SC9.04: Shipwrecker, part four – Talos above

The level nine Silvers for this session

Vernon von Longsington, human wizard/Conjurer, wielding Surtr’s Scathe;
Garth Ironhewn, mountain dwarf fighter/Battle Master, wielding the Ungart Hammer;
Dain Frostbeard, hill dwarf bard/Lore college, wielding deck of illusions;
Richlen Ilineiros, high elf paladin/Glory oath, wielding Alagondar

The Silvers begin 30xp below level 10 and end on LEVEL 10

The story so far

Fleet-winged out of Neverwinter and bearing the marque of Lord Dagult, the Silvers go trolling for the ghost galleon of Fherelai Stormsworn, who has been finessed into preying on the sea lanes by a cunning plot out of Luskan. Their trap works – but they’ve caught a tiger by the tail! is no mere anchorite, she is a full-fledged war priest! Dain and Vern work their magic to carry the fight to Fherelai: but in doing so they leave the crew of their vessel, the Lively Dancer, onset by pirate Talos cultists! We pick up the action aboard the Lively Dancer where Vern has been driven back to the poop deck with one mate and a couple of ratings.

Vern, master of small objects!

Vern is ready! He brings his command of ten small to tiny objects into play, forcing two of the burly pirates back – into the flames still blazing amidships! The other pirates, distracted, are unable to make any impact on Vern’s allies.

Animate objects by TheDjib on DeviantArt

At the foredeck, captain Stands in Tar, her bosun, and a few surviving ratings are joined by recent Silvers’ ally Uncouf Brack – or would be, if he could extract himself from a pirate scrimmage! Stands in Tar, the bosun and two remaining ratings are forced back-to-back, as pirates gain the foredeck!

The Lively Dancer saved

Vern receives a Message from Dain: “How are things going there?”

“We are outnumbered and in trouble”

Vern sends one pirate screaming to hell with a perfect Firebolt!

“The one time I get a perfect shot, no-one sees it!” – Vern

“I’ll swear to it, matey” – Lively Dancer mate

Dain and Richlen arrive beside Vern. Rich leaps down, shoves a pirate back into the flames, and storms on toward the foredeck. Dain’s Spirit Guardians soon mop up the other three, Vern chipping in with a Magic Missile. Dain tucks in behind Rich, despite the scorching flames, and they soon swing the battle in the defenders’ favor.

The sound of thunder is heard.

“Garth, how are things over there?” – Vern, using Sending Stone

“Fighting for my life here!” – Garth

Rich Vern and Dain leap for the boarding nets but behind them, the desperate pirates make a savage attack, and the last one manages to down Stands in Tar even as Brack finishes him!

Gol Badwind’s appeal

Dain stands alone, master of the dreadnaught’s quarterdeck. Behind him the deck is running blood. Fherelai has fallen at last, with no hope of reviving despite her orcish heritage. Then from the dim of the main deck a thick hoarse voice, like a drowned soul’s, calls out with menace:

“Let me at them! I’ll make but a mouthful of those lubbers!”

The main deck is dimly illuminated by a glowing orb high above, seemingly fixed to the main mast. Garth can spot a pirate and a half-orc Talos anchorite, stalking forward. The voice comes from neither. A massive, corpulent figure with the face of a shark stomps forward from the main hatch. It wears heavy plate and bears a massive halberd!

Gol Badwind

Garth leaps down, eager for action – then reels as the absolute menace roiling off this creature hits him! He hammers at the pirate, looks about wildly and at that point gets the Sending. He could escape down into the main cabin, or around the side of the quarterdeck. He chooses the latter.

“Come on Garth, pull yourself together! Remember that thing is bound to have a ton of gold in its hoard!”

Garth is outside the 30′ Dreadful Aspect and makes his WIS SV!

He races back, hammers at Gol – then his Haste gives out! As he swoons, the pirate and anchorite rush him and begin tying him up, while Gol hustles up to find his captain.

Gol discovers that she has received several overkills!

“Ah! Talos! I beg you! Rescue your servant Fherelai and punish these heretics!” – Gol

There’s a double splash as Gol and Fherelai hit the ocean, but Garth is busy.

At last, Dain and Rich roll over the gunwale and spring into action! Garth wrenches the ropes asunder before they can be made secure, grabs his hammer, and smashes the pirate! Dain and Rich deal with the anchorite after taking some nasty lighting damage (Dain blesses his foresight to request a Ring that halves its effect)!

Finally masters of the deck, they clamber up to the quarterdeck, to find neither Gol nor Fherelai! And, now that they have a minute to breathe and swig potions, they can’t help but notice a tornado forming over the dreadnaught, with lightning forming a brilliant crown about it!

“Say… where’s Vern?”

Vern and the Voice of the Dreadnaught

Vern – who is not quite as athletically built as Rich – finally clambers over the gunwale to find himself practically on top of Garth, a pirate, and an anchorite. He escapes towards the bow. What is that monstrous skeletal thing looming where the figurehead should be?

The skeletal giant cranes its skull around to catch sight of the human wizard out of one corner of its hollow, glowing eye-socket. “Mortal! What is your purpose here?”


“Come find me below!”

“Guys! Something really interesting is down below!” – so saying, Vern lets them know what he’s heard, and looks for a way down…

A bully cargo

By the time Garth Dain and Rich make it to the rowing deck, Vern is already distant. Taking into account where Vern was last, Garth heads sternward: his Belt allows him to tromp a deep layer of bone underfoot. Rich and Dain have no such ability – so when huge skeletal minotaurs erupt from under, they are all spread out! And worse still, Vern is up foreward!

Inits: Rich (and we all need a minute to cope with this!) Vern, Minotaurs, Garth, Dain

Luckily the excellent armor of both Rich and Garth is proof against most blows from minotaur axes. Even so Rich takes a heavy knock. Garth is delighted to find the Ungart Hammer does double damage: and Dain’s Spirit Guardians also double their radiant damage. With two crits strung together, Garth ends his opponent and wades, curious, to the aft cabin door.

Vern escapes down to the crew deck. But behind him, a minotaur skeleton stalks! Rich uses his Boots to launch across the bones and down, onto the minotaur! Alagondar smashes chunks off the bones! Vern barely stops to thank Rich and moves to the fore cabin door:

“Come to me…” – voice from the forward cabin

And the session ends.

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