AFO5.05: Uneasy rest Scyllaean bones

The Fated Four for this session

Aelia, celestial warlock;
Angron, orc bear totem barbarian;
Tyche, elf rogue/thief;
Zephrus, human cleric/fate

Ably supported by Fuzzy the familiar


Princess Alexandra has been taken by Psysseria’s agents! The Fated Four have succeeded in tracking the enemy, across the stormy sea to the risen isle of Atressos. Can they restore her to her city, Illos?

Truce! Let’s deal with the skeletal horde!

Flapping canvas comes from one corner of the next level, audible over even the intensifying storm. Tyche leads the others that way. They spread into crude formation. And just as well! A bony shape moves among the shadows…

Then from the steep steps of some type of monument ahead comes a challenge, first in Psysserian then in Arkadian. A pair of Psysserian soldiers, armed and armored as peltasts, guard something above. An obelisk-shaped something.

“Leave this to me,” Zephrus says confidently, and does manage to very quickly agree on a a truce while both parties fight off the skeletons. It sounds as though these Psysserians have been suffering attacks for days. Perhaps that is why they have lingered here on Atressos so long? But Zephrus also notices that the area directly in front of this obelisk is littered with freshly-hacked stone, and that a simple sled on log rollers is ready nearby.

Skeletons are pretty quickly dealt with, but not before Fuzzy notices another gang of bony guards approaching from the opposite direction. All these skeletons are clad in barnacle-crusted armor and most wield barnacle-damaged swords and spears; a few bend sea-wrack-strung bows.

The obelisk guards, who number only four, have so far obstinately refused to help, merely staying on defense. Cunningly, Aelia convinces them to advance out against the new gang. Then the Fated Four pull back towards where a further dozen skeletons are creeping, leaving the guards to be surrounded and cut down.

The Four use the height of the obelisk steps to their advantage after that. Tyche and Aelia clamber to the top. Huddled under wet, flapping canvas, some dozen Psysserian slaves clutch makeshift weapons. Tyche announces that they are free! One of the slaves decides she is a goddess. Aelia encourages them all to make for the ship, down at the waterside, and eventually the slaves gather the nerve to do that.

Meanwhile, the third gang of skeletons arrives, and the combat picks up again, Angron and Zephrus defending the steps grimly. Zephrus unleashes Turn Undead, which destroys four skeletons outright! The remainder are quickly scattered by Angron’s flailing axe.

Zephrus hurries to where one of the guards had been seen to rise, briefly. [Rolled a nat20 on Death Roll then a nat1 on next attack!] He casts Spare the Dying. The guard clutches his legs for support… then draws a dagger! “Die, enemy of Psysseria!” he screams – but by good fortune the dagger is turned by Zephrus’ groin protection. Angron leaps forward and crits the guard: separate halves roll away, streaming blood across the rain-swept stone. “Never make deals with slavers,” Angron snarls.

With the skeletons beaten Zephrus has time to inspect the obelisk. It has been mined so effectively that only what is now on the sled would be readable: deep-carven stone runes, like to that of the mysterious stone in Ithea’s main square.


The tablets are wizard spells.

Fallen soldiers don’t have anything of real worth, just a few Psysserian silver and bronze coins.

There are tools and some supplies at the obelisk camp.

Level up lover

As they all pause for breath, Aelia (and Fuzzy) notice Dancing Lights beckoning them to the other end, across the promenade, where an undamaged obelisk rises.

They make their way there. Aelia’s celestial fiancé is seated atop the obelisk, and floats down to speak to her. He has a present – her level 6 Radiant Soul gain!

And as the session ends, level six gains are taken. Angron decides to stick with Bear Totem, for the strength-use facilities. Zephrus toys with becoming a necromancer, seeing as he has all these skeletal remains around here.

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