DM7.02: Stormfall part two – Dungeon Crawling to Arisa

The scruffy nerfherders for this session

Aethelair, the gunslinger;
Dantas, the hacker;
Kincade, the tank

Ably supported by Kofi and Triples, matokai warriors, and Alfred3020, in a BB-model body.

Smells like unspeakable experiments… again

The ascent from ooze-central has not been easy but at length, the nerfherders and support lever their way through an inert set of cargo-elevator doors and check the area out. Broad, minimally-lit chambers appear to be carven from natural stone, overlaid where appropriate with ceramic plates. A massive and inert set of doors close off their route east, but possible passage south and more doors are vaguely visible west.

As those without heavy helmets sniff the fetid, ammonia-smelling air Dantas catches a <bloprp> kind of sound west and south. He glances at the blueprints that are Abraxas’ legacy then at the power readings on his data pad.

“Some kind of energy reading east, but I think I heard something the other way.”

The others get ready and are not surprised by a monstrous, slimy thing looming round the corner. Although it has too many arms and its head is distorted, the features of a phaedan lizard are hinted at!

A brisk volley deals with that one: the creature’s parents hustle around the corner next, and they are angry!

At the cost of a few scrapes on Kincade, who remains in close combat, these two are also dealt with.

Rather than investigate the bodies in detail, Kincade heads across to what proves to be a long-disused store-room, after muscle-and-lever work from the heavy lads opens the doors. Web- and dust-draped apparatus is stacked deep.

“Science… mad science!” – Dantas

Deciding not to continue searching the vast western half, they head east…

Enemy HQ Cleared! Arisa Rescued!

Levering open some more massive doors gains them all access to a working cargo elevator, though this one only heads upward. And to further passages – but those are defended by a skeleton crew of Obsidian Knight light troops led by a tough sergeant type firing a heavy rifle. But as the three attack in penny packets they are easily wiped out.

Loot: Impact Heavy Rifle. (2d8+4) piercing damage.
Range 100/500 ft., one target.
Notes: has the letters ‘SD’ laser-cut into the customized grip.

As they advance Dantas notices that the elevator may be operating. Almost immediately, a much more dangerous foe appears: the Obsidian Order sorcerer! But only Kofi falls prey to its phantasm, and the sorcerer is forced to retreat by masses of gunfire. As Aethelair hustles in for the kill he is shocked and terrified to meet a full-blown Obsidian Knight! Briefly cut off from the others, it looks as though Aehelair will have to flee the other way – but he recovers in time to finish the sorcerer and help kill the knight. In the opposite direction, the support holds two more lighter-arned Obsidians, exiting the elevator, until Kincade gets there. Alfred even helps by spraying Grease! (No-one slips over.)


Gamma Blade. (2d8 radiant damage)
Reach 5′ One target.

Platinum hexaplate,
Energy shield bracer

As he blows a redshirt apart Dantas comes to the rescue of Arisa, who is both restrained and in a suppressor field. Once freed, she gasps her thanks. Selexi has been taken to a lower level by Baludan who seems gleeful about something!

And as they loot healing doses, which when administered allow the matokai to recover most of their hurts, and decide on a Short Rest to use their med kit, the session ends.

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