before he can double down, Kincade uses his massive strength to Intimidate Jairo, and escorts him back to his day job.
  • Neryx is in Bastion’s library, with paper based records and a feed terminal. She has been crying and still has a splodge of bright green on her sleeve to remind Dantas that she was listening to Cyfus. She has been digging into RevoSys and the Wotamo scandal. He has to Persuade her to get back to her day job, and succeeds.

The show must go on

Novaplex head of security “FedEx” leads a large team of bots, droids and augments. He is confident. The team can relax, enjoy the show. Famous last words!

The show begins late in the evening to a packed house of almost 50,000 gathered in the central arena. Sunfire fans of all ages crows the arena floor and seats. From their place in the wings the team watches as Sunfire delights the crowd with their unique cyber-rock sound. Dantas recognizes #1 fan the red-head near the front.

About 30 minutes in, FedEx contacts The Breeze. “We have a credible bomb threat. My team are scanning. You can sit tight or help out. But, develop a contingency – if we start running tight on time I will have to evacuate.”

The trio discuss this urgently. Some of them do have some relevant skills – but on the other hand this could all be a ruse. And that seems most likely.

Warning signs

Kincade scans the vast auditorium for infrared signals that are too calm. It is impossible. But as his gaze swings back to his team it happens to skim over the band – and both Quelori and Sartori seem “off” somehow!

“We’ve found a device” FedEx comms back to The Breeze. “It has about 30 minutes on a timer. Given that, I have no choice but to order the evacuation. It will push our parameters to the very limit – in fact it is impossible. I must leave it to you to evacuate your charges, out via backstage.” He sends a plan of backstage evac routes to The Breeze’s link, in case they have not already gone over the ground.


As soon as the team bring their seven charges out into the backstage area though, they are jumped by a battle commander, two bit-drones under his control, and a backup sorcerer of some kind.

Unluckily for the battle commander, Dantas is forewarned by the body language of Sartori and Quelori. He shadow-jumps behind the attacker and zaps him with his phaser. The spit guns on the drones ping harmlessly around, and though the battle commander looks the part he is unable to land a hit with his blade. Kincade and The Breeze send volleys of blaster fire into him and he falls.

Meanwhile Dantas has resisted whatever the sorcerer was trying to do to his mind and suggests menacingly it is time to cut losses and retreat! This works!

Bastion Bustle

Flashing lights announce the arrival of dome law, and the two conspirators are handed over… then a bomb (or more than one) goes off! And a supposed team of law officers bundle the entire band into their security hover car, and kidnap them!

Calet has managed to avoid being included and tosses the key to Jairo’s Lexonis to The Breeze: “get them back!”

We cycle through four “chase scenes” where a success on piloting allows shooting.

Hard landing

The hovercar, spewing smoke, slams down atop a hoverpad and skids, teetering over the edge. Kincade leaps from the Lexonis, grabs the trailing edge and heaves mightily, managing to drag it back to safety! The Breeze has been maneuvering the Lexonis around to nudge the car back up, but is not needed thanks to sheer brute force.

The fake law officers have not survived the shooting and crash, but the band are alive thanks to having been unconscious the whole time.

Mission successful!


Quelori and Sartori are already in custody and have no hesitation about bragging up their connections. The whole plan was aimed at what Selexi has in her head – the key code sent to her by Abraxas. They claim Zephyr Corp will have them walking free again, very soon.

Thanks to retrieving the key code sent to Selexi, Dantas is rewarded by the Order. He receives an Intellect Implant that boosts his INT to 19.

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