Dimgaard campaign – Cleric and Wizard list spellcasting

Magic, Miracles and the One True Faith

The Wizard’s Guild is a state licensed agency under the watchful eye of the Inquisition. A character in good standing with the Inquisition and who has no fealty to a temporal power (that is, is not ruling a domain) may gain enough renown to be invited to join an Order of the Guild as a lay member. This gives access to the Magic Initiate feat for bard and wizard lists.

The One True Faith completely controls the Cleric class and has a number of orders itself. Again a character not aiming to be a paladin may gain renown and be invited to join one. That gives access to the cleric list via Magic Initiate feat.

Other versions are proscribed on pain of burning at the stake or beheading.

Players should think of taking Magic Initiate at level 8 if they feel the need for non-class spellcasting powers.

Healing and Religion

The One True Faith normally controls all miracles of healing. Druids in good standing may pass on nature-based healing to their own convocation including rangers.

Healing done by any other than a specialist cleric requires either laying on hands or a 2nd tier or better spell.

Healing Spirit (XGTE) and Aura of Vitality are examples of a 2nd tier spell