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TI3.11: Return to Fort Cullis

The characters for this session Fennec, L2 Wizard (Combat magic) Cauleigh, L3 Warrior (Townsman) Jotunn, L5 Warrior (Hunter, Tracking talent) Crompton, L2 Rogue (Runebearer, Roguery talent) Holing up They have been running for half an hour. A spall of dust, … Continue reading

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Bountylands of Greyhawk Episode 9: Wipe out the Bandits!

We rise with the yeast (but not, y’know, like an infection) All is quiet in the Welcoming Wench. Tipped handsomely, Ostler has arranged for us to be awoken as bakers begin leavening their dough; and so it is. We assemble, … Continue reading

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