DM5.03: Salvage the Hyperlance, part two – Battle in the Rift

The nerfherders for this session:

The Hacker: Dantas
The Face: Aethelair
The Muscle: Kincade

Piloted by Rufus Drake, ageing space cowboy

The mission so far

Vesio Savhel (Ves-ee-o Sav-hel), enhanced human and famed spacecraft designer, would like his Hyperlance recovered from the Keshite Rift. The team travels to Pel Saros, obtains the coordinates and a pilot’s contact from purring scoundrel Medisi and – after another scuffle at the shuttleport – unites with their muscle, the matokai Kofi and Triples. They hire the pilot, ageing Space Cowboy Rufus Drake, and are off aboard the Rafaela!

I never learned to fly casual

“Waal parners, guess ya had a look around?” – Rufus

The nerfherders have inspected the Rafaela’s loadout. There is a heaping helping of fuel cells – those massive cylinders used aboard space vessels – and double the number of hard suits they need.

“Yup, picked out th’ suits as don’t leak” – Aethelair

“Good to hear! Waal I got two choices for yuh – we c’n ease up on the Hyperlance all stealthy-like, or I c’n blast in hell-fer-leather.”

The nerfherders consult among themselves. Aethelair can’t see why they would ever want to just blast in guns blazing. Dantas looks disappointed when Kincade agrees with Aethalir. Kofi and Triples automatically throw their vote in with Kincade.

Board the Claw!

So it is that they are suited up and easing their way through a massive ship graveyard, towards the life signs Dantas has scanned (with an excellent roll at Rufus’ console). About a klick from the twisted remains of a frigate lie a sleek spaceliner and a smaller ship, a claw class salvager. Both have signs of life aboard.

“Let’s take out the opposition transport. If they find themselves cut off, they may be willing to surrender” – Aethelair

“Rufus? Hit the gas! We’re going to go after the Claw!” – Dantas

“Uh ya’ll know there ain’t no brakes in space, right?”

“Well anyway, take us in on the Claw…”

They are scanned! The opposition pilot takes evasive maneuvers, but Rufus uses his own piloting stunts to Match Vectors and the team faces a hard-space leap across to a relative-to-them stationary ship. They decide that since Kincade has the demolition cord, he will leap first. He does!

Everyone except Triples makes the jump easily, and since I’m rolling Kofi and Triples as a team, he is OK too.

Sensible civilians at last!

“We give up!”

“Yeah, we just been paid ta be the transport service, we ain’t on fightin’ wages.”

The two pilots raise their hands as soon as the team move into the Claw’s work bay. Dantas moves to stand over them at the bridge, and jacks in. Unfortunately the opposition aren’t staying in net with the Claw, and haven’t even noticed that it hit evasive speed – so he can’t hack their feed.

Prowling the Claw and asking the pilots, the team gets a fair handle on the salvage opposition. The operative is a Gadgeteer (not a gnome, a fairly big guy wearing a permanent breather suit) and his muscle is a fire-team of two mercenaries, while his main salvage support is a crew of two smugglers.

The Claw is set up for two on the bridge so Kincade and Athelair dust off their piloting chops while Dantas ties the pilots up in storage. They make a good fist of it! Dantas returns and idly attempts to master the claw boom. Nope, but he doesn’t put a hole in the ship, so no harm done.

Finally the Claw swings low beneath the Hyperlance’s hull. There are only two entries. They opt for Starboard.

Kincade searches his gear bag. He could’ve sworn there was more det cord, but there’s enough for one more blast.

“This time I’ll jump first, if I can just talk the hatch open there’s no need for the last bit of det cord” – Dantas

Once again Triples is the only one making a poor check!


Lower deck, signs for those who can read them

The hatch is closed but not locked, and within a short time the whole team has made the jump from Claw to Hyperlance and ascends to the lowest deck, its shuttle bay. The Hyperlance has atmosphere but no gravity; power is the same minimal reading Dantas first got.

Dantas locates a hot comms point outside the elevator and while he works on that, the others spread out. A glance tells them that there is no shuttle. A closer look also tells them that there are no scooters and no repair drones.

“Who is this” – Alfred 3020

“I’m Dantas, here to help you against the wicked men trying to steal you” – Dantas

“I’m sorry sir, this is a no-weapons ship. I can’t allow you ingress while armed”

With a rueful grin Dantas drop his blaster, and Alfred, the ship’s AI, allows the team onto the elevator again.

Battle aboard the Hyperlance!

Kincade elects to rise straight up onto the crew deck. “After all if there is a rogue mech in storage why deal with it?” So they do. As he pops the airlock to the crew deck Kincade comes under surprise attack!

Inits: Dantasa, Aethelair, Kincade, opposition

Dantas uses Kincade – whose armor has withstood the close-range attacks – as a makeshift bulkhead and taps into the ship’s feed again.

“Who is this?” – Rhona

“Huh? Alfred?”

“I’m Rhona hon, and Alfred’s kinda busy right now”

This takes a while (considering it all happens at hack speeds) and meanwhile Aethelair has also sought cover and he and Kincade are exchanging fire with a droid bounty-hunter, and a warrior wearing heavy Coalition Marines armor. Or more accurately, the Marine is hammering Kincade and Aethelair and Kincade are trying to bring the Marine down. Kofi and Triples cover the rear, where there seems to be a general crew quarters.

Rhona allies for the prize

Rhona decides to trust Dantas, and urges him to get to the bridge – she is under threat from the Gadgeteer! Risking his prized skin, Dantas dives and ducks through the companionways and lands on the console side of the Gadgeteer. Who is busy fighting off the nanite remains of Restal, a nanite sorcerer.

Taking the chance, Dantas steals the Gadgeteer’s Wrenchinator, and after a false start trying to control the bulky thing, deals the opposition such a hefty whack, he don’t talk back!

Two down, let’s talk terms

Meanwhile Kincade (by virtue of his massive armor) and Aethelair have forced the enemy back, Kofi and Triples are able to add their carbine fire, which immediately tips the balance, despite one of the two smugglers arriving. The other appears to be having deadly trouoble with a rogue mech, in engineering.

As the Marine and Bounty-hunter collapse at last, the smuggler realizes that his paymaster is also a prisoner, and surrenders.



The Hyperlance, reward 50K, less expenses to date, leaves 48,300cr

Ransom from Coalition members, 12K

Ion Cannon, Standard Carbine, 2xAntimatter Daggers, 2xMagnus, Omni-Grenade, Gnomish Phaser, 3xRepeater, Concussion Rifle

Fame: “Safe Pair of Hands” reputation among Vesio’s peers

Contacts: Rhona and Alfred 3020 shift to the Rafaela. Alfred has the special navigation capabilities of the Hyperlance’s unique blend of designed and hybrid tech. Rhona carries a lot of knowledge relevant to the Coalition. Pilot Rufus Drake, and scoundrel Medisi, are also contacts that will trust the team enough to meet or be hired.

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